Best Small Office Couch – Top 5 Picks for 2021

This is our official list in search of the best small office couches on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each option as well as a brief guide to choosing a good couch for your small office.

5 Highest Reviewed Small Office Couches to Consider

The best small office couch can enhance the atmosphere of any office and serve as a place for people to sit down and relax. A couch is suitable for a home or work office, and if it’s made from premium materials, it should last for several years. Take a look at the five that really stand out when it comes to quality and durability, and are highlighted below.

1.) DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon

DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon

The DHP Emily convertible linen futon features a modern design and has chrome metal legs. It also has a split back and can be converted to sitting, lounging and sleeping positions. It offers faux leather, which is available in vanilla or black colors, and for customers who prefer linen, this material is available in grey and navy colors.

To create a large lounge, this futon can be paired with the Emily Chaise lounger. The DHP Emily futon is suitable for most offices, and although the design is plain, the cushions should be comfortable enough for most people.

Like other DHP products, this futon is designed for easy assembly, and it comes with everything needed. The upholstery is comfortable and requires minimal maintenance. The frame is made from sturdy wood and guarantees long-term durability. With a modern appearance, this futon will look good in most offices, and it can be easily adjusted for different positions.


  • Has a luxurious appearance
  • Takes minutes to assemble
  • Firm and comfortable
  • Back is adjustable


  • Sleeping position could be better

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2.) Madison Park Davenport Rolled Arm Settee

Madison Park Davenport Rolled Arm Settee

The Madison Park Davenport Rolled settee has a hardwood frame, and it’s much more durable than composite wood. It’s upholstered with a blend of acrylic and polyester fabrics. The composition of the materials is 87 percent polyester and 13 percent acrylic.

The cushion is comfortable and made from high-density foam, which provides a decent level of comfort. After it has been fully assembled, this piece weighs less than 50 pounds, and it can look good in a home or work office. The Madison Park Davenport settee is made with an eye-catching design, and it can be the centerpiece of the room.

When compared to competing products, this small couch doesn’t skimp on comfort or style, and it features a sculpted, delicate frame. The low-profile seat cushions combine with flared arms and produce a striking silhouette.


  • Cushions don’t fall off constantly
  • Legs are easy to assemble and very sturdy
  • Modern look
  • Look very sophisticated


  • Not many color options

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3.) Mid Century Modern Two Tone Splitback

Mid Century Modern Two Tone Splitback

This modern office couch is small enough for most home or work offices, and it’s designed to match modern décor. It comes with vibrant accent pillows, and they’re shaped like cylinders. It offers split-back functionality and can accommodate personal preferences.

The soft velvet upholstery is stylish, comfortable and durable, and to enhance the overall design, the outer border is decorated with exposed white stitching. The legs are made from dark wood and deliver a simple, elegant style.

This futon comes with two-cylinder pillows, which are made from the same fabric, and although it’s designed to look great, it’s also very comfortable. The modern appearance makes it a popular choice for many home and work offices, and it can complement the existing décor.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Great for an office or small apartment
  • Cushions are firm
  • No mechanical knowledge needed for assembly


  • Hinges could be better quality

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4.) Safavieh LVS1003C Livingston Collection Valerie Taupe Settee

Safavieh LVS1003C Livingston Collection Valerie Taupe Settee

The Safavieh LVS1003C can add a fresh look to a home or work office, and with taupe upholstery, it offers a unique style. It’s commonly used as an accent piece in a home, but it can be just as useful in a home or work office.

The frame is made from Birchwood, and it’s upholstered with viscose fabric. The Safavieh LVS1003C can add style to a study room, library, family room or office, and for over 100 years, Safavieh has been creating high-quality furniture.

Many would describe this piece as a settee with attitude, and some of its best features are black birch legs, taupe linen and button tufting. For the best results, this small couch should be purchased in pairs, but a single piece can look good in a bedroom or home office.


  • Perfect for an office
  • The frame is made from durable Birchwood
  • Great for a library, den or living room
  • Taupe upholstery is stylish and comfortable


  • Comfort could be better

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5.) Modern Mid-Century Loveseat

Modern Mid Century Loveseat

This small office couch is from Divano Roma Furniture, and it’s available in grey. The size of this piece is ideal for a small office or space, but it can also be used in an apartment.

Since it’s made with soft linen, this sofa offers great comfort, and for convenience, it only requires minor assembly. It features a mid-century design, and the cushioning is wrapped with bonded leather upholstery.

To deliver a sophisticated appearance, this piece has a tufted design, and the grey color adds to the style. Natural wooden legs complete the look and give this small loveseat plenty of strength. Each component of this piece is designed to withstand long periods of use, and the assembly is easy.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Can look good in any office
  • Takes minutes to put together
  • More cushioning than many competing products


  • Materials could be higher quality

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Brief Guide to Small Office Couches

When shopping for these products, there are several frame materials to choose from. Particleboard is very popular because it’s the lightest and cheapest material, but since it’s made of composite wood, it’s also the weakest. Some other popular choices are beech, walnut, cherry and oak hardwoods, and these solid materials are much stronger than particleboard.

It’s not uncommon for some office couches to have a frame made of kiln-dried hardwood, which significantly increases the strength of the wood. The final option is metal, and although it can bend over time, it will never snap like wood.

Another part of an office couch is the seat cushion, and it can be made from down cushions, high-density foam or low-density foam. Down cushions cost the most money and offer the greatest comfort.

All small office couches are made with upholstery, and a few common materials are rayon, nylon, polyester, linen, and cotton. Most couches are covered with some type of fabric, but it’s possible to find products with bonded leather or cowhide.

What Are They?

A small office couch is a long upholstered piece of furniture that can be housed in an office for several people to sit on comfortably. The term couch actually comes from a French word which means ‘to lie down’, but in an office, the purpose, of course, would be for sitting rather than lying down. However, if you’re pulling an all-nighter at the office, then you might use it to take a nap as well.

Since the couch will be used in an office, it generally needs to be kept small to take up less space, so they are typically two-seaters. They also have a modern and stylish look and are usually a solid color that will blend in well with the office background, such as black or gray.

The upholstery for an office couch will vary – some have velvet, others microfiber, and others faux or real leather. The frame is usually made of wood or particleboard but can also be made of steel or plastic. The legs of the sofa might be a different type of wood for show, such as maple or walnut. The cushions or padding of a couch is generally made of foam, down, feathers or fabric.

Who Can Benefit?

Why put a couch in your office? You might think that you can just use chairs – well you can, but a couch can be good for lots of reasons. It means that your office can be viewed as a comfortable place to come in and chat and open up, and if your visitor is sitting on a couch and feeling comfortable they are more likely to relax and communicate.

It can also enhance your productivity if it looks good, and can give you a place to sit or lie down and relax for a few minutes before getting back to work. It can also give you a change of scenery and position so that you’re not stuck in your office chair all day long.

Do you want your office to look like an interrogation room? A couch is good for making you look more accessible, and you can also use a sitting area for when you want to have a difficult conversation or really get to know someone. Your room is an extension of your company, so you want to create a tone that will support your mission and values as a business.

Or maybe you have a home office and are trying to find a way to entertain visitors in a small space? A small couch will be perfect as it can seat at least two people so that you can have a conversation in private without disturbing the rest of the family.

It is also a good idea if you are a pastor and regularly counsel your congregation – you can put one of these in your office at church or at home. You then don’t have to leave and go to a coffee shop and pay for an expensive coffee to meet with them but can stay on your premises and go right back to work afterward.

What To Look For?

Make sure you measure the space you have available and then check the dimensions of the couch, as the last thing you want is for it not to fit when it gets there.

Then think about what type of back cushions you want? Some couches have loose cushions on the back which means that you can fluff them up, but they may also wear out and look lumpy after time. They might also sag and have to be fluffed up regularly.

Other couches have pillows that are attached to the back, which means that they stay attached and tidy, so you don’t have to worry about them. Other couches have a tight back, which means it’s an all-in-one look. These look very smart and tidy and don’t need maintenance, but they are less comfortable to sit against.

Some common types of upholstery are microfiber, acrylic, leather, and linen. Microfiber is easy to clean and resists wear, leather is very durable, linen is more formal but wrinkles and stains more easily. Acrylic resists wrinkles, stains, and fading. Often the best choices for an office would be leather if you can afford it, and then microfiber which is also durable but less expensive.

Look for ergonomic furniture – a couch that helps you achieve a good posture is one that supports you to be in an upright position, with your ears, shoulders, and hips all in a straight line. Your feet should also be flat on the floor when your back is resting against the back of the couch, and the couch should discourage a slouching position which isn’t good for your spine.

Traditionally many office couches are colors that will blend in with everything else, but you might also want to consider more vibrant colors, as some people say it can help you be more productive in your work.

Be aware of how colors can affect you when you choose it – blue is supposed to be calming, yellow uplifting and orange exciting. But watch out for red as it can raise blood pressure and increase irritability. Also think about how the color fits in with everything else in your office, and whether it reflects your company’s culture.

What To Avoid?

Comfort is a good thing to look for – with soft upholstery and cushions that have some bounce. But be aware that if your office couch is too comfortable you might have your guests staying longer than you’d like.

If you prefer to have your colleagues or visitors in there for a short amount of time then you might want to take the attitude of a fast food restaurant and keep your couch a little bit on the uncomfortable side.

Also avoid too bright of a color unless it reflects your company’s culture, as it can easily look too garish.


How durable is faux leather?

Faux leather is durable and easily cleaned, but it can be quite easily torn or punctured and is not as durable as real leather.

Wrapping Up

The best small office couch can transform a boring office in something much more enjoyable, and since it serves as a comfortable place to sit, it’s great for a home or work office. A high-quality piece of furniture looks great and can add personality to an office, living room or den.