Best Paper Shredders – Top 5 Picks for 2021

This is our official list in search of the best paper shredders on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product and a beginners guide to picking a good paper shredder for your home or office.

5 Highest Reviewed Paper Shredders to Consider

The modern world is almost completely digital, but paper is still a large part of society, so it’s important to own a paper shredder and have the capability to shred documents that contain personal information. Some of the best paper shredders work well for paper, but they can also cut through credit cards. Let’s take a look at the top five options below we’ve put together for your consideration.

1.) AmazonBasics 12-Sheet High-Security Shredder

AmazonBasics 12-Sheet High-Security Shredder

The AmazonBasics 12-Sheet shredder is a high-security device, which means it cuts papers into tiny pieces and protects personal information. With a 12-sheet capacity, it can shred through 12 documents with a single pass.

Since it’s designed with a powerful motor and sharp blades, this machine can also cut through DVDs, CDs and debit cards. It can be used to shred papers into tiny pieces, and it cuts through papers at a rate of six feet per minute.

The AmazonBasics 12-sheet shredder can run continuously for eight minutes, and after this period of time, it requires 45 minutes to cool down. To clear paper jams, it comes with a manual reverse, and it will automatically detect and shred papers.

The 6.7-gallon pullout bin makes it easy to dispose of waste, and the paper feed has a width of 9.1 inches. The AmazonBasics paper shredder features thermal protection, and it even has an auto-shutoff feature.


  • Very quiet for a paper shredder
  • Pullout bin goes in and out easily
  • Caster wheels allow for better portability
  • Micro-cut design completely destroys documents


  • Doesn’t have a second safety lock

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2.) Swingline Paper Shredder – Super Cross-Cut

Swingline Paper Shredder - Super Cross-Cut

The Swingline paper shredder can slice through 14 sheets of paper at the same time, and it can easily handle unopened junk jail. A five-gallon pullout waste bin allows for quick and easy emptying of waste, and this machine can also cut through CDs, DVDs and credit cards.

However, it uses a separate cutter to handle CDs and DVDs, which reduces wear on the main cutters. The Swingline paper shredder features a compact, stylish design, and it’s recommended for personal use. When paper is fed into this shredder, it uses cross-cut action to convert the paper into tiny pieces. For convenience, it comes with an indicator light for the cooldown cycle.

This paper shredder can run continuously for 20 minutes, and it can be used to destroy papers, DVDs, CDs and credit cards. When compared with many competing products, this shredder offers significantly more run time, which is especially useful for large businesses.


  • Fast operation
  • Doesn’t overheat quickly
  • Quieter than many alternative products
  • Waste bin is easy to empty


  • Doesn’t tell you when bin is full

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3.) Fellowes Powershred 62MC


Fellowes Powershred 62MCThe Fellowes Powershred 62MC is another popular product, and it has the ability to shred 10 sheets of paper with a single pass. It can run continuously for seven minutes, and after this period of time, it must be given time to cool down.

The Fellowes Powershred 62MC has a SafetyLock feature, which prevents the shredding from functioning when it’s not in use. This machine offers medium-duty shredding, and it’s a popular choice for deskside use.

The waste bin holds up to five gallons of paper waste, and it’s designed to pull out easily. The Fellowes Powershred 62MC is made to destroy sensitive documents, confidential materials and credit cards. It also comes with several built-in safety features, which help to protect kids and animals.

The powerful motor contained within this shredder is even strong enough to slice through paperclips, so it’s a great choice for shredding multi-page documents.


  • Powerful motor slices through paperclips
  • Waste bin can hold about 100 sheets
  • Shreds documents quickly and quietly
  • Great for credit and debit cards


  • Overheats faster than some models

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4.) Sentinel FM101P 10-Sheet High Security Shredder

Sentinel FM101P 10-Sheet High Security Shredder

The Sentinel FM101P can slice through 10 sheets of paper with a single pass, and it can also handle credit cards. Since it offers a level-four security rating, it uses a micro-cut pattern to shred documents.

With the Sentinel FM101P, it’s possible to cut through six feet of paper per minute, and it has no trouble shredding 60 sheets of paper in the same amount of time. Unlike some competing products, this machine is designed for ultra-quiet operation, and the caster wheels make it easy to move around.

To prevent jams, this paper shredder comes with manual reverse, and the convenient waste bin has a capacity of four gallons. When the bin is full, it should be able to hold about 360 shredded documents. Once the bin is full, it can be removed and dumped into a nearby dumpster.


  • Great for a home office or business
  • Easy to set up
  • Wheels can be locked
  • Complete destruction of sensitive documents


  • Run time could be improved

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5.) Bonsaii EverShred C149-D Paper Shredder

Bonsaii EverShred C149-D Paper Shredder

The Bonsaii EverShred C149-D is a top paper shredder, and it can continuously cut through sensitive documents for up to 60 minutes at a time. The patented cooling system quickly reduces the temperature of internal components, and it makes this machine great for mass document shredding.

This product can shred paper into tiny pieces, which can’t be reassembled. The Bonsaii EverShred C149-D can handle 12 sheets of paper with a single pass, and the quiet operation is great for a home office.

The waste bin can hold six gallons of shredded material, and with such a large size, it eliminates the need for frequent emptying. To prevent jams, it also has a reverse function.


  • Very quiet
  • Unlikely to jam
  • Can handle heavy-weight paper
  • Fast operation


  • Input slot design could be improved

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Beginners Guide to Choosing a Quality Paper Shredder

The best shredder can eliminate old bills and sensitive documents, and with modern technology, many paper shredders can slice through more than just paper. These products make it easy to get rid of paper waste, and they can improve the organization in an office or workplace.

The problem with throwing papers out is the potential theft of sensitive information. The papers from an office are likely to have personal and financial information, and if thieves get their hands on this information, they can use it to steal a person’s identity.

By slicing sensitive documents into thousands of tiny pieces, paper shredders can eliminate unwanted papers and prevent thieves from getting their hands on sensitive information. The latest products come with high-tech capabilities, specifications and features, and they make it easy to get rid of old papers.

What Are Paper Shredders?

The paper shredder is a mechanical device, and it’s used to cut paper into fine particles or strips. Many individuals, businesses and government organizations use these devices to destroy confidential and sensitive documents. These products have come a long way since they were first invented, and the first paper shredder was invented over 100 years ago.

In fact, the first shredder was operated by a hand crank, and it borrowed components from a pasta maker. Today, there are several different types of shredders, and some of the smallest products are designed for use in a home office. The smaller models are great for shredding a thin stack of papers, but a larger model is needed to slice through large, thick stacks of paper. There are even commercial shredders, and these devices can cut through millions of papers per hour.

Most modern paper shredders are powered by electricity, and they use an electric motor to cut through confidential documents. Over time, many great features have been added to these devices, and some products are smart enough to know when they’re being fed too much paper, and they will automatically reject a stack of papers that is too large.

Several products are also designed with several safety features, which reduce the risk of getting your fingers caught in the blades. When shopping for these products, it’s important to consider the intended purpose. For example, a quieter shredder might be better for a home office than a large workplace. In some cases, a business owner might need a shredder for a large group of employees.

How Do They Work?

All automatic paper shredders have an electric motor, and they use sharp blades to cut through unwanted documents and papers. Many modern shredders are designed with self-sharpening blades, which keeps the blades sharp and reduces maintenance.

Before purchasing a paper shredder, it’s important to understand how it works. Something that most consumers have trouble understanding is the security level, and this rating is important because it describes the effectiveness of the product. Many paper shredders are equipped with level-one security, and these devices produce the fattest strip.

Most industrial shredders are designed with this security level. When fed through a level-one shredder, paper is cut into large pieces, and it provides the lowest protection against identity theft. Most consumer paper shredders cut documents into much smaller pieces than a level-one device.

A product that offers level-two security can cut paper into slightly smaller strips, but it’s still not safe enough for most consumers. Many modern paper shredders are designed with level-three security, and they can shred paper into pieces that are the size of paperclips.

There are also products that have a security level between four and five, which cut papers into even smaller pieces. Most consumers can use a level-three shredder, and they’ll never have to worry about thieves reconstructing the pieces of paper.

Benefits of Paper Shredders

Modern paper shredders offer several benefits, and they’re useful for individuals and businesses. The greatest advantage of owning and using a shredder is document security. Since the device completely shreds sensitive documents into tiny pieces, it prevents identity thieves from getting their hands on confidential and personal information.

A high-quality shredder can also cut through identification cards, financial statements, credit cards and CDs. The latest models are equipped with strong blades, and they have no trouble slicing through thick credit cards and CDs. Another advantage of owning a paper shredder is reduced waste.

By cutting papers into tiny pieces, paper shredders significantly reduce paper waste and make it easier to throw away old documents. Before consumer paper shredders existed, people had to take their documents to a third party, but today, there is no need to do this.

These products can be extremely useful for businesses because they can cut through thousands of papers per day and reduce waste. Document shredding destroys personal information, and when used by businesses, customers can rest assured that their personal information is properly destroyed.

There is even an environmental benefit of paper shredding, and by cutting papers into smaller pieces, it’s possible to save space in landfills. Many companies must comply with federal and state regulations, and to do this, they need a modern paper shredder.

Who Needs One?

Despite the fact that we live in a digital world, paper documents are still a major part of society, and most government organizations still issue sensitive information on pieces of paper. As long as paper is part of society, the products used to shred them will remain in demand.

The person who will benefit most from owning a paper shredder is someone who needs to destroy sensitive documents. At some point, every individual will need to get rid of personal information. Everyone receives paper mail, and an enormous amount of personal information is contained within papers sent through the mail. The average person needs a way to safely destroy old mail and sensitive documents, and a paper shredder is perfect for this purpose.

Businesses also need a shredder, and a large business will have a greater need than the average person. Most businesses still run on paper, and paper waste is still a huge problem for most businesses. With the help of a paper shredder, businesses of any size can dispose of unwanted documents and reduce waste.

In fact, some businesses need a safe way to eliminate thousands of old papers per day, and a modern shredder makes it easy to destroy confidential customer information while complying with state and federal requirements. Since almost everyone has papers that need to be destroyed, the best paper shredders can be useful for anyone.

What to Look for In a Good Paper Shredder

Identity theft is becoming much more common, and although much of the theft takes place in the digital world, many thieves steal personal information from paper documents. Many businesses have been fined thousands of dollars because they weren’t properly destroying personal information.

With the best paper shredder, it’s easy to eliminate confidential information, but to find a high-quality product, it’s important to know what to look for. First, it’s useful to think about what documents will need to be shredded and go from there.

Individuals and businesses need to shred credit cards, pay stubs, statement, receipts and bills, and since these documents can contain sensitive information, they must be properly destroyed. Pay stubs are known to contain a name and address, which can be used by identity thieves for nefarious purposes.

When shopping for the best paper shredder, it’s important to consider the performance. Some products are strong enough to slice through credit cards, CDs, paper clips and staples. Many businesses need to destroy multi-page documents or junk mail, and the right shredder makes it easy to eliminate these documents.

Another feature to consider is the duty cycle or run time, which is the amount of time the shredder can operate continuously. This rating also explains how long the product needs to cool down before it’s ready to be used again. Sheets per pass is another feature to consider, and it represents how many sheets the device can destroy at the same time.

For less total time spent shredding papers, it’s better to choose a product with a larger capacity. Speed is another important factor, and it’s normally measured in feet per minute. Some additional features to look out for are jam protection, manual reverse and wastebasket indicator lights.

A feature that is commonly overlooked by consumers is the shred type. The three major shred types are micro cut, strip cut and cross cut, and these options are self-explanatory. Strip-cut shredders slice documents into vertical strips, and the other shred types cut papers into small rectangular pieces or chips. To find a great shredder, it’s important to consider where it will be used.

For use in a home office, a basic strip-cut shredder should work well, and it can have a small wastebasket. A cross-cut shredder can also be used in a home, and it’s better for shredding bank statements and sensitive documents. For a large office, a commercial shredder is the better choice because it offers greater speed and better security

Wrapping Up

The best paper shredder makes it easy to quickly and thoroughly eliminate sensitive documents, and many of the latest models can slice through paper, CDs, credit cards and paperclips.

Although we live in a digital world, paper is still a major part of society, and identity thieves are always on the lookout for personal information and sensitive documents. A high-quality paper shredder can be used in a home or business, and by shredding personal information, it can protect your identity from thieves and help you sleep better at night.