Best Playable Art Balls – Top 5 Ranked & Compared

This is our official list in search of the best playable art ball on the market today. Scroll further down or click “More Info” for full details on each product.

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#1  Playable-ART-Ball Playable ART Ball 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
#2  HABA-Magica-Clutching-Toy HABA Magica Clutching Toy 4.5 out of 5.0 stars
#3  Playable-ART-Ball Playable ART Ball – Natural Color 4.5 out of 5.0 stars
#4  TOYSnPLAY-Playable-Art-Ball TOYSnPLAY Playable Art Ball 4.5 out of 5.0 stars
#5 Glantop-Magnetic-Sculpture-Desk-Toy  Cuby Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

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Upon completion of a detailed review of comparable products available on the market, the following five items highlight our top five list of playable art balls.

1.) playableART

The architectural lines of the playableART balls make it a perfect coffee table, desk, or shelf display. As beautiful as they are fun to play with, visitors will want to try them out. The 1.25-inch wooden balls are connected using flexible fasteners that allow the user to bend and twist the loop of 20 balls in an endless variety of shapes and designs.

Take the string of balls apart and add a second set of Playable Art Balls to make the string twice as long and the fun twice as big. Parents should note that the balls can be taken apart. Supervision should be exercised when being used by children under 4.


  • Great for sensory stimulation with Alzheimer’s patients.
  • Wonderful to distract children while waiting at a doctor’s office, riding in the car, and for those times when they fidget.
  • Quiet while in use so they do not distract others.


  • They could be a safety hazard for small children if they were to come apart. Parental supervision is highly encouraged.

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2.) HABA Marica Clutching Toy

The HABA Magica Clutching Toy is designed to be a rattle for babies and toddlers 6 months and older. The whole toy is only 4″ x 3″ and is perfect for small hands. The water-soluble paint is safe when passed from hand to mouth and back.

The vibrant paint colors attract small children (and older children as well). As soon as they see this unique toy, they want to touch it. Once they discover the balls move and twist, they will sit for extended periods moving the parts around.

HABA puts its products through testing that exceeds industry standards. These tests include submersion tests to examine resistance of all parts; impact and fall tests; flammability, saliva, and sweat tests; and testing to be sure small children cannot swallow the balls.


  • Colors are attractive to babies and toddlers over the age of 3.
  • Balls are the perfect size for a toddler’s hands.
  • Have been tested beyond industry standards.


  • Balls are connected using plastic screws, so they could come apart while the child plays with them.

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3.) Playable ART Ball – Natural Color

The Playable Art Ball – Natural Color consists of 20 wooden balls in natural colors connected by a hidden connector. The balls can be turned and twisted into limitless configurations.

There are several uses for Playable Art Balls. One of the best uses is as a sensory stimulant for Alzheimer’s patients. They are very sleek and architectural in appearance and look great on a coffee table or desk. Anyone who fidgets finds fascination in picking them up and rearranging them. They can be manipulated to hold pencils, cell phones, note pads and other household items.
For a new experience, the balls can be taken apart and another string inserted to add more possible configurations.


  • The balls are easy to manipulate.
  • The neutral colors are soothing.
  • They can be used for several purposes.


  • The string of balls can come apart and might pose a safety problem if small children are nearby.

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4.) TOYSnPLAY Playable Art Ball

The TOYSnPLAY Playable Art Ball is a set of 20 brightly colored smooth wooden balls joined together by a plastic screw. The balls are an eye-catching table or desk attraction that begs your family and friends to pick them up and manipulate them into new shapes and designs.

While the balls are fun for children 3+ through senior adult, they serve a very real purpose as a sensory stimulation exercise for patients with Alzheimer’s or Autism disorders. Another wonderful use for Playable Art Balls is as car entertainment for long drives. Children or adults who need something in their hands all the time can spend hours twisting and turning and changing the shape of the string of balls.


  • Engaging for people who need to stay busy.
  • Stimulating for people with Alzheimer’s or Autism.
  • Safe for children over 3.


  • The balls can come apart and could pose a safety hazard if children under 3 are present.

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5.) Cuby Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy

The CubyMagnetic Sculpture Desk Toy serves a similar purpose as the four Playable Art Balls above; however, this desk toy is made up of a round magnetic base with 170 stainless steel balls in several sizes that the user manipulates on the magnetic base to form continually changing structures.

Desk toys like the this are helpful to take a momentary break and do something stimulating to relieve stress. When used in an Alzheimer’s or Autism treatment session, they can offer sensory stimulation for patients who need a way to use their sensory motor system.

This desk yoy is portable and will provide fun and laughter with family and friends. Declare a contest to see who can create the most intricate design! The Cuby Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy is not suitable for children under 14 years of age because of its many small parts.


  • Endless combinations to create.
  • Hours of fun with family and friends.
  • Great distraction to relieve stress.


  • Not suitable for children under the age of 14 because of its many small parts.

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Brief Guide to Buying a Playable Art Ball

Playable Art Balls are fun, brightly colored works of art that double as a toy or a form of sensory stimulation. Designed by Bernd Liebert, a German designer, and produced by Beyond 123, a New York company, the interlocking beechwood balls can be twisted into unlimited shapes and patterns. No matter what shape they take, they are visually stimulating.

What are playable art balls?

They are a set of wooden balls that are interconnected and colored in the colors of the rainbow. They are sometimes described as another take on a stress ball. Stress balls are malleable objects that can be shaped or twisted by the hands. The idea is that it can exercise the hand muscles and relieve tension.

Playable Art Balls in the memory care unit of an assisted living center provide a sensory stimulation activity for Alzheimer’s patients. One set apiece for elementary, middle and high school children offer fidgety hands infinite fun on road trips. Prominently displayed and ready to explore, Playable Art Balls in the office invite small visitors to come play. Wherever hands are restless, Playable Art Balls meet the challenge.

Composed of FSC-certified beechwood from Italy, non-toxic water-based paint from Germany, and durable POM plastics from Taiwan, Playable Art Balls are as safe as they are entertaining.

Parents, please be advised that the balls could pose a choking hazard if they were to come apart, so parental supervision is highly recommended.

Who Can Benefit?

If you work with preschoolers, or have young children, this is a great gift that can keep them occupied for a long time. Wooden toys are very durable and last much longer than plastic toys usually do. These kind of balls also encourage your child to be creative. They have to play with it to make something, so they are naturally going to start thinking and experimenting as they play.

It is more open ended than many toys would be so if you like the Montessori philosophy and teaching method, then this would also be a good choice. Typical Montessori toys would have bright contrasting colors. And they often recommend wooden toys that are open ended, to encourage imagination and creativity.

Why is open ended play so important? When children are growing, their brain synapses are also developing. We don’t want them to grow up to be yes-men and just go along with everything they’re given and told. Instead we want them to make decisions and think of new ideas.

So instead of giving them toys that already have a certain function, it is far better to give them something where they can use their imagination. It helps them make choices about play, and strengthens their cognitive skills.

There are also many different shapes that the playball can be molded into. If you get a model with pictures of these shapes shown, then older children, teenagers and adults will enjoy puzzling over how to get the shape into reality.

Maybe you run a doctor’s surgery, or have a waiting room that needs something to entertain children. You can leave one of these out on the table to keep them entertained while they wait. It also looks great and should enhance the room that it’s in.

If you have psoriatic arthritis then you will need to exercise your hands. A toy like this can help you to get some of the exercise that your hands need.

You can also add on to this ball by using other playable art products such as playable art sticks. Then you will have even more potential shapes and objects that you can use it for.

The playable art ball is like a stress ball, but enlarged in a way that you can actually do something with it other than just press it. The balls can also be shaped into useful items such as pen holders, cell phone holders and more – encouraging creativity in everyone.

You may work in an office and think better or more calmly when you have something to fidget with. Next time you’re in a meeting or on a phone call this could be a useful tool for you.

You may have a relative with Alzheimer’s that this would be a good gift for. Often Alzheimer’s results in people having fidgety hands, so it helps to have something to play with. These art balls would be a good way to keep their hands occupied and give them something interesting to do. However if they like putting things in their mouth, then the model designed for babies and toddlers would be a better choice.

You will find that if you put one of these on your coffee table, work desk, or kitchen counter, that people will go by and just pick it up and play with it. You can easily manipulate it into different shapes, and it will make a fun conversation piece.

What To Look For?

If you are looking for a toy for babies or toddlers, then look for the larger kind of art ball that is aimed at the very young. Babies can grasp these easily because they are quite big, and they can teethe on them as well. The art balls that are made for babies also are painted with multiple layers of water-based and solvent free lacquers. This makes them much better for sucking and chewing on, as they will withstand wear and tear.

Also make sure if you’re getting the toy for a child or adult who will put it in their mouth, that you get the kind that is made with lead-free and non-toxic stain or lacquer.

For young children, the brightly colored balls are good, because they stimulate their senses, and also are easier to see while their vision is still developing. Children also tend to be drawn to bright colors.

If you are buying for older children or adults, then you can get the standard playable art ball. They are generally rainbow colors, but if you prefer a more natural wood color, then those are also available.

What To Avoid?

Don’t buy a standard playable art ball for a child of under three years old, as there are hidden plastic connectors in between the balls. These may come apart with rough play, and be ingested by a young child who still puts things in his mouth, leading to possible choking. Instead get the one that is designed for babies and toddlers.


What does FSC certified mean?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. They are an international non-profit organisation that promotes responsible forestry. Forests are inspected and certified against strict standards all over the world. The FSC only certified forests that are managed in an environment appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable manner. Only wood that comes from these forests is certified by the FSC.

How do you clean them?

You can just wipe these playable art balls with a damp cloth.

Does it make noise?

They don’t make noise when you’re manipulating them into different shapes, but users do say that the baby version rattles if you shake it – which is probably a bonus for babies.

Time to bounce!

The mind is a muscle that requires continuous stimulation. For many years toys have been failing to educate and stimulate. Bravo for a line of entertaining toys that also stimulate sensory motor development. Whether you need a toy to simply fill time, relieve stress, or help a loved one with Alzheimer’s or Autism, Playable Art Balls meet that need and more.