Best Xbox One Games Ranked

Brief Guide to Buying Xbox One Games

What Makes a Good Xbox One Game?


Xbox One games are generally well-known for being extremely good looking. Some games can take full advantage of Xbox One and the Xbox One X’s hardware and provide a visually stunning experience. The PS4 and the Xbox One are the two platforms that the AAA publishers use to release their highest fidelity games.


Xbox One and the Xbox One X are equipped with powerful CPUs and GPUs. However, some games do not work well and provide a good 60 FPPs experience. It is best to take a look at how well a game performs on the Xbox One before buying it. You are ideally looking for something that can provide a solid 60 FPS experience at 900 p for the Xbox One.


The best Xbox One games are well-known for providing a high-quality gaming experience. Xbox even has exclusives that can take full advantage of the hardware and also be free from something called input lag. The Xbox primarily beats all of its competitors by providing a very smooth and consistent gameplay experience.

Trophies and Achievements

Some Xbox one games have cool achievements and trophies that you can unlock and show off to your friends. These are great for gamers who love the social side of gaming as well. Unlocking achievements also feels good as it actually appears as if you have achieved something.

Other Things to Consider

Replayability Value

Most Xbox One games are single-player experiences. The good multi-player games can be played over and over again. It is recommended that you buy a game that you know for certain has a very high replayability value, especially if it has a price tag of $59.99. There are professional game reviewers that will tell you whether or not a game has a good replayability value or not.


The game that has good developer support is usually the one that is good. Developers that actively support a game quickly patch it and make sure that it is free from bugs. They also make sure that nobody takes advantage of any major exploits which can ruin the game for everybody.


Some Xbox games have a very large community. For such games, finding guides is quite easy. Not all Xbox One games are actually easy to play. You may require a guide to go through certain areas and that is why it is important to purchase games that have a good online community.

Player Base

A game that has a big player base is the one that is actively supported and the servers are never empty. These types of games are safe to purchase as you will always have someone to play with or play against.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Xbox One Games Should I buy?

Exclusives are the real deal on consoles. They are usually very well made and are the reason why many people buy a particular console in the first place.

How much is an Xbox One game?

New AAA releases cost around $59.99. Older games can cost around $29.99.

How to play a game on Xbox One?

You can either load the game using a physical disk that you purchase or buy them using the digital store that is on your Xbox One.

How to game share on Xbox One?

  • You need to press the Xbox One button on your controller.
  • Go to the Sign-in tab and select Add New. You will need your friend’s email id or his phone number along with log-in credentials now.
  • You need to click Next on the privacy statement. Set whatever preferences you want.
  • Then click the Xbox button on your console and return to the Home screen using it.
  • You can then find your friend’s Gamertag if you scroll left on the Home screen.
  • Select the sign-in option.
  • When you are signed in to your friend’s account, press the Xbox One button on your controller again.
  • Then select:
    • System => Settings => Personalization and hit My home Xbox.
    • Select Make this My Home Xbox and you will be done.

How to stop game sharing on Xbox One?

Simply set the console that own as your home console. This will remove your account from any other consoles that it may be present in.

How to uninstall a game on Xbox One?

Go to the home screen and press the Xbox One Button to bring up the Dashboard. Select “My Games & Apps”. Select the game that you wish to remove. Press the menu button on the console after highlighting it. Hit Manage game. With the Uninstall All button and press it.

How to delete a game on Xbox One?

Deleting and uninstalling a game are one and the same thing on Xbox One. Please refer to the answer above.

What is the Xbox One game pass?

The Xbox Game pass allows a person to access over 100 high-quality console games. It is a subscription service.

How to cancel the game pass on Xbox one?

Go to your Microsoft account. Hit the Services and subscriptions button. Locate the Xbox Game Pass in the list. Hit manage. Click cancel. Select whatever option you wish from the box that comes after this. Hit Confirm Cancellation.

How to eject game from Xbox one?

You have to press the eject button on your console to eject a disc. There is no other way.

How to get game sound through Xbox one chat headset?

It should work by default if everything is plugged incorrectly. I not, you would want to access the Setting menu from your Xbox dashboard. Go to Display and Sound and select the Volume Option. There are many options that you will have here. Here, you can simply choose to channel your audio through your headset.

How to update a game on Xbox One?

Most games update automatically. Most games will not even start unless you update them.

How to restart a game on Xbox One?

You will need to go offline or disconnect from the internet. Head over to My games and Apps. Go to manage game and add ons after selecting the game that you want to reset. Go to save data and hit delete all. Load up your game and reconnect to the internet.

How to get game audio through headset Xbox one?

Access the Display and Settings option from the Guide screen. Over there, there is an option to channel your game’s audio only through the headset.

How to play Xbox One games on a PC?

Most games that are on the Microsoft Store can be played on Xbox One and PC without a problem. You just need to know which ones are accessible.

How to record your voice on Xbox one game DVR?

You will need to stream games on your PC from Xbox One. Once that is done, enable the Game Bar and hit record.