Best Pet Hair Remover Gloves – Top Picks for 2021

This is our official list in search of the best pet hair remover on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product.

Why Do Pets Shed?

As all pet owners know, both dogs and cats are covered in varying amounts hair. According to Erin Ollila, writing for Hill’s Pet, “The hair’s most important function is keeping your pet’s skin, his most vital organ, protected from elements, such as the sun, heat, cold, and more. Hair also keeps your pet’s body temperature regulated. Like humans, your pet’s hair grows all the time. As the hair stops growing at the end of its natural life cycle, it breaks off.

The amount of shedding can vary based on breed, season, or health. Shedding is important for dogs so that new, healthy hair can grow.” Dr. Mary Becker, DVM, writing for Vet Street, encourages all pet owners to embrace your grooming responsibilities.

She says that “giving your dog or cat a quick one-minute brushing outdoors every day will save time and effort spent dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming every week. With a little hair off the dog (or cat) at a time and place of your choosing, you’ll soon see a reduction in the number of fur bombs you find around the house.”

5 Highest Reviewed Gloves for Pet Hair Removal

Luckily, there are many different deshedding products and tools out on the market today that help you remove some of the excess hair from your dog or cat so you don’t have to constantly clean your floors, furniture, or clothing.

1.) Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove by Delomo

Pet Grooming Glove Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove

Each one of these brush gloves (you get one right-handed glove and one left-handed glove) comes with 255 silicone grooming tips that will allow you to brush your cats or dogs clean. These gloves are easy to slip on and flexible. You can give you dog or cat a relaxing massage while keeping them clean and removing loose hair.

These gloves are perfect for any and all hair types, and all of the loose hair will stick to the glove so you can keep it all together to throw away. You can also get the gloves wet during bath time, as they’re perfect for giving your pet a good scrub. The gloves are completely safe, and will not cause your pet any pain.


  • Pets enjoy the feel of it
  • Loose hair sticks to the glove in a way that makes it easy to collect and peel off
  • Makes your pet’s coat shiny and soft


  • Doesn’t take the place of an actual brush, as you have to apply a lot of pressure

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2.) Delomo Pet Hair Remover Glove

Delomo Pet Hair Remover Glove

The Delomo pet hair remover and grooming glove brush features soft-tipped silicone grooming tips that serve as a brush or comb. It helps to detach the loose hair from your pet’s hair by sticking them to the surface of the gloves. This pet hair remover doubles as a massage glove as it works perfectly to stimulate your pet’s healthy oils on the skin to boost softness and radiance of their coat.

A perfect deshedding and bath glove that helps to reduce flying hair and cleans your pet without hurting their skin respectively. Similarly, use for cleaning and brushing away mats, light tangles, and loose undercoat.

Your pet’s overall health will improve as the massages with the glove help to relax its body.  Great for dogs and cats with short, medium, curly, or long coats. 


  • Leads to a healthier pet and environment by reducing flying hair
  • Gives your pet an extra shine as it stimulates the skin oils for a softer coat
  • Has an adjustable comfort fit that is flexible and breathable 
  • Its machine washable too


  • Pet hair may not come off the glove as easily as advertised

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3.) HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves

Handson Pet Grooming Gloves

HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves are designed to gently groom, shed, bathe, and massage pets. Have a unique five-finger design that is complete with bristle tips on the fingers and round tips on the palm. This allows for a versatile tool when it comes to pet grooming, de-shedding, bathing, or massaging, or gentle removal of the excess hair.

Similarly, the deshedding and grooming glove facilitates removal of debris and hair tangles ensuring that your hands are clean and free from any dirt or oil.  Groom and shed that excess hair with this glove that has flexible rubber nodules that don’t hurt the pet. They are non-abrasive, have flexible rubber nodules for gentle massages.

Stimulate your pet’s natural oils for an even distribution that leads to a healthy skin and coat. Perfect for big or small animals with either long or short hair such as horses, cats, dogs, Chihuahua, and more.


  • Make bathing, deshedding, grooming, and cleaning enjoyable for the pets
  • Easy to clean; simply rub your gloved hands together and rinse off using water and dry air
  • Machine washable


  • Durability, peeling and rubber fails off quickly
  • The hair doesn’t stick always to the glove

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4.) Pet Grooming and Shedding Glove Tool by Playay

This right-handed grooming glove is a great tool to keep your pet’s coat looking clean and healthy, while reducing the extra hair that gets scattered around your house. This glove is gentle on your pet’s skin because of its soft, rubber tips. It will allow you to brush away the dirt, dander, and loose hair from your pet, while possibly reducing allergens in the air. This glove is easily adjustable for all sizes of hands. It is lightweight, breathable, and machine-washable.


  • Hair is easily removable from the glove
  • Able to reach areas on your pet’s body that are difficult to comb/brush
  • Pets enjoy being scratched and petted with this glove


  • Glove doesn’t allow you to bend your fingers while wearing it

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5.) Professional Pet Deshedding Grooming Glove For Healthy Coat – Misterrmar

This single, right-handed grooming glove is designed to safely and gently remove all of your pet’s loose and dead hair. It can be used on all hair types, and it can be used in either wet or dry conditions. The palm of the glove is covered in little nubs that will remove and collect any and all loose hair and dander.

The glove will fit all hand sizes, and it is flexible enough to reach everywhere that hair hides on your pet. Using this glove will provide a great bonding time with your pets while calming and relaxing them.


  • Softer nubs on glove are great for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Keeps pet’s hair nice and smooth looking
  • Mesh material keeps your hands from sweating or itching during use


  • Shorter nubs may not collect hair in the glove very well

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Brief Guide to Buying Pet Hair Removal Gloves

What Are They?

Pet hair removal gloves are designed to proactively get rid of the excess hair on your pet. You can slip one on over your hand, and then gently brush your pet with it. To them it feels like a massage, as it mimics the touch of your hand but has tips on it. To you it acts as a way to help your pet not to shed its hair everywhere, since you can remove it ahead of time. The hair sticks to the tips on the glove so that you can then peel it off and throw it away once you’re finished.

Most of these gloves are made of rubber, with lots of silicone tips for removing the hair. Some also have a reverse side with rubber bristles for a relaxing massage. Because they are shaped to fit around your hand it is easy to get to hard to reach places.

How do they work? Silicone attracts hair, dirt and other debris, so whatever is loose will just stick to the surface of the glove. It is a lot like brushing, except that instead of all the hair falling on the floor it sticks to the glove so can be thrown away.

These gloves are good for all kinds of cats and dogs, whatever their hair length. They also work well with horses, and rabbits.

Who Can Benefit?

If your pet sheds then you can definitely benefit from getting some of these gloves. They have a good grip so you can not only groom your pet, but also use them for bathing them and picking up messes too. They will keep your hands and fingernails clean and won’t fall off if they get wet or soapy.

Your pet will love being massaged, and all his accumulated hair can easily be thrown away. This will mean that you won’t have as much hair on your clothes or clogging up your washing machine. You can also groom him outside once a day, and you will have very little to pick up around the house. Using these gloves will also prevent their hair matting.

If someone in your house is allergic or sensitive to pet dander or hair then this should help them out. Pet allergies are usually triggered by a combination of dead skin cells and hair. So as long as you groom them with these gloves a few times a week it should really keep the shedding down, and also the allergies.

You can also use these gloves to restore the shine of your pet’s coat, and often also to remove hair from furniture. Just stroke the furniture in the same way, and it should stick.

If you dog or cat shies away from the brush then you should also consider getting some gloves. It will feel more like being stroked when you use it and hopefully should help them enjoy the grooming more.

Regular brushing distributes your pet’s natural oils, removes dry skin and dead hair, and stimulates their skin. Brushing is also a great way of checking your dog’s health and should be done regularly. You can check for fleas, ticks, lumps and cuts. It will also keep their coat looking healthy.

You can also use these gloves in the bath, since most of them are made of rubber. You can bathe them with it, which gives them a nice massage and cleans their pet hair easily without hurting them.

What To Look For?

Thumbless designs are OK, but tend to be harder to use. They don’t fit your hand as well so slip off more easily, and don’t do as well in reaching the hard to reach places. So you might want to look for the kind with at least thumbs. To get even more control, get the kind with individual fingers. These can also help if your pet likes to squirm. If you like to use different hands for grooming then either get a matching pair, or one that can fit on either hand.

Bristle lengths may vary in different gloves. For a short-haired dog or cat then short bristles should be fine. For long hair, choose longer bristles.

Look for a glove that has an adjustable Velcro strap so that whether you have a large or small hand you can make it fit. The strap will also help if you have a squirmy or playful pet, as it will stay attached to your hand better.

You also might want to look for a glove that is machine washable, so that you can clean it when needed.

What To Avoid?

If you have a small hand then you might want to look at the size of the grooming glove, since many are quite large. Also some gloves perform better than others, so it is a good idea to read the reviews. Then you can see how well the hair sticks to them.

There are some grooming gloves that have stainless steel nibs that are covered with silicone. Watch out if you get one of these, as if the silicone wears off it could really hurt your pet.


How often should I groom my pet?

It really depends on your pet – how long their hair is, and how much they shed. It is recommended to brush your dog every few days, and once or twice a week for your cat.

Will it work on my pet?

These gloves should work on all cats and dogs no matter what their size is or how long their hair. They can also work on rabbits, and other animals with hair.

How do I get my pet used to the glove?

If they look a bit scared of it, just bring it toward them slowly and then rest it on them for a while. Very slowly start moving it until they get used to it.

How do I use the glove?

Just use it as you would a brush. Brush their hair down and out in the direction their coat grows.

Parting Words

All pets will shed to some degree, but that’s no reason to keep them out of your house or out of your life, especially when there are so many affordable tools and products available today. All it takes is a few minutes of bonding time between you and your pet every day or every few days wearing one of these top five gloves, and your shedding worries will be far behind you.