Best Small Computer Desks For Kids – Top 5 Picks for 2021

This is our official list in search of the best small computer desks for kids on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product and a handy guide to compact computer desks.

5 Highest Reviewed Small Computer Desks For Kids to Consider

A computer desk serves as a sturdy foundation for a computer and accessories, but the problem with many desks is that they’re too big. The best small computer desk is an excellent choice for tight spaces, and it’s great for small apartments and offices.

Today, desks come with a variety of features, and some are made for specific types of computers. Most desks come with a pull-out keyboard tray, but since some consumers don’t like this feature, it’s possible to find desks that don’t have a tray.

The major advantage of purchasing a small computer desk is the size because it can fit into spaces that don’t support a larger desk. Although these products are commonly used in an office, they’re also great for small bedrooms and similar spaces. Let’s have a look at the top five options to consider.

1.) Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk with Storage in White

Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk with Storage in White

The Prepac wall-mounted floating desk can be mounted at any height, and the vertical design helps to save space in small rooms. The desk uses a metal rail system, and for better organization, it features a wire and cable management system.

The side compartments have two removable shelves, which are useful for books, electronic devices, photographs or speakers. The top shelf has enough room for additional items, and for superior quality, this desk is made in the United States.

Since it must be mounted to a wall, it helps to save vital floor space, and it’s available in three popular colors. The desk is easy to install and features a modern, timeless design.


  •  Can be used as a vanity
  • Requires minimal space
  • Great as a sitting or standing desk
  • Ideal for small homes or apartments


  • Should come with more assembly instructions

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2.) South Shore Axess Collection Desk

South Shore Axess Collection Desk

The South Shore Axess desk features a contemporary style, and it’s available with a chocolate or pure black finish. This desk doesn’t come with accessories, and it’s made from environmentally-friendly laminated particle panels.

For complete assembly, this desk requires two adults, and it doesn’t come with the tools needed for assembly. This product is a top choice for children and helps to eliminate the clutter in a child’s room. The compact design saves space and serves as a sturdy workspace for projects and schoolwork.

The low hutch provides shelving for keepsakes and books, and the keyboard tray provides easy access to a keyboard. The South Shore Axess desk is designed with a single drawer, which is perfect for storing important accessories.


  • Not too difficult to assemble
  • Great for desktop computers
  • Very stylish
  • Incredibly functional


  • Parts could be labeled better

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3.)  Sauder Pogo Desk for Children

Sauder Pogo Desk for Children

The Sauder Pogo Desk is designed for children, and it comes with a hidden storage compartment under the top portion of the desk. For additional storage, it features open shelves, and the hardware consists of wrought iron and accents.

All sides of the desk are finished, which allows it to blend in with any décor. The easy-glide drawer is very functional, and the Sauder Pogo desk even comes with a storage bin. It has a solid wood knob, and the hardware is themed to fit in with most modern homes.

This desk is small enough to fit into most bedrooms and apartments, and it’s made for children. The materials are sturdy and built to last, which is important for products that are designed for kids.


  • Great for kids
  • Offers plenty of room to grow
  • Very sturdy
  • Can be assembled in 30 minutes


  • Made from particle board

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4.) Calico Designs 55122 Study Corner Desk

Calico Designs 55122 Study Corner Desk

The Calico Designs 55122 offers plenty of room for studying, and it’s a top choice for kids who like to use computers, write and study. For durability, the desk is made from laminated wood, and it comes with a powder coated steel frame.

To give the desk even greater stability, the manufacturers have added four floor levelers, and this product is ideal for limited spaces.

Although the desk features a small design, it offers plenty of space for a computer and accessories. It serves as a sturdy workstation, and it has a spacious lower shelf to hold the computer CPU. The Calico Designs 55122 study desk features a spacious top shelf, which is ideal for storing additional accessories.


  • Impressive design
  • Made with strong wood and metal
  • Easy to assemble
  • Looks and feels great


  • Made with composite material

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5.) Childs Wooden Computer Desk by Wild Zoo Furniture

Childs Wooden Computer Desk by Wild Zoo Furniture

The Childs wooden computer desk is another top choice for kids, and with a solid wood frame, it can take daily abuse from children. It comes with an optional hutch, and the seat has enough space for up to two kids. This computer desk is made for kids who’re in grade school, and it can comfortably fit children between the ages of five to 10.

The 30.5-inch seat is large enough to seat two kids, and the main surface can support a full-size computer. The frame and legs are made from solid wood, and the laminated top looks and feels smooth. For increased safety, the corners of the desk are rounded, and the edge banding is dent resistant.

Since the seat is attached to the desk, there is no need to worry about it tipping over, and for extra space, the Childs wooden computer desk can be purchased with an additional hutch. With the seat included, this desk has a depth of 36 inches, which makes it perfect for small kids.


  • Made in the USA
  • Perfect for young kids
  • Can support a lot of weight
  • Compact design saves space


  • Finish is very thin

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Brief Guide to Small Computer Desks

Many consumers want a small desk because the design is simple, and they don’t want their workspace to consume an entire room. It’s very easy to find desks that are large enough to fill an entire bedroom, but for many consumers, this is too much. A small desk might be the better choice, and it provides a stable, compact workspace for computer users.

What Are They?

A small computer desk is a piece of furniture that is specifically designed for housing a computer. You may have a table in your house, which is for eating, and a dressing table for dressing at, and a desk for working at – but none of these will be that good for keeping your computer on.

That’s because to work on your computer regularly you’re going to want to keep it set up, and to do that you need to have a dedicated space which you can sit in front of.

Also you want to bear in mind that when you spend a while at a computer it’s important to have good posture, so a desk that is specifically designed for a computer is necessary. It will help you sit properly and not lean forward too much or strain your neck if you purchase the right desk.

Computer desks are additionally designed to conceal all the cables that go with computers, and often to provide an easy way to run them from the floor to the computer. Some desks have special holes to run power cables through, or parts of the desk cut away at the back so that the keyboard and monitor can be easily connected to the workstation.

Who Can Benefit from Small Computer Desks?

Are you looking for somewhere to put your computer and work at it without having to take up a great deal of space? Then a small computer desk is probably ideal for you. Most people can benefit from a small desk, but the people who will benefit the most are those who need a desk for a small workspace.

A lot of people have a small office, which isn’t large enough to hold a full-size desk. With a small desk, computer users can enjoy a solid work surface, and they don’t have to sacrifice the small amount of space in their room or office. A small computer desk is also a great choice for kids because it can fit into a small bedroom. With a compact design, a small desk can be a great choice for anyone because it saves room and provides a solid surface to work on.

Maybe your children have just got a computer that they need to work at to do their homework, and you’re trying to fit it into an otherwise tight space? Computer desks are ideal for this, and some are even wall mountable so take up even less space. Others will fit in corners, or in small spaces where you wouldn’t otherwise manage to fit anything.

These are also great for students who have to fit everything they own into one room. It can help you organize your home a little better, especially if you get a desk that has extra spaces such as drawers and shelves, so that you don’t have all your papers and books strewn over the floor.

Even if you don’t have a computer you can benefit from one of these desks – they are ideal for all kinds of other things, such as doll and soft toy displays, a place to build lego, or just an organized place to put all the school work.

What Types Are There?

When shopping for a small computer desk, there are several options to choose from. For the greatest convenience, it’s better to get a product that has already been assembled at the factory, and to save money, consumers should consider getting a desk that is ready to be assembled.

In most cases, desks that are assembled in the factory offer greater quality, and they save a lot of time and effort. However, fully-assembled desks tend to be more expensive. The shape should also be considered, and the three main choices are hutch, corner and workstation desks.

Hutch designs save the most space, and they’re made with a vertical design. Corner desks are made to save space and sit in the corner of the room, and workstations are lightweight, small and mobile. The major advantage of a workstation is that it’s easy to move around a home or office.

What to Look for In a Good One?

When shopping for a small computer desk, it’s important to decide between an RTA or factory-assembled model. An RTA desk is cheaper because the consumer must assemble it. Make sure you are aware of how much work is needed before buying. Some may come pre-made, and these ones may well be sturdier.

Since consumers spend a lot of time in front of a computer desk, it should offer great ergonomics, and the configuration is something to consider. Bad computer posture can include hunching your shoulders, craning your neck forward, rolling your shoulders forward or not keeping your back aligned with your chair.

To avoid all these, try and find a desk and chair that will help you sit correctly. Desks that are comfortable prevent strain on the neck and back, which helps prevent chronic pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Another feature to consider is the materials, and some of the best desks are made from hard wood. A desk made from hard wood offers better style and comfort than other materials, but it’s also more expensive. Some cheaper alternatives are made from particle board, metal or plastic.

If your computer is a traditional desktop with a workstation and monitor, you may want to look out for a desk that has a monitor stand so that it can be higher up than where you have your keyboard. This will enable you to keep your head looking straight in front of you at the monitor, while the keyboard is at the correct height for your hands.

Alternatively, some desks are made to have the monitor stand on the actual desk, but then the keyboard will have a separate sliding drawer. If you have a laptop then you can manage with a much more lightweight style of desk.

Make sure that the desk height allows you to type without having to reach above your waist, that your feet can be flat on the ground and knees at 90 degrees, and that your feet have room.

Look for holes in the back of the desk to connect cables through easily and conceal the connections, and decide if you are going to want to move the desk around much – because if you are you will probably prefer one with wheels.

Have a look at how much space you can fit the desk into, and what size it is compared to your computer. Some very small desks are designed more for just a laptop and mouse, whereas others will house a printer in addition to a computer or even a drawer or bookshelf.

It might be helpful for you to make a list of what you need to store at the desk you that you can make sure there is space for everything.

What to Avoid

The biggest mistake that consumers make when shopping for a small computer desk is choosing a shape that doesn’t fit the room it will be used in.

Another common mistake is choosing a product that is too difficult to assemble. To avoid the hassle of manual assembly, it’s better to get a desk that has already been assembled at the factory.

Avoid getting a computer desk that has no space underneath for your feet and knees, as this will make it impossible to sit with a good posture.

Also watch out for desks that aren’t that stable – you don’t want your expensive computer to be broken because it falls off a wobbly desk.

How to Take Care of Your Computer Desk

Computer desks are easy to clean, and most products can be wiped down with a warm rag. To preserve the materials and keep the desk looking good, it’s important to remove dust each month.

It’s also a good idea to purchase coasters to use for drinks and snacks because most types of wood are vulnerable to liquids and excessive heat from a hot meal.


Which material is best for the desk to be made from?

Wood will give you a nice feel for a home, as it is a warm natural color. Particle board will be less durable than real wood, but also more lightweight.

Glass is very modern looking, but can crack or scratch and be difficult to keep looking shiny. Metal is another option, which can be quite tough, and look professional.

It really depends what look you’re going for, and how sturdy and easy to clean you want your desk to be.

How do I find the best desk height?

Ideally you want to be able to keep your forearms at right angles to your arms while typing, so they are not raised, so your desk needs to be at the right height for that. There should also be some space between the top of your thighs and the computer desk.

28” to 30” high is the standard height for most desks and works well for most people who are not unusually short or tall. You can get adjustable work desks which may help if you are taller or shorter than usual, and an adjustable chair should also help with this.

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Wrapping Up

The best small computer desk can save a lot of space, and depending on the design, it serves as an excellent workspace for children or adults. Small computer desks can fit into tight spaces, which makes them ideal for small bedrooms, offices or apartments.