These Are the Best Sega Genesis Games

Brief Guide to Choosing Sega Genesis Games

What makes a good Sega Genesis game?


The Sega Genesis games did not use modern technology that is available to use these days. The developers had to make use of excellent art-style, unique enemies and characters to help the games stand out. You always want to purchase a game that has a unique art-style and you will be able to see the effort that the developers put in the game.

The unique art-style is also what made Sega stand out from the rest of the competition. The games also performed very well even though the console itself wasn’t that powerful. The developers had to make sure that the games were super optimized. Otherwise, they would perform very badly.


Sega Genesis did not have complex control schemes. Most games made use of just 1 or 2 buttons, even though the controller had a lot of buttons. Sega games that played on just 1 or 2 buttons were actually quite good as developers made the games very simple to play.

Most Sega RPGs, usually required the user to use only 2-3 buttons to play the entire game. That also made the games easy to learn. Even a child could easily pick up the controller and start playing the games. We did not have triggers at that time that are part of modern controllers.


Sega games usually have a very good story. Even a simple game such as Sonic The Hedgehog actually had a very good story and the characters to match it. The environments were also quite cool in that game. Most of these games also had a very cool world and everything was very well balanced. Sega were experts at creating a rich world that felt alive. They were way ahead of their time. One of the games with a good story is Shinning Force.


Most Sega games had very strong characters. Some of the characters actually had a very good backstory. It is recommended that you purchase a game that makes use of a very strong and recognizable character. That way you can also delve deeper into the lore of the game and enjoy it. Sega is also known for producing some of the most iconic characters in the gaming industry. You can take a look at Sonic. That character is so famous that he got his own movie.

Other Things to Consider


Sega Genesis game had to have a very good plot to keep the players engaged. However, some games did not have a very good plot and that couldn’t really work well at that time. Even today, only the games with a solid plot are popular. That is why you should always purchase games that have a very solid plot.

Shinning force is a game that had a very solid plot and Shinning Force became a franchise. Some popular Sega games also had a very simple plot but were still quite effective. There are a number of games that have complete Wiki made about them as people love to talk about their favorite games and the plot.


Sega has a huge fan following. However, only some of its franchises have a very large community. Purchase a game that has a very large community so that you can ask the community about any issues that you may face when you are playing it. Game guides are also required for some of the games as they are not easy to play. Back in those days, we did not have objective markers.


Sega Genesis games were usually free from bugs. However, some of them had bugs. Always purchase games that are free from bugs so that you don’t end up facing a game-breaking bug that you will never be able to fix yourself.


Not all Sega Genesis games had positive reviews. Some poorly made ones had very bad reviews. Steer clear of the games that do not have a very high review score as they most likely will not be good.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get games on Sega Genesis portable?

There is no legal way to get games on the Sega Genesis Portable. It comes built-in with games. There are a few ways to get your games on Sega Genesis Portable, however, it would require some hacking and an SD card.

How many Sega Genesis games are there?

The console has around 700 games.

How to hook up Sega Genesis classic game console?

The old console does not connect directly with modern TVs. You will need to use adapters to get the console to send video to modern TVs. The result is far from satisfactory even if you manage to get it to work.

What games are on the Sega Genesis classic?

It comes with 81 classic games.

What games are on the new Sega Genesis (mini)?

The console has about 42 games on it. Most of them come directly from Sega.

How to save games on Sega Genesis portable?

The console does not save your games, the cartridge does. There are certain games that allow you to save the game. It is a built-in feature and varies from game to game.

Where to buy Sega Genesis games?

Cartridges are pretty hard to find. However, most Sega Genesis games are available on the Steam Store and can be played on PC using an emulator.

How to clean Sega Genesis games?

A can of air and a soft cloth can be used to clean Sega Genesis games.

How much are Sega Genesis games worth?

They are worth around $5.99 to $9.99. On the Steam store, some games are even worth more than that, but that is very rare.

Where can I play Sega Genesis games online?

There is no legal way to play Sega Genesis games online. Some have a browser version, but the developers do not officially support it.

What was the last Sega Genesis game?

Madō Monogatari 1 was the last Sega Genesis game. It was released on the 22nd of March, 1996.