Best Wall Mount Mailbox – Top 5 Picks for 2021

This is our official list in search of the best wall mount mailboxes on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product and an overview of mail boxes for your home.

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  1. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars Gibraltar Woodlands Medium Capacity Wall-Mount Mailbox
  2. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars Gibraltar Large Lockable Wall Mount Mailbox
  3. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars Umbra Postino Wall-Mount Mailbox
  4. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars Horizon Horizontal Mailbox
  5. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars Mail Boss Locking Wall Mount Mailbox

We know time is of the essence, so the above is a cheat sheet of what’s ahead, just in case your’re in a hurry. Otherwise, keep scrolling down for more detailed and constructive info on each item.

5 Highest Reviewed Wall Mount Mailboxes to Consider

There are a variety of wall mount mailboxes to choose from, and they each have their own benefits and drawbacks. Some mailboxes are considered limited-service mailboxes because they are designed only for incoming mail.

Alternatively, full-service mailboxes have a way, usually a red flag, to notify the postal worker that outgoing mail needs to be collected. When choosing a mailbox, consider where it will be mounted, features, style, and finish. Know your recurrent weather conditions. If rain and snow are frequent in the weather forecast, choose a mailbox with a tight-fitting lid and waterproof coating to help the mailbox last longer.

Other considerations include making the mailbox accessible, visible, and in close vicinity to the house. The postal delivery person should be able to see the box so they can easily drop off and retrieve mail. The flag feature on some mailboxes advises the postal person if there is outgoing mail that needs to be retrieved. Another useful feature is a newspaper holder, which is especially convenient if the box itself is on the smaller side.

Keep in mind the overall landscape of the home to choose a mailbox that will complement the home’s style. Will the mailbox be placed in stucco, bricks, or wood? Most mailboxes come with hardware, but additional hardware may need to be purchased depending on where it will be installed. Read about five of the top wall mount mailbox choices below.

1.) Gibraltar Woodlands Medium Capacity Wall-Mount Mailbox

Gibraltar Woodlands Medium Capacity Wall Mount Mailbox

This mailbox is 18 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 11 inches high. Keep in mind, the widest point of the mailbox is at the top of the box, but there is enough space for mail and magazines. It is crafted with galvanized steel to add strength and durability.

Another feature is the black powder-coated finish to keep the mailbox looking like new. Additionally, the flat surface works well for personalizing the front with letters, numbers or a creative design.

There are two keyhole-shaped openings in the back of the box that will fit over a one-quarter inch screw head and the mounting holes are 12 ¼ inches apart from one another. There are two keyhole-shaped openings in the back of the box that will fit over a one-quarter inch screw head and the mounting holes are 12 ¼ inches apart from one another.

Mounting hardware does come with the box, but you may need to purchase additional hardware depending on the material the mailbox is being mounted to. Keep in mind that there is no lock for this mailbox.


  • Matches any home
  • Can be personalized
  • Accommodates mail, small bundles, and magazines


  • There is no way to specify outgoing mail

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2.) Gibraltar Large Lockable Wall Mount MailboxGibraltar Large Lockable Wall Mount Mailbox

The Gibraltar Large Lockable Wall Mount Mailbox has a lock and a metal bar under the lid, which prevents people from reaching into the contents of the box.

Furthermore, a heavy-duty access door with cam lock and two keys will provide extra security. The dimensions of the box are 16 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 13 inches high. The actual mail slot is 14 inches long, 3 ¾ inches wide, and 2 inches high. The black and brushed aluminum box can be mounted at a residence or curb.

Mounted on the right of the box is a red flag to let your postal worker know about the status of the mail. Also, it is waterproof and will keep your mail dry.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Has a lock
  • Durable mail slot


  • The paint on the front might fade over time

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3.) Umbra Postino Wall-Mount Mailbox

Umbra Postino Wall Mount Mailbox

This wall-mount mailbox has a dramatic curvy design and is made of stainless steel with a black powder-coat finish. The dimensions of the product are 14 ½ inches long, 5 inches wide, and 7 ¾ inches high.

Additionally, the mounting holes are 10 inches apart. Since the lid overlaps the box, it protects the contents from getting wet. Also, the mailbox has a modern design, unique from most traditional mailboxes, which complements all types of home décor.

Simply cleaning the box with a soft cloth and water will assist in keeping the Umbra Postino in great shape. Even though there isn’t a flag, the lid of the box can stay open to notify postal workers of outgoing mail.


  • Modern design
  • Weather resistant
  • Easily cleaned


  • There is no lock or slot for the mail

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4.) Horizon Horizontal Mailbox

Horizon Horizontal Mailbox

A magnetic catch secures the door on the Horizon Horizontal mailbox. The dimensions are 16 inches long, 3 ¾ inches wide, and 8 ¼ inches high.

Newspaper scrolls on the bottom of the box are a helpful feature for bulkier mail like magazines. This sturdy mailbox is easy to install and has a rectangular panel embossed on the front where a house number could be attached.

Clean lines and a choice of seven different colors will complement a variety of home styles. Extra thick walls are made from cast aluminum and the rustproof hinge is helpful for adverse weather conditions.


  • Newspaper scrolls on bottom of box
  • Rustproof hinge
  • Easily customizable


  • Screws are not long enough to keep it together well

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5.) Mail Boss Locking Wall Mount Mailbox

Mail Boss Locking Wall Mount Mailbox

The Mail Boss is a heavy-duty mailbox with a strong lock. Leveraged entry is prevented through a patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism and 12-wafer disc lock.

Another nice feature of the Mail Boss is it includes three keys, reflective house numbers, four lag bolts, and a drill bit for installation. There is a red flag attached to the top of the box to indicate outgoing mail. The outgoing mail can be placed under the lid to be picked up.

The box itself is 15 ¾ inches wide, 15 inches high, and about 7 inches deep, so there is a lot of space for incoming mail.


  • Anti-pry latch locking mechanism
  • Customize with included reflective house numbers
  • Red flag to indicate outgoing mail


  • Not too much space for outgoing mail

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Wrapping Up

When deciding on the best wall mount mailbox, keep in mind that every product has advantages and disadvantages. Make sure to find a mailbox with enough room to accommodate the mail and choose a box with the features and style that complement the living space.

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