Best Portable Laptop Chargers – Top 5 Brands Ranked

This is our official list of the best portable chargers for laptops on the market right now.

Best Portable Chargers For Laptops & Other Electronics

A laptop is useless if you cannot use it on-the-go. Although many contemporary laptops are said to have a battery life of upwards of eight hours, many barely make it past four hours. This is a situation where a portable laptop charger would be extremely beneficial for even the most intensive use of a laptop.

However, all portable laptop chargers are not created equal. In fact, there are a few who utilize the same marketing ploy as the laptop manufacturers in an attempt to drive more business towards their product. When buying a portable laptop charger, there are a few specifications you should consider before purchasing. The power of the charger is crucial to consider.

The mAh or milliamp hour of the charger will give you an idea of how much charge the charger can provide to your laptop. The size of the charger will ultimately increase or decrease the portability of your mobile workstation thus, it should be considered when purchasing. Lastly, the accessibility of the device should be considered. In the increasingly mobile world, it may be handy to purchase a charger for both your laptop and your phone. In this article, we will be covering the five best portable laptop chargers and why you should consider purchasing them.

1.) RAVPower 4.5A Dual USB Output Portable Charger

RAVPower 4.5A Dual USB Output Portable Charger

The RAVPower portable charger is the by far, the most economical portable charger for laptop on this list. With a price tag of only $33, this charger is a great value for the price. The charger maintains a 16750 mAh battery, which can fully charge older laptops and charge the majority of most modern laptops.

Alternatively, if you are a power user, this charger is not for you. RAVPower states that this charger has about 500 cycles worth of life, and provides security and protection through the integration of an ultra reliable A (plus) lithium ion battery as well as short-circuit and over-current protection. Finally, the iSmart technology provides for a smooth and fast charging experience with any compatible device.


  • Ultra portable charger for laptop: 5.00″ X 0.88″ 3.20″
  • Price: extreme bargain for this power
  • Lightweight: Less than half a pound


  • Power: This charger holds about 10000mAh less than most portable laptop chargers

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2.) MAXOAK 50000mAh 6 Port Battery Power Bank for Laptop & Notebook

MAXOAK 50000mAh 6 Port Battery Power Bank for Laptop & Notebook

The MaxOak charger may be the only charger you will ever need. In this price range, this portable charger is meant to give you enough power to charge six mobile devices and your laptop at the same time.

Unfortunately, this results in a six to eight-hour charging period in which you will need to have the power bank plugged into an outlet. The Maxoak portable charger comes with all the cables you would require for a charger of this magnitude along with a multi-functional bag and a manual. Although this charger is powerful, it is not as large as one would expect at 8.1″ x 5.3″ x 1.3″ dimensions while weighing less than three pounds.


  • Power: This charger could potentially replace every charger you own if you regularly maintain its power
  • Accessibility: Enough ports to charge every mobile device in the family
  • Light: For the available power, this charger is incredibly light


  • Charge time: It takes upwards of seven hours to fully charge this portable charger

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3.) Lvshan 24000mAh Portable Laptop Power Bank

Lvshan 24000mAh Portable Laptop Power Bank

Many companies will claim their chargers will charge every device in your arsenal. The Lvshan portable power bank claims it will charge all of your devices, however, it will charge them at a faster rate than any of Lvshan’s competitors. The intricacies of this charger distinguish it from most portable chargers on the market.

The Lvshan provides efficiency in charging while providing protection for you and those around you while you use the charger. The Lvshan power bank is ROHS, CE&FCC Certified and is made of heat-resistant materials in an attempt to maintain high levels of power and comfort. Furthermore, the power bank is slim with 7.3 x 5.1 x 1.2 inches, weighing less than 1 kilogram.


  • Ultra Slim: great portability
  • Comfortable: many chargers tend to overheat with the massive workload they tasked with. This charger will not.
  • Accessibility: 3 USB charging points, 1 AC power outlet


  • Power: With only 24000 mAh, this charger may need to be charged on a daily basis

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4.) ChargeTech Portable AC Outlet Battery Pack

ChargeTech Portable AC Outlet Battery Pack

Some portable chargers are meant to charge one device at a time. Alternatively, there is the ChargeTech that is capable of charging all of your devices at the same time.

The ChargeTech is one of the most versatile chargers on the market with the ability to charge MacBooks, laptops, cameras, camping gear, and CPAP machines. This portable charger was created by the people, and for the people due to an Indiegogo campaign that raised over half a million dollars.


  • Extremely versatile
  • Award winning design and features
  • Fast charging: rapid charge technology can be engaged
  • TSA approved


  • Price: although powerful, you pay for every component.

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5.) Olympia 28000mAh Laptop Portable Charger

Olympia 28000mAh Laptop Portable Charger

The Olympia 28000 mAh charger is the perfect workhorse for the modern day business professional. The portable charger supports a wide variety of laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and voltage levels.

Furthermore, the device is made with aluminum and has been designed to look modern and professional. The wide assortment of charging capabilities allows for the majority of modern devices to maintain full compatibility with this device. Lastly, at full charge, the Olympia has 28000 mAh of battery which will be more than enough for a full charge of most modern day computers and multiple charges for any mobile devices you maintain.


  • Power: 28000mAh is more than enough
  • Price: $100 for this power is a great value
  • Stylish: Modern and portable


  • Some devices may be incompatible: Asus laptops have not been able to work with this battery for some users

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Final Say on Portable Laptop Chargers

The best portable charger will vary from person to person. Every charger on this list can be considered of great value based on what it offers, however, power users may opt for the Maxoak while casual users might want the RAVPower charger. Although the choice may differ based on the person, one thing remains constant, the world is becoming more mobile and a portable charger will become essential to any serious professional.