Best Nintendo Switch Games Ranked

Brief Guide to Buying Nintendo Switch Games

What makes a good Nintendo Switch Game?

Made by Nintendo for Nintendo

Most Nintendo Switch games are made by Nintendo and they are well-known for making awesome video games. The switch has a bunch of third-party developers as well.

However, Nintendo has a very capable quality assurance team and they usually never publish anything that they think gamers would not like. Nintendo games are usually free from bugs and are well-made by Nintendo’s development team.

Famous Characters

Some Nintendo characters are extremely popular. Mario made by Nintendo was more popular than Mickey Mouse at one time. In order to keep them popular, Nintendo takes extra care and polishes games such as Mario really well.

Nintendo cannot afford to receive a negative review from its fans for any of its games that contain its iconic characters. Another thing to note is that games that contain Nintendo’s iconic characters are heavily marketed, so you can safely assume that they will be good.

Straightforward Story

Nintendo Switch games are known for having really good gameplay. Some even have very good stories and that is what makes them better. A game’s trailer will give you a general idea about the story of the game and whether or not it is something that you wish to experience for yourself.

Challenging Multi-player Systems

The Joycons that come with the Nintendo Switch allow developers to make challenging multi-player games. You can have a lot of fun with these types of games. Some games even test your athleticism and reflexes. You can invite your friends over to your place for a fun gamer’s night around these games.

Other Things to Consider

Interesting Environments

Nintendo Switch games need to be visually stunning to sell well. However, the console is not very powerful, so developers have to get very creative. They usually resort to using unique art-styles and models that allow them to make visually impressive games without using much of the console’s hardware resources.

Replayability Value

Professional game review outlets usually talk about the replayability value of most games that they review. Although Nintendo Switch games generally have a very high replayability value, a few of them do not. Make sure you select a game that has a high replayability value as they generally offer more variety.

Social Features

Switch games are not meant to be played alone, generally. Most Switch games offer cooperative mode and various social features that will let you play with other players. Most of the time, you will be playing these games with your friends against other players.


Some games play better when docked. Other games do not take advantage of the docking features. It is better if you purchase games that can take advantage of the Switch’s docking feature as they might give you a smoother experience. These games are mostly called scalable games.

Frequently Asked Questions

What games does the Nintendo Switch come with?

There are many online stores that offer Switch games bundled with the console each year. The Switch is not known to come with any games bundled with it. Bundles are usually made by the stores that are selling them.

Can I play my digital games on multiple Nintendo switch systems?

The Nintendo Switch digital games that you buy will be in your account. You can use any Nintendo Switch console to play any game that is in your account. All you have to do is access your account through the console that you wish to use.

Are parental controls available for the Nintendo Switch system?

An app is available which will unlock all parental control options that are available on the console. The console, therefore, is built-in with all the parental controls that one may require. This will allow a parent to control the time that his/her child spends with the console playing games.

How big are Nintendo Switch games?

Most Nintendo Switch games offer about 7-8 hours of gameplay. Open world games like Zelda: Breath Of The Wild can offer 100s of hours of gameplay, as, besides the main quest, there are optional secondary quests.

How many Nintendo switch games are there?

According to Wikipedia, there are about 2105 games available on the Nintendo Switch right now. Some of them are made by third parties and not Nintendo.

What is Nintendo Switch Online?

Nintendo Online is, for the most part, a subscription service. The buyer gets a number of NEW and SNES games every month. It is comparable to the already existing subscription services offered by Sony and Microsoft for their respective consoles. It is required if the console owner wants to play Multi-player games.

How to buy Nintendo Switch games?

Nintendo Switch has a shop called the eShop. The console owner can use this shop to purchase any game that is in the shop. All games are digital downloads.

How much are Nintendo Switch games?

Nintendo Switch games generally cost between $5.99 – $59.99. The $59.99 games are the ones that are the best or the most popular.

Why are Nintendo switch games so expensive?

Most Switch games are made by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch. Most of the $59.99 priced games make millions of dollars to make. Nintendo also has a very good quality assurance department which further raises the cost of development.

Where to buy cheap Nintendo Switch games?

Your local stores may contain some discounted games for your Nintendo Switch. Online stores also offer yearly sales which you will have to wait for.

What do Nintendo Switch games look like?

All Nintendo Switch games have a colorful cover. They also have a small Nintendo Switch icon on the top left.

How to download Nintendo Switch games?

Almost all switch games are available on the official Nintendo Switch eShop. They can be downloaded after they are purchased.

How to move Nintendo Switch games to sd card?

Switch your Switch off and insert a MicroSD card in the slot that is in the console. Go to system setting after turning the console on. Go to Data Management. Select Software. Then select the game you wish to transfer.

Select Archive Software and then the Archive button. Go back to the home screen and select the game that you Archived. Once you select download, the game will download to the SD card.

How to get free games on Nintendo Switch?

You cannot legally get Switch games for free. Nintendo has also not announced any plans to release any game for free.

How to play Nintendo Switch games on PC?

The Yuzu emulator allows PC gamers to play games on the PC. Some games are still far from stable, so make sure that you know which games are well-supported on the emulator.

How to register Nintendo Switch games?

Insert your game card into the console. Select the game from the HOME menu. You will then need to press the + or the – button to access the Options menu. Highlight the My Nintendo Rewards Program and hit the Earn Points button. You can then select the Nintendo Account where you want the Gold Points to go.

How to refund Nintendo Switch eShop games?

Nintendo Switch does not offer refunds at the moment. It is recommended that you watch a lot of reviews before purchasing a game.

How many games can a Nintendo Switch hold?

The Switch can hold about 24 games in the local storage.

How long does it take to download Nintendo Switch games?

It really depends on the internet speed. Generally speaking, a 5 GB game will take roughly 2-3 hours to download.

How to redownload games on Nintendo Switch?

Select your game from the eShop and just select the re-download button to download it.

How to mod Nintendo Switch games?

There are certain tools available on the internet such as LayeredFS which a person can use to change game files. It is a complicated process and definitely not for someone who is new to modding. The Switch does not natively support modding.