Best Portable Standing Desks – Top 5 Ranked & Compared

This is our official list in search of the best portable standing desk on the market today. Scroll further down or click “More Info” for full details on each product.

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#1  Executive-Office-Solutions-Portable-Standing-Desk Executive Office Solutions Portable Standing Desk 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
#2  X-Elite-Pro-Height-Adjustable-Desk-Converter X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter 4.5 out of 5.0 stars
#3  Avantree-Quality-Portable-Standing-Bed-Desk Avantree Quality Portable Standing Bed Desk 4.5 out of 5.0 stars
#4  Adjustable-Height-Laptop-Cart-With-Storage Adjustable Height Laptop Cart With Storage 4.5 out of 5.0 stars
#5 HomCom-30-in.-Portable-Standing-Workstation HomCom 30 in. Portable Standing Workstation 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Top 5 Portable Standing Desk Considerations

The list of desks below provides a variety of portable standing desks, both in foldable and cart style, that meet a variety of user needs. Feel free to use the hyperlinks to learn more about the desks highlighted here.

1.) Executive Office Solutions Portable Standing Desk

The Executive Office Solutions Portable Standing Desk provides a lightweight, versatile option for work and home. The legs, which rotate a full 360 degrees and collapse quickly for easy transport, allow this desk to be used in a variety of settings, from a laptop tray to a dinner tray, from holding a projector to holding a tablet.

This desk also includes CPU cooling fans, connected to a computer via USB ports, to prevent the computer from overheating. Some users had concerns with the plastic legs and narrow base, as they are not as stable as other portable standing desk models.


  • Fully adjustable to fit a variety of work settings
  • The tray is made of lightweight aluminum, making it easy to transport and adjust
  • Includes CPU cooling fans to prevent the user’s computer from overheating


  • Plastic legs and narrow base are not as stable as some other portable standing desk models

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2.) X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter

The X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter offers the largest workspace of any desks on this list. It arrives fully assembled and ready to use; the user can begin working right away. The desk is available in four colors so it can be matched it with any workspace decor.

Capable of holding a full size monitor and keyboard, this desk offers premium pump assist, allowing the desk to move up and down with ease. Though this desk is meant to be used sitting or standing, it may not go low enough to allow for comfortable, ergonomically correct use while sitting.


  • Premium pump assist makes moving the desk up and down easy
  • Arrives fully assembled and ready to use
  • Work surface is large enough for a full size monitor and keyboard
  • Available in four colors: black, white, cherry, and maple


  • Does not go low enough to allow for a comfortable sitting position for some users

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3.) Avantree Quality Laptop Bed Table

The sleekest desk on the list, the Avantree Quality Laptop Bed Table is lightweight and folds completely flat, making it easy to carry, use, and store. The height of the desk and the angle of the workspace are both adjustable, making it easy to find the best ergonomic position.

The work surface is made of high quality engineered wood, making it strong, durable, and environmentally friendly. The work surface is available in silver or cherry wood finish. The legs, however, do not have a strong locking mechanism, making the work surface potentially unstable.


  • Lightweight and folds flat, making this desk easy to carry, use, and store
  • Able to adjust height and angle for best ergonomic position
  • Work surface is made of high quality engineered wood for a strong, durable, and environmentally friendly product
  • Available in silver or cherry wood finish


  • Desk legs do not have a strong locking mechanism, potentially making the work surface unstable

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4.) Techni Mobili Adjustable Height Laptop Cart With Storage

The Techni Mobili Adjustable Height Laptop Cart is one of two laptop carts on this list. Available in graphite, black, or wood grain design, this cart has four non-marking casters, two of which are lockable, allowing this cart to easily move around the workspace.

The table height is fully adjustable to meet a variety of heights and user needs. This cart includes a storage compartment and two shelves in addition to the work surface, keeping important items nearby. The work surface, however, is only large enough to accommodate a laptop computer.


  • Four non-marking casters, two of them lockable, make this cart easy to move to the desired work location
  • Includes a storage compartment plus two shelves
  • Table height is fully adjustable
  • Available in graphite, black, or wood grain


  • Work surface only large enough for a laptop

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5.) HomCom 30 inch Portable Standing Workstation Computer Desk

The HomCom 30 inch Portable Standing Workstation Computer Desk is the only one on this list with a slide-out keyboard tray. This option provides an expanded workspace when needed without taking up extra space when not in use.

Additionally, the bottom shelf provides a place to store the computer tower, making the desk an excellent space saver. The desk itself is strong and sturdy, built with a reinforced steel frame. The only downfall is that this desk is not adjustable in height or angle, which could limit its functionality with some users.


  • Only desk on this list with a slide-out keyboard tray
  • Bottom shelf provides an out-of-the-way spot for a computer tower
  • Sturdy with a reinforced steel frame


  • The height of the desk is not adjustable

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Brief Guide to Portable Standing Desks

Portable standing desks are becoming more popular with the increased mobility of technology and new health concerns regarding the amount of time people spend sitting while working. The new portable standing desks available allow users to change work locations and positions with ease. Most portable standing desks have adjustable heights, are lightweight, and are easy to move.

They allow users the option to stand while working, a healthier alternative to extended periods of sitting. There are two categories of portable standing desks: folding desks and wheeled carts. Folding desks are ideal for a multitude of spaces and settings.

These types of desks can be placed on an existing desk to turn it into a sit-stand desk instantly. They can also be used as a snack or dinner tray, or for propping up a tablet, book, or e-reader while in bed. Wheeled carts are ideal for keeping a workstation set up, but mobile, making them great space savers.

What Are They?

Studies have shown that long periods of sitting are detrimental to your health. A standing desk is a way of introducing a more active way of working, where you can switch between sitting and standing.

It is a desk that is at a height that you can stand and work on it. Some are adjustable, others are not. The idea is not that you stand all day long, but that you have more flexibility and reduce the length of your sitting periods.

A portable standing desk offers the best of both worlds, because you don’t have to get rid of your current sitting desk, but instead add a standing desk that you can either move around or add to what you already have.

Some will actually fold up and fit into your bag, and then go on top of any table or desk. Others move on wheels to wherever you want them. Others are made to go on top of beds so that you can sit in bed and work.

Benefits of Mobile Standing Desks

Portable standing desks provide two primary benefits: increased mobility and flexibility, and improved health outcomes. Foldable standing desks can be used in more than just a professional workspace. They can also be used in bed as a way to prop up an e-reader or tablet, to hold a laptop, even eat breakfast or a late-night snack. Within the workplace, portable standing desks can be moved from one workspace to another, making a business as flexible and mobile as the desks themselves. The desks can go from a personal workspace to a conference room, to be used as a podium while giving a presentation.

The second benefit these desks provide is improved health outcomes. Many studies have demonstrated the negative side-effects of sitting at a desk day in and day out. Within the last decade, scientists have identified relationships between increased sedentary time and negative health outcomes. A study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology found that increased sedentary screen time (including sitting at a computer) correlated with increased instances of cardiovascular disease.

While some employers may have concerns about standing desks compromise work performance, a study published in Obesity Reviews demonstrated that these desks reduce occupational sedentary time without having an impact on a worker’s performance. Portable standing desks provide users with the mobility and flexibility often demanded by today’s workplace while also providing positive health and performance related outcomes. But with so many on the market, how does someone choose the portable standing desk that is best for them?

Things to Consider When Buying

There are a two key things to consider when choosing a portable standing desk. First, it is important to know where and how the desk will be used. This will help the buyer determine the level of portability and durability necessary. A person looking to upgrade their workspace to a sit-stand model requires different features than someone looking for a desk to prop up an e-reader or tablet while in bed.

Those looking to upgrade a workspace should consider the strength, durability, and stability of the portable standing desk. What is it made out of? How easy is it to move up and down? Will the size of the work surface accommodate the technology required (e.g., computer, keyboard, mouse, phone, etc.)? A buyer looking to use one in the home should look more closely at the weight, compactness, and foldability of the portable standing desk, as well as whether or not the work surface is able to tilt.

The second thing to consider when buying a standing desk is the height. This will require taking measurements to see what desk is right for the buyer. The two measurements necessary are: the height of the desk when the user is standing and the height of the desk when the user is sitting. These measurements should be done when the user’s arms are at a right angle and they are at eye level with the monitor. Once these measurements are known, select a portable standing desk that meets those height requirements.

What To Look For

It’s very important that you get the right size of desk – so you need to measure where you want to put it and also how big of a surface you need. You also need to take into account your height, as you want to make sure it is a good height for you to work at.

If you want to be able to work at different heights, or put your portable desk onto different height tables, then you might want to get an adjustable desk.

Another thing to consider is whether you want an add-on to your current desk, or whether you want a separate desk. An add-on is very useful as you can keep all your gear where you have it now, and just change the height of your current desk by adding a small adjustable platform.

A separate portable desk could be ideal if you want to move to a different place to stand at it, use it for different things, or move it around to various places.

Keep in mind the desk’s sturdiness as you look, as obviously some models will be a lot better built than others. If you’re going to have a laptop or desktop monitor on top of it, make sure it will hold it up and not be likely to fall off.

Bear in mind how the desk adjusts – some are pump assisted and very quick to adjust, where others have lock buttons which might be quick, but might also be a bit more of a pain. Some aren’t adjustable.

Who Can Benefit

If you have a job where you are sedentary most of the time, then you should definitely think about getting a standing desk. A recent study has shown that if you sit for less than 30 minutes at a time, you have the lowest risk of early death.

Therefore you should aim at reducing the amount of time you spend sitting – and a standing desk is a perfect way to do this. You can vary times of sitting or standing, and some people have claimed that they can gradually work up the amount of time they spend standing and end up really enjoying it.

Standing desks are also reported to be great for improving back pain and posture problems. Most people don’t have good posture when they’re sitting at a desk, and this can lead to neck issues, back issues and more. However when you’re standing it is much more likely that you will have correct posture, because you won’t be able to slump, and most likely will keep your head up.

So if you get a lot of neck pain, or have to visit the chiropractor or massage therapist frequently, why not get one of these standing desks and see if it improves?

The advantage of a portable standing desk is that they are usually less expensive, and can be an easy add on, without having to completely replace your current desk. If you work around the house it can also be handy, as you can work in different places such as the couch, the table, or the bed, and adjust it to the correct position.

What To Avoid?

Be careful not to get a fixed height standing desk unless you are sure it is the right height for you. That’s because although it will still help you not to sit as long, it won’t help you with correct posture unless it’s at a good height.

Avoid getting one that has too small of a surface for what you want to use it for, and think about it whether it has room for your mouse and keyboard if you need it – or is it only for holding a laptop?


Why is sitting all day so bad for you?

Research has linked sitting for long periods of time with multiple health problems such as obesity, and increased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Do I need any accessories to go with it?

Some people recommend that you also get an anti-fatigue mat which is soft and comfortable, to reduce your feeling of physical tiredness from being on your feet. You also want to make sure that your cables will be long enough to reach the socket from further away.

Are there any downsides to standing desks?

Gina Trapini, who writes about a year at a standing desk, says that you might find that you are more tired physically at the end of the day, so less likely to want to do activities like going to the gym after work. You may also feel like the odd one out if you’re in a room of co-workers who are sitting down.

How long should I stand in one day?

Dr. James Levine, who wrote a book on why we should stand more and sit less, advocates a ratio of “20-8-2” which means 20 minutes of sitting, 8 minutes of standing, and 2 minutes of walking around. Obviously you can adjust that as needed, but it’s good to have a rough idea. Standing all day isn’t really good for you, just like sitting all day isn’t good for you. He recommends standing for about two to four hours a day.

Final Say

Portable standing desks offer the flexibility of location and position sought in today’s workplace. The five desks above are great options for anyone looking to move to a standing desk. Portable standing desks provide positive ergonomic effects with the mobility to work anywhere, a must in today’s fast-paced work environment.