Best ‘Mr. Coffee’ Makers – Top 5 Picks for 2021

This is our official list in search of the best Mr. Coffee maker on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product.

5 Highest Reviewed Coffee Makers Made by Mr. Coffee

Although it has been around for ages, the Mr. Coffee brand is still very popular, and the products from this company are especially important among coffee aficionados. Mr. Coffee products are known for being affordable and reliable, and they continue to fascinate consumers who’re new to the brand.

The best Mr. Coffee maker features a durable, sleek design, and most of the components are made from stainless steel, which results in a longer lifespan. The components are also designed for easier cleaning and require less maintenance than many alternative options.

Mr. Coffee makers have controls that are easy to use, and indicator lights make it easy to find out what the machine is doing. These popular products are known for having high-efficiency brewing systems, which tend to be faster than many competing products. The filtration systems are made from high-quality materials and make the coffee taste better. When shopping for a Mr. Coffee maker, the capacity is an important feature to consider, and the capacity is measured in cups.

For larger households, a capacity of six or seven cups is worth considering. It’s also nice to have control over the brew strength and temperature because these settings contribute to a tastier cup of coffee. Below, is our list of the top five Mr. Coffee products.

1.) Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Optimal Brew Thermal – BEST OVERALL

Mr Coffee 10 Cup Optimal Brew Thermal

This Mr. Coffee 10-cup machine is the best overall product on this list, and with a stainless-steel thermal carafe, it has no trouble keeping coffee hot and fresh. It has a removable water reservoir, and the filter basket lifts out for easy, fast filling, and the water filtration unit removes up to 97 percent of chlorine.

Unlike some alternative products, this machine has a special cleaning cycle, which keeps the performance high, and to keep coffee hot and fresh, it has a fresh brew timer. It even has a feature that will pause the brewing process and allow the user to pour coffee during the brew cycle.

Another great feature is the two-hour automatic shutoff, which causes the machine to power off after two hours. With so many great features, this 10-cup Mr. Coffee maker is the best overall product discussed on this list.


  • Timer is easy to set
  • Brews coffee with carafe lid on for warmth
  • Lift-away reservoir makes filling easier
  • Very stylish


  • Has a metallic taste and smell when new

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2.) Mr. Coffee DRX5 Programmable Coffeemaker – BEST VALUE

Mr Coffee DRX5 Programmable Coffeemaker

The Mr. Coffee DRX5 offers the best value for the money, and it can brew up to four cups at once. A simple indicator light lets you know when the coffee maker is turned on or off, and the removable filter basket is easy to fill and clean.

With a convenient pause feature, this machine makes it possible to pour a cup of coffee while the machine is still brewing. A water window makes it easy to see exactly how much water is in the reservoir, which allows for accurate filling.

The Mr. Coffee DRX5 is very affordable, and although it’s a very basic product, it offers the best value for the money. The pause feature is particularly useful for people who’re in a hurry, and the delayed brew feature is also convenient.


  • Cleanup is quick and easy
  • Timer feature automates coffee making
  • Best value for the price
  • Offers simple, reliable brewing


  • Capacity not measured in standard cups

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3.) Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 Café Barista Premium – BEST FOR ESPRESSO/CAPUCCINO

Mr. Coffee Ecmp1000

The Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 features a one-touch panel, and it’s great for single or double shots of espresso, latte or cappuccino. The automatic milk frother works well for frothing milk, and it can make some of the creamiest lattes and cappuccinos.

The milk reservoir is removable, and it can be easily cleaned and stored away. This machine has an adjustable cup tray, which can be set at the perfect height for bigger travel mugs and demitasse cups. The water reservoir is also removable, and it can be quickly filled in any sink.

Like the other components, the drip catcher is removable, and it’s designed to collect coffee drips and keep the brew space clean.

The Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 comes with a measuring scoop, coffee recipes, tamper, double shot filter and single shot filter. Since it’s a three-in-one product, this machine can make lattes, cappuccino and espresso.


  • Heats up quickly
  • Automates milk frothing
  • Built-in rinse cycle cleans inner components
  • Setup is straightforward


  • Coffee porta-filter can be hard to insert

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Mr Coffee BVMC-EL1

The Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 is a top product for making lattes, and it comes with a built-in milk frother. Since it has the capacity to make 24 ounces of beverage, it can serve multiple drinks from a single batch.

This machine is smart enough to know when it’s finished making a drink, and when the drink is done, it will automatically power down. With the push of a button, this machine will make tasty lattes, and for those cold winter nights, it will even make hot chocolate.

Since it comes with a recipe book, consumers can experiment with 20 different latte recipes and find the best drink for their needs. The Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 is an excellent choice for latte lovers, and it uses an automated process to brew espresso or coffee while frothing milk.

With this machine, consumers can become baristas and make their own tasty drinks, and it’s much cheaper to make beverages at home.


  • Easy to clean
  • Great for sugar and fat-free options
  • Safer than a steam machine for frothing


  • Water spigot could use a better design

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Mr Coffee BVMC-FM1

The Mr. Coffee BVMC-FM1 is ideal for frappes, and with the push of a button, it will brew delicious beverages. This machine is like a mix between a blender and coffee maker, and it comes with a removable brew basket.

To provide better control over the consistency of the finished product, this machine has a pulse button, and the 20-ounce blending jar can be washed in the dishwasher. The Mr. Coffee BVMC-FM1 must be used with four-cup basket coffee filters, which don’t come with it.

This product is classified as an all-in-one appliance, and it allows consumers to create frosty frappes at home. To make similar drinks without this machine, consumers would need to use two different appliances.

The Mr. Coffee BVMC-FM1 takes three minutes to brew and blend beverages, and it’s one of the best products for making frosty frappes.


  • Very fast
  • Good at crushing ice
  • Produces a frothy top layer


  • Makes a lot of noise

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Coffee is a universal passion, and with the best Mr. Coffee maker, it’s easy to brew a tasty espresso, latte or cappuccino in the morning. A high-quality cup of coffee offers the boost that a lot of people need to start their day, and with a top coffee maker at home, it’s easier than ever to brew one of your favorite caffeinated beverages.

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