Best Winter Wiper Blades – Top 5 Picks for 2021

This is our official list in search of the best winter wiper blades on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product and a brief guide to choosing among the top winter wipers.

Quick Look:

  1. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars Bosch 24A ICON Wiper Blade – 24″
  2. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars OEM QUALITY 28″ + 14″ AERO Premium All-Season
  3. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars Valeo 60022 600 Series Windshield Wiper Blade – 22″
  4. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars ANCO C-17-UB Contour Wiper Blade – 17″
  5. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars Bosch 19B ICON Wiper Blade – 19″

We know time is of the essence, so the above is a cheat sheet of what’s ahead, just in case your’re in a hurry. Otherwise, keep scrolling down for more detailed and constructive info on each item.

5 Highest Reviewed Winter Wiper Blades to Consider

Winter is known for harsh weather, but with a high-quality pair of winter wiper blades, it will seem just like any other time of the year. Below, there are reviews for five of the top winter wiper blades.

1.) Bosch 24A ICON Wiper Blade – 24″

Bosch 24A ICON Wiper Blade - 24

The Bosch 24A ICON wiper blades feature exclusive FX dual rubber, and they’re designed to resist heat and prevent ozone deterioration. When compared with competing products, these wiper blades are made to last 40 percent longer, and they can be installed within minutes.

The hook adapter makes installation easy, and the patented beam design is ideal for winter weather conditions. With a shielded connector, these wiper blades improve visibility and can be used in extreme weather conditions.

The exclusive tension spring arching technology delivers an optimal fit and allows the wipers to conform to the curvature of the windshield. The Bosch 24A ICON wiper blades feature an asymmetric spoiler, and they distribute downward force evenly.


  • Very quiet
  • Beam design
  • Perfect visibility after each wipe
  • Designed to sit closer to the windshield


  • Can be hard to install with no mechanical knowledge

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2.) OEM QUALITY 28″ + 14″ AERO Premium All-Season

OEM QUALITY 28 + 14 AERO Premium All-Season

The AERO premium wiper blades eliminate the need for snow blades, and since they feature an OEM design, they offer superior part quality. These wipers are made from durable material, and when compared with conventional blades, they offer a much longer lifespan.

Each blade is made from special rubber, and it delivers a streak-free shine. The AERO blades are also made to be quiet, and the flexible spine design allows for maximum contact with the windshield.

These wiper blades are ideal for winter, and with an aerodynamic design, wind lift, noise and drag are significantly reduced. The frameless beam design of each blade prevents ice and snow accumulation. These products have been tested, and each blade is made to deliver one million strokes.


  • Made from premium materials
  • Designed for one million strokes
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t leave streaks


  • Squeegee design could be better

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3.) Valeo 60022 600 Series Windshield Wiper Blade – 22″

Valeo 60022 600 Series Windshield Wiper Blade - 22

The Valeo 60022 600 Series wipers are made with a universal U-clip, and for maximum corrosion resistance, they’re made from galvanized steel. Each blade is designed to make tight contact with the windshield, and with Tec3 advanced rubber technology, they deliver great performance.

The wiping edge of each blade is made from synthetic rubber and has a protective coating. The Valeo 60022 600 Series windshield wipers can improve driver safety, and they’re designed to perform well in conditions involving heavy rain and snow.

These blades can serve as reliable replacements for old wiper blades, and the components are engineered to perform well at any speed. The pin-type construction increases contact with the windshield and delivers quieter wiping.


  • Designed to last
  • Great for race tracks
  • No streaks
  • Materials feel solid


  • Instructions could be better


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4.) ANCO C-17-UB Contour Wiper Blade – 17″

ANCO C-17-UB Contour Wiper Blade - 17

The ANCO C-17-UB wiper blades are created to deliver many pressure points, which allows them to make better contact with the windshield. With unique spoiler technology, contact with the windshield is tight, and these wipers are made for side pin and bayonet applications.

Unlike many competing products, the ANCO C-17-UB wiper blades are designed with DuraKlear Plus, and they’re able to wipe moisture away while leaving a streak-free surface. Each wiper blade is easy to install, and with the right person, they can be installed in 30 seconds.

The packaging is easy to open, and the curved design of the ANCO C-17-UB wiper blades makes precise contact with the windshield.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • No chattering or streaking
  • Blades press firmly against the glass
  • Reliable performance at any speed


  • Curvature isn’t ideal for all vehicles

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5.) Bosch 19B ICON Wiper Blade – 19″

Bosch 19B ICON Wiper Blade - 19

The Bosch 19B ICON wiper blades are designed for all-season performance, and they’re not affected by the buildup of ice and snow. Enclosed tension springs keep the wiper blades flexible, and when compared to similar products, these blades can last 40 percent longer.

These wiper blades can work great for winter, and they’re just as useful for other seasons. The installation process is easy, and with FX dual rubber, each blade resists ozone deterioration and heat.

The Bosch 19B ICON wiper blades deliver uniform pressure across the windshield and perform better than many conventional products. For the best performance, these wiper blades don’t use brackets or hinges, and to increase the downforce, each blade comes with an integrated spoiler design.

The problem with many other products is that they start to lift off the windshield at highway speeds, and with a built-in spoiler, the Bosch 19B ICON wiper blades stay firmly pressed against the windshield.


  • Conforms well to windshield shape
  • No chatter or flapping
  • Compatible with the J-hook
  • No streaking


  • Not completely flush against all windshields

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Brief Guide to Buying Winter Wiper Blades

Winter can be a rough time of the year, and it’s frequently accompanied by slush, snow and heavy rain. These conditions can make driving treacherous and can lead to serious accidents. With the best winter wiper blades, driving is much safer, and it will be much easier to see the road.

A standard pair of wiper blades should last for about six months, and after this period of time, they should be replaced. The problem that most people make is waiting until it’s too late, and they end up getting stuck in a blizzard or heavy rain storm because they can’t see the road.

The two main types of products are beam and hybrid wiper blades, and before purchasing a specific product, there are some things to consider.

The size is very important because it determines whether the blade will fit. Some wiper blades are designed to deliver uniform downward force, and they work better at higher speeds. For winter weather conditions, the beam blade design tends to work best, and even under extreme conditions, it can significantly improve road visibility.

What Are They?

Winter wiper blades are bigger and more sturdy than wiper blades that are made for summer. They have a sturdy and durable frame with no exposed parts that might seize up if they get too cold.

This often means that it uses a traditional wiper blade but encased in rubber. There is usually just one moving part so that there is less to get clogged by snow. Often the rubber on the blade is made of special ingredients like teflon. This helps it stay flexible instead of getting hard in low temperatures.

Another type of winter wiper is a beam style design. These have a flat piece of spring steel encased in plastic, with the squeegee below. The encased tension springs keep the wiper moving, with no moving parts exposed to the outside. These also have the premium type of rubber that remains flexible, and some even apply silicone to the windshield as they wipe.

Winter wipers are usually designed to be aerodynamic so that there won’t be as much drag, noise or wind lift. They are made to exert downward force to keep them close to the windshield even when there is substantial wind.

Who Can Benefit?

It can be very difficult to see out of your windshield in winter, with snow, sleet and hail coming from above, and slush being thrown up from the cars in front of you. And winter is also a time that you really need to see in front of you, to prevent pile ups and skidding off the road.

So if you are driving in a area that is prone to snowy weather, winter wiper blades are a very good investment. They will keep you safe and making your driving easier.

If you have summer blades and you’re driving in snow, you will most likely have to stop every few miles to knock the ice and snow off your wipers. If you have winter blades, you should no longer have to stop to knock the ice off, and can keep driving safely for many miles.

Summer blades also will tend to get ice in their hinges and freeze. This means that the wiper only contacts your windshield in a few places so doesn’t do its job properly anymore, leading to reduced visibility.

Often winter or all weather blades will last longer than traditional blades since they don’t have parts exposed to the weather and are built to be more durable. They are also often resistant to heat and ozone deterioration.

What To Look For?

Look for beam style blades as they are generally reported to work the best in snowy and icy weather. The spring tension inside these blades makes them conform to your windshield better so they do a good job of clearing it and also of not lifting up in the wind. A spoiler exerts force to keep it firmly in place.

Check that the wipers fit your model of car, since windshields are made differently and you want to make sure they will work correctly.

Silicone infused wipers that coat the windshield with silicone as they wipe are another option. They are supposed to last longer than many other models, and make the water bead up so that it is easy to wipe off. They also leave a water repellent film of silicone on the windshield.

If you want your wipers to last longer than the average six months you could also look for the type that is made of rubber which is heat resistant or UV resistant, so that it won’t deteriorate as quickly.

There are also some wipers that are designed to be all-weather rather than just for winter. These might be good if you prefer to keep your wiper blades on all year round and not have to change them for different conditions – or maybe if you don’t face extreme snow.

There are different grades of quality for winter wipers – some have graphite treated rubber which reduces friction, whereas others have rubber that resists weathering. The best ones also have an asymmetrical spoiler for distributing the wind.

What To Avoid?

Never use your windshield wipers to get rid of ice on your windshield. Instead either use some antifreeze spray to defrost it, or use your cars defroster.


How often should wipers be replaced?

It is generally recommended that they be replaced twice a year. But watch out for signs that you might need to replace them sooner – such as the wipers streaking and smearing, screeching or scraping. Also check your wipers for tears or cracks in the rubber, or a dull edge where it should be sharp.

Can I keep my winter blades on all year round?

You can, but winter blades are designed for snow and ice, not so much for rain. So they may streak more than traditional blades would when it rains. They are also more prone to lifting off the windshield at high speeds in warmer weather.

Why do people stick their wiper blades up in winter?

Some experts advise you to do this if you know snow is coming for a number of reasons. Ice can make the wiper blades stick to your windshield and damage them. Snow can also pile up on the wipers which makes the windshield hard to clean.

However you do have to be careful not to overstretch the spring. And if you have winter blades installed you shouldn’t have to worry about damage as much since they are more durable.

What should you do if you come to a white out and can’t see anything in front of you?

Slow down and put your hazard lights on, then try to get to the side of the road and pull over into a safe place if possible. Don’t use bright lights as they will reflect.

What does OEM quality mean?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. That means the part was made by a subcontractor to the vehicle’s original manufacturer. OEM quality means that they claim it as good as the original manufacturers parts.

Wrapping Up

The best winter wiper blades are engineered to protect against treacherous weather conditions, and since they make it easier to see the road, they’re perfect for severe rain and snow storms. The latest products will keep the windshield clear and prevent excessive noise and flapping.

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