Best PS Vita Games Ranked

Brief Guide to Choosing PS Vita Games

What makes a good PS Vita Game?


The PS Vita was one of the most powerful handheld consoles of its time. It let the developers produce extremely good looking games. Of course, PS Vita was not as powerful as the PS4, but it was still a very powerful console. The best PS Vita games had very good graphics. The ones made by Sony for the console were truly remarkable. PS Vita aimed to deliver a console-like experience in a handheld device. They succeeded for the most part.


PS Vita was a very good console for people that loved to play with their friends. Setting up a local server or local multi-player was quite easy as some games allowed it. Connection via Bluetooth was also an option and the PS Vita was very well-known for that. If you want to play with your friends, make sure that you purchase a game that allows such multi-player features.


PS Vita is a handheld console, so only good developers can make games that play well on it. Good developers managed to make full use of the controller that came with the Vita and balanced their games very well. PS Vita games are relatively slower than PS4/PS3 games as the controller is not as big and fast-paced games can be difficult to play on PS Vita.


As mentioned above, good developers kept the pace of the games slightly slower and still managed to provide a good quality experience. The controller has always been an issue for most handheld consoles. They are not as easy to use as the big controllers present on consoles for TV. It is important to check a game or its reviews and see how well the controls work. You never want to buy a game that has awful controls.

Other Things to Consider


PS Vita used the best technology that was available at that time. That is why the developers could integrate high-quality cut scenes. The best PS Vita games had a great story due to that. They were able to present beautifully rendered cutscenes to the player, and most players actually loved those cutscenes. Try to purchase games that have a great story.


Not all PS Vita games have good reviews. Before you purchase a game, make sure that you check the reviews that previous owners have posted. That will give you an idea of whether the game is actually right for you.


Even though PS Vita games are easy to play, some multi-player titles may require you to develop some skills. You might need help from the game’s community to guide you and make you a better player. A few PS Vita games have an extremely large community and that community can help you once you enter it.

State of the Game

You never want to buy a game that is riddled with bugs. Even though the best PS Vita games were free from bugs, some of the less popular ones did have bugs. Even some popular ones may have some issues, so it is best that you take a look at the state of the game that you wish to purchase and try not run into a game that is riddled with bugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many PS Vita Games are there?

The PS Vita as approximately 1,533 games.

How much are PS Vita games?

PS Vita games can cost as low as $9.99 and as high as $149.99. Most of the games are used as brand new games are extremely difficult to find.

Where to buy PS Vita games?

Physical games are no longer being made for the PS Vita. The used physical discs can be bought online or from your local games store.

How to play PSP games on PS Vita without hack?

There are emulators that can help you run PSP games on PS Vita. however, the games do not run very well on emulators.

How to download PS Vita games?

You can use the PlayStation Store to purchase games and download them directly to your console.

How to get free PS Vita games?

There is no legal way to get PS Vita games for free. Unless of course, the PlayStation Store is offering a free promotion.

How to play PS Vita games on PS4?

The PS Vita games cannot run on PS4. There was a console which was called Playstation TV but it is no longer available.

How to play PS4 games on PS Vita?

PS Vita has a feature called remote play. It will let you play PS4 games on your PS Vita. it doesn’t work all that well, as resolution scaling is not really enabled, so some text may appear very small.

How to play PS1 games on PS Vita?

All games that are available on the PlayStation Store on PS Vita can be played on the console. Some of the games on the store are PS1 games.

How to put PS Vita games on a memory card?

Sony has a PS Vita memory card. That can store your games and you can play your games directly from it.