Best Outdoor Cat Furniture – Top 5 Picks for 2021

This is our official list in search of the best outdoor cat furniture on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product and a handy guide to choosing the right furniture for your outdoorsy cat.

5 Highest Reviewed Outdoor Cat Furniture to Consider

Provide your cats with comforts outside with furniture that is designed just for them. Whether you use them on a patio or if you are looking for a large comprehensive outside play area we have the best products reviewed for you.

Considering that no two cats are alike we have multiple solutions for your cat’s outdoor furniture needs. Some of these options are adorable and are highly functional. Cats love to be outside watching birds and insect. They really enjoy smelling the fresh air. Provide options for them and consider the best outdoor cat furniture choices below.

1.) Original KITTY COT

Original KITTY COT

The Original Kitty Cot mounts to Windows using giant suction cups and is Humane Society Approved. Made with super tough 3/4″ PVC plastic pipe and fittings. Outdoor rugged fabric and 1/8″ Stainless Steel support cables were used to help make sure this will last for a very long time. Conveniently this is easy to clean with just soap and water.

The Kitty Cot will safely hold up to 25 pounds and can go anywhere on a window in your house and at any height. Best of all the Kitty Cot works indoors and outdoors. The design is so simple and easy that almost anyone can put it up and you need no tools to install it.

Cats really like this bed and it is great for older cats and kittens alike. Some owners report their cats fight over who gets to use it.  It measures 26 x 14 x 1 inches and will make a great addition to your home.


  • Holds cats up to 25 pounds
  • Easy installation with no tools required
  • Cats really like this design and it can be placed both indoors and outdoors


  • Suctions cups need to be firmly attached or they will lose their grip
  • Not good for multiple cats

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2.) Trixie Pet Products Wooden Outdoor Cat Home

Trixie Pet Products Wooden Outdoor Cat Home

Designed to House multiple cats outside the Trixie Pet Products Wooden Outdoor Cat Home is a fully covered cat enclosure. The removable back panels allow cats to access the cattery through a window or door. Best of all it can wall-mount using pre-drilled holes, or use as a freestanding structure and takes about 45-minutes to assembly. Has detailed instructions and all the hardware is included.

Cats love spending time in the fresh air outdoors while remaining safely enclosed. Six large landing platforms provide your feline with plenty of options to Perch for a View, or simply relax the afternoon away. Crafted with eco-friendly FiR, durable composite shingles and a weatherproof finish means this product will endure years of use with very little maintenance.

This item can be used as a free-standing structure or attached to your house or garage by removing the back panels. Includes 6 large landing platforms (17.75 x 11.75 inches). large main door with metal latches (23.5 x 45.5 inches). Constructed using natural, eco-friendly FiR, Wood Treated with a water-based stain. Dimensions are 70.75 x 38.5 x 70.75 inches.


  • Cats love to be inside this
  • Secure sanctuary for your cats to enjoy the outdoors
  • Adjustable structure that can attach to your house or be freestanding


  • This will not work with everyone home
  • It isn’t as large as it seems in the pictures

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3.) Wooden Adirondack Pet Chair

Wooden Adirondack Pet Chair

With this stunning Wooden Adirondack pet chair, your cat can curl up in comfort and style. It is easy to assemble and has a nice quality wood frame. Let you cat have a bed all of its own. This adorable piece of cat furniture will also look good with or without your cat in it.

Perfect for indoors or outdoors, you will not have a problem finding a place to put this bed. It is comfortable and has a reversible cushion that can be removed for cleaning or storage. The assembled size is 22″L x 14 1/4″W x 13″H.  This is not recommended for larger cats or those that weight over 20 pounds.


  • Adorable cat bed that really looks good anywhere
  • Cats really like sleeping on this
  • It is simple to put together


  • This is not made for larger cats
  • Only one cat at a time can use this bed

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4.) Kitty Mansions Oak Cat Tree

Kitty Mansions Oak Cat Tree

Kitty Mansions Oak Cat Tree is compact and has a lot to offer. It is a mini jungle for cats to lay on or play in. The leaves and ropes provide hours of play and entice kitties to stay a while. This cat tree is aesthetically pleasing to a room and can be used on outside patios.

As most cat owners know, promoting scratching is healthy for cats. It is nice to know that you can order replacement posts and they are easily available. High-quality construction gives kitty mansions a longer lifespan than most. This cat tree is easy to assemble and very sturdy. It can support the weight of multiple cats. The cushions are very soft with a fur like material. Best of all cats of all ages and sizes really enjoy this tree.


  • Lots of playing or sleeping space for cats to enjoy
  • Great design that is not an eyesore
  • The replaceable posts


  • Heavy weather will wear this down but it is good for patio use
  • The fur like material can tear easily

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5.) Gracelove Cat House

Gracelove Cat House

Gracelove Cat House Kitty House Cat Bed Condo is made of durable non-toxic plastic rattan that will not break. This is true even with heavy clawing. It has a modern design to fit any home decor. This can be used indoors or outdoors.

Cylindrical base to ensure the stability of house and gives cats confidence they are supported. This does include a soft machine washable cushion. Help keep cats elevated from the ground while they sleep and provide a secure place for them.

Cats love to sleep in this bed. Some owners claim they love it even without the pillow. Made of high-quality Plastic in wicker style, this piece is constructed to stand to significantly more sessions of claw sharpening than tradition wicker cat furniture.


  • Great design that helps keeps cats off the ground
  • Even after heavy clawing the wicker design will not show wear
  • Cats really attract to this bed and like to curl up in a ball and sleep for hours at a time on it


  • Only one cat can use this at time

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Brief Guide to Outdoor Cat Furniture

What Is It?

Some cats love to stay indoors, but others love to go out. They have more space available to them, more places to scratch and spray, and a more interesting environment. Cats that go outdoors also have less tendency to obesity and stay healthy longer since they get a lot more exercise. But what if you only have a small patio for them to access, or maybe you want them to have their own furniture outside for them to use?

Outdoor cat furniture gives you a whole range of options for your cat to feel comfortable and at home outside, and even very safe if that’s what you want. You can find little beds or cots for them, play places, chairs, trees, and even whole houses for them to call their own.

The materials that make up the furniture are designed to be tough and durable to withstand the weather, and are often made from wood so that they fit in with the environment. Cat houses that are made for them to be able to sleep in all year round are often insulated and sometimes heated. Others are made just for them to sleep in from time to time when they want a nap so they aren’t usually quite so weather and temperature resistant.

Who Can Benefit?

If you have a cat and want to keep him outdoors all the time, then a cat house and some furniture would be a great option for you. They can stay dry inside the house when it gets wet and can sleep in there as well.

If you’re worried about them getting cold you can put pet heating pads in there with them, although there are some cat houses that are heated too. It also means you have a place to put the cat food where your dog can’t get to, so he’s not able to steal it, which can be a problem if you have a dog and a cat.

Cats like the sun, so you can put some perches, trees or chairs on your patio and they will love to sit and sunbathe. You can also use an indoor/outdoor bed so that you have the option of letting them sleep either inside or outside as you can carry it around to where you need it.

These additions to your backyard will help your cat to have a place to relax and be comfortable as well as to stay mentally stimulated as they view what’s around them, and if you get something high they’ll also get some exercise.

What To Look For?

If you would like your cat to be outside but still completely safe, then consider getting a cat play house. These are made to be enclosed, so you can put them inside and they stay in there till you get them out. Or you can even build a cat flap and passageway from your house or window into the outdoor house if you want them to be able to come and go as they please.

These houses typically are quite large so that your cat won’t feel confined, and have several perches so they can climb up and down and get a view from the top. They are good investments if you have predators in your area such as coyotes and mountain lions, or if you live by a busy road and are afraid they might get run over if you let them go completely free outside.

There are different floors for cat houses – some use whatever is naturally there so that they can prowl around on the grass if they like. Others have carpet to keep your cat nice and warm.

There are also many different sizes. Some are very big with multiple levels, and really designed for spending a lot of time in. Other smaller cat houses are more like kennels and are mainly for a place to sleep, nap or hide – so it depends what you’re looking for. Ideally a scratching post would be a good feature of an outdoor house or cat tree, so they have something to scratch on besides your furniture.

If you have a cat with a limp or arthritis then you probably don’t want multiple levels. If you have more than one cat however, then you will probably want to get a larger cat house so there is room for them all to play.

Then there are cat trees which provide a place to exercise, scratch and play but outside instead of inside. These might be ideal if you like your cat to be out in the yard but you don’t have any trees or much for them to climb on out there. There are also some that are designed to look like they are outdoors but you can put them inside. These often look brown like they are made of wood, and have leaves wrapped around them.

A patio chair for your cat would be ideal if you find that your cat likes to use your chairs and is scratching or ruining your cushions. Just get them their own, and then you’ll all be happy.

What To Avoid?

If you are planning on your kitty sleeping outside through winter, then don’t buy a cat house without insulation, as they may get very cold out there – unless you can buy a heating pad and you think that will be warm enough.


Are outdoor cat houses OK to leave my cat outside in during the winter?

They can be – so long as there is enough insulation, or you have heating pads for them.

Can outdoor cat furniture help get feral cats used to being around?

It can sometimes – but cats are very independent, so they might make themselves at home in time, or they might never go near it. You could try putting the bowl of milk in the cat house or on the furniture to help steer them towards it.

Will this furniture be a solution for keeping my cat food away from the dog?

It may be, but it depends on how agile your dog is and which type of furniture you get.

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Wrapping Up

Cats love cozy places to sleep and be lazy upon, especially outside. Enjoy providing them high-quality outdoor options while fitting your budget. These most loved outdoor cat furniture choices will provide options.

Whether you want something small or larger, quality matters. Look at dimensions closely to ensure this new piece of furniture will fit nicely.  Pamper your cat today with one of our top five picks.