Best Touch Light Switches – Top 5 Picks for 2020

This is our official list in search of the best touch light switches on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product and a useful guide to smart light switches.

5 Highest Reviewed Touch Light Switches to Consider

For many years, the light switch has kept its basic design, and when compared to many other types of technology, it hasn’t changed much. Recently, the light switch has undergone a technological makeover, and it’s much smarter than it used to be.

With Wi-Fi connectivity, some products make it possible to remotely turn on lights, which can help keep thieves away. Depending on the product, it might even be possible to set the lights on a timer or have them turn off at a certain time.

When shopping for these products, it’s important to consider the difficulty of the installation because some products are much more difficult to install than others. Below, you’ll find reviews for the top five touch light switches.

1.) Smart Wall light Switch by Broadlink

Smart Wall light Switch by Broadlink

The Broadlink smart light switch makes it possible to control lights from anywhere, and it can be connected with an iOS or Android smartphone. Once the switch has been synced with a smartphone, the lights can be controlled, and if it’s not connected, the switch must be controlled manually.

This product is designed for safety, elegance and convenience, and it features a glass crystal panel. The switch is made from fire-retardant PC substrate, and it can serve as a great deterrent against thieves. To make early morning easier, it has a timer function, which will automatically turn on the lights. The installation process for this light is almost identical to a standard switch and doesn’t take long.

With a tempered glass panel, the switch looks stylish, and the copper terminals offer great conductivity. The Broadlink light switch can be controlled wirelessly, and it comes with everything needed for installation.


  • Very stylish and waterproof
  • Easy to turn on and install
  • Can be configured with RM PRO
  • Works as a burglary deterrent


  • Requires an iOS or Android phone for wireless operation

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2.) White Crystal Glass Panel Light Switch by NIMTEK

White Crystal Glass Panel Light Switch by NIMTEK

The NIMTEK wireless light switch is designed for convenience and features a crystal glass panel. It comes with a luxury glass panel, and the texture feels nice to touch. The surface of the panel is totally flat and displays exquisite craftwork.

The crystal glass panel is polished and can make any room seem much more luxurious. The touch control is very sensitive, which makes it easy to operate. The panel has a backlit indicator, and the extra illumination makes this light switch easier to see and use.

The installation for this product is the same as a standard light switch, and with enough experience, it shouldn’t take long to install. The NIMTEK light switch can replace a traditional wall switch, and it’s commonly used to control motion lamps, tubes, fluorescent lights and incandescent bulbs.


  • Design is sleek and luxurious
  • Engineered for convenience
  • Perfect color scheme and materials
  • Easy to install


  • Only small part of the panel is touch sensitive

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3.) Intey Smart Light Switch

Intey Smart Light Switch

The Intey light switch makes it easy to upgrade an old switch and features a modern style. The glass panel looks and feel luxurious, and it offers a superior combination of convenience and class.

Like many smart light switches, it’s designed with a crystal glass panel, and it can be controlled with a single touch. To protect against circuit overload, this switch will automatically disconnect the power, and a backlit indicator makes it easy to see.

Since this product lights up at night, it’s very easy to see in the dark. With intelligent technology built into the design, this switch is easy to control with a single touch, and the technology helps to save energy. The Intey smart light switch is easy to install, and the installation process is quick and easy.


  • Instructions are easy to read
  • Luxurious glass faceplate
  • Comes with all required hardware
  • Installation is simple and quick


  • Could be designed for a better fit

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4.) AUKEY Wall Light Touch Screen Switch

AUKEY Wall Light Touch Screen Switch

The AUKEY light switch features a contemporary design, and the entire panel is made from crystal glass. To turn the light on, the panel requires a quick touch, and when compared to a traditional light switch, it’s much easier to use.

The AUKEY wall switch is designed with backlit illumination, which makes it easy to see at night. The package comes with the components needs for installation, and the warm LED backlight makes the entire panel easy to see.

This product can replace most traditional light switches, and the crystal glass panel feels nice to touch. With a modern, minimalist design, this switch is a popular choice for the home or office, and the installation process is simple and convenient.


  • Can give any room a modern design
  • Glass panel looks and feels luxurious
  • Works like a regular light switch
  • Warm LED is easy to see at night


  • Not compatible with Wi-Fi

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5.) Touch White Wall Light Switch by Legrand Adorne

Touch White Wall Light Switch by Legrand Adorne

The Legrand Adorne touch light switch features a stylish white color, and the entire touch panel is made from luxurious glass. When touched, the panel acts like a smartphone, and to turn the lights on or off, all that is needed is a quick touch.

For convenience, the switch can be set up to control a single light, or it can be paired with a second switch, which allows for control over two lights. This touch switch is even compatible with dimming technology, and it supports single-pole and three-way operation.

For a single pole, this product can be used to replace an existing switch in minutes, and it has no trouble fitting most electrical boxes. The Legrand Adorne light switch doesn’t require new wires, and the innovative assembly makes it quick and easy to install.


  • Features a built-in finder light
  • Looks stylish and modern
  • Easier to operate
  • Glass panel looks and feels luxurious


  • Protrudes slightly from the wall

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Brief Guide to Touch Light Switches

The best touch light switch is convenient to use, and it solves many of the problems associated with older designs. The main advantage of this product is that it can be turned on with a quick touch, and the latest smart light switches can be controlled remotely. Since most products are receiving technological upgrades, it was only a matter of time before the light switch was redesigned. A smart light switch features a stylish panel, and with a single touch, it can turn on the lights in a room.

What Are They?

Touch Light Switches are there to switch lights on and off just like you’re used to, but with a difference. You no longer need to twist the dimmer or find the switch to flip it – they are simple touch screens like on a smart phone or tablet. You just touch them and the lights turn on or off. You can have a single switch or a paired switch so that the light can turn off and on from two different places.

Often touch light switches are also smart and can be programmed to turn on at specific times, and controlled from your phone. The panels are often made of glass on the outside, and plastic and copper on the inside, and are flat white squares or rectangles to blend in with your walls.

The standard technology for touch screens, which would include these touch light switches, is called a capacitive screen. They contain copper or other metals that store electric charges in tiny wires.

There are two kinds – surface and projective. Surface touch screens have sensors at the corners and a film across the surface. Projective touch screens uses a grid with a separate sensor chip. When your finger touches the light switch, a small amount of electrical charge that you carry is transferred from your skin to the wires and completes the circuit. This makes the voltage drop, which is detected by the software. The software then tells the light to turn on.

Some light switches are also made of fire retardant material to reduce the risk of fire and help you stay safe.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone can benefit from touch light switches – not least because dirt and moisture won’t get into the switch to damage it since it doesn’t have to be pushed up or down or twisted.

One of the greatest advantages is that it’s very easy to touch a switch when your hands are full, whereas it can be more difficult to flip it or turn it. They look modern and cool and are very convenient and simple to use.

Some touch light switches are also ‘smart’ in that you can control them with an app on your phone. So if you’re away from home and want to make it look like you’re at home – just turn some of the switches on from your phone.

They can also often be set on a timer which would be good if you’re away – just set them to go on when it’s dark and go off when it turns daylight or when you would normally go to sleep, so that thieves don’t get the impression you’re away and break in.

You can also set a different kind of alarm by programming your lights to turn on and wake you up in the morning.

Some smart switches also have the capability of creating ‘scenes’ where you can set the ambience you want and save it, then reload it whenever you want. Great for if you want the lights dim while you’re watching a movie, but bright for when you’re studying.

There is also often a very small finder light to help you find the light switch which can help when you’re in the dark.

What To Look For?

If you have a smart home with voice assistants and lots of things that you control remotely then you might want to look for smart light switches that also tap into that. Some can be voice controlled and are compatible with Alexa, Siri and Google Home.

Some smart light switches come with timers, so if you have kids that regularly forget to turn their lights off, or anyone else for that matter, you can save energy and money by using a timer to turn it off after you’ve left the room.

Be aware that some light switches have screens that are completely touch sensitive all over, but others only have the center part made to be touch sensitive. So if this is a big deal to you then you might want to check the specifications and reviews to make sure it’s what you want.

If you want to control the light from two different locations such as by the door in your bedroom, and from the pull chain hanging from your light, then you need to invest in one that is a three-way switch.

Some of the terms can be confusing – ‘gang’ refers to how many switches are within your light switch. So if your switch controls two different lights then it would be called 2-gang. A 2 way switch is an on/off switch, and means that is the only place you can turn that light on and off. A 3 way switch means that you can turn the light on and off from two different locations, although this can be confusing because in Europe this would be called 2-way.

What To Avoid?

Be careful if you want a light that is switched on and off from two different locations – you need to make sure you get one that is labelled as three-way, otherwise it probably will only work from that one location.

Also check carefully if the touch light switch says it is ‘smart’. Some are labelled as smart, but don’t connect to a phone or a remote, so you may not get what you were expecting. Also watch out for light switches that may come from Europe as they often have a different orientation, which should be fine so long as you’re aware of it.


Do I need an electrician to install these?

You probably do, unless you’re already a whizz at electronics and know you’re way around the different wires.

Can you dim the lights with these?

It depends on the light – some you can, some you can’t. Some are even controllable from your phone and you can set the amount of lighting very precisely.

Do I need to purchase a wall plate?

No, in most cases the touch light switches will cover where the wall plate would be so you don’t need to purchase one separately.

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Wrapping Up

The best touch light switch takes the hassle out of turning on the lights, and with a sleek, modern design, it can improve the appearance of any room. The little pleasures in life mean the most, and the ability to turn lights on with the touch of a finger is one of these pleasures.

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