Best Men’s Shaving Kit – Top 5 Picks for 2021

This is our official list in search of the best men’s shaving kit on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product and a guide to choosing a quality shaving kit for men.

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  1. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit
  2. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Shave Set
  3. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars Bevel Men’s Shave System Kit
  4. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars  5 Piece Men’s Shaving by GBS
  5. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars Gentlemen’s Shaving Kit by Cardinham | Killigrew

We know time is of the essence, so the above is a cheat sheet of what’s ahead, just in case your’re in a hurry. Otherwise, keep scrolling down for more detailed and constructive info on each item.

5 Highest Reviewed Men’s Shaving Kits to Consider

To keep your personal confidence as high as possible, you need to look your best, and with the help of the best men’s shaving kit, you can take care of facial hair and maintain a healthy appearance. A lot of men purchase a razor and use it until it becomes dull.

The main component in every kit is the razor, and for the best results, make sure most of the kit’s value is coming from the razor. Some other great accessories to watch for are shave bowls, aftershave, strops and travel bags. Below, you’ll find reviews for some of the top men’s shaving kits available.

1.) Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit

Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave KitHere we have the Gentleman Jon complete wet shave kit, and if you’re looking for a way to upgrade your shaving results, this kit should be considered. Cheap cartridge razors will only get you so far, and eventually, you’ll realize there are better options available.

The overall quality of your shave is very important, and with the Gentleman Jon wet shave kit, you can experience what it feels like to shave your face like a man. For optimal results, this kit comes with six curated items, and it has everything you need for the perfect shave.

The kit includes a shave soap, stainless-steel shave bowl, alum block, badger hair brush, safety razor and five Astra razor blades. This comprehensive kit gives you everything you need, and it can help you find out what’s on the other side of the shaving fence.


  • Items are tightly packed and protected
  • Shave soap smells great and improves shave quality
  • Astra blades aren’t too sharp
  • Perfect for wet shaving


  • Blades might be too aggressive for some

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2.) Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Shave Set

Van Der Hagen Men's Luxury Shave SetThe Van Der Hagen luxury shave kit features high-quality products, and since it’s made in the United States, you can trust the materials. This kit comes with a combination brush and razor stand, and for a smoother shave, it features hypo-allergenic shave soap.

To further improve your shaving experience, the kit comes with a classic monogrammed apothecary mug, and you even get a pure badger brush. The items included in this kit are designed to help men get a better shave, and since appearances are important, the items are also made to look good.

Every component that comes with the kit is designed to match all the other components. Although this kit comes with the basics, it doesn’t offer any extras, but if you’re looking to increase your shave game, you should consider purchasing this kit.


  • Soap is better than most other brands
  • Great starter kit
  • Soap made with a masculine scent
  • Perfect gift idea


  • Lather from the soap is quite thin

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3.) Bevel Men’s Shave System Kit

Bevel Men's Shave System KitThe Bevel shave system is another popular shave kit for men, and it’s designed to prevent razor irritation and bumps. If you’re looking for a smoother, cleaner shave, then this product should be considered, and it’s designed to give you a premium grooming experience.

Most other kits aren’t made to prevent skin irritation, but this kit is designed specifically for this purpose. As a five-part system, this kit comes with everything you need to get a great shave, and it has been clinically tested for its ability to reduce razor bumps and irritation.

The Bevel men’s shave system comes with a Bevel safety razor, which doesn’t cut the hair under your skin. It also has a badger shaving brush and shave cream.


  • Delivers a smooth shave
  • Perfect for thick, coarse hair
  • Designed to prevent skin irritation
  • Provides a clean shave and no razor bumps


  • Doesn’t come with a blade

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4.) 5 Piece Men’s Shaving by GBS

5 Piece Men's Shaving by GBSThe GBS shave kit comes with several high-quality components, and since the razor has a textured handle, it’s easy to grip with wet hands. This kit comes with 10 double-edged razor blades, and the pure badger brush makes it easy to create a rich lather.

The GBS shaving kit features a simple bowl, and the bowl has been sized to fit most popular soaps. When compared to most ceramic alternatives, the bowl that comes with this kit is much more durable, and it’s useful for men and women.

The driftwood soap can be used to create a rich lather, and it helps the razor blade glide over your skin. The items included in this kit are made from natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about synthetic preservatives.


  • Great gift
  • Very stylish components
  • Looks and feels classy
  • Ideal for wet shaving


  • Boar brush might produce an odd smell

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5.) Gentlemen’s Shaving Kit by Cardinham | Killigrew

Gentlemen's Shaving Kit by Cardinham KilligrewThe Cardinham shaving kit has a classic feel because it’s a wood shave kit. Since it’s made in America, you can trust the quality of the components, and it comes with a batch shave soap and shave balm.


Most other men’s shave kits don’t come with the unique shave tools that you can get from this product. You have the option of purchasing this kit for yourself, or it can serve as an excellent gift for someone. This patented shave kit features a vintage design, which makes it a top choice for older men.

The box that holds all of the components is stained by hand, and the interior is lined with stylish burlap fabric. If you’re looking for a shave kit that is truly unique, this product is worth considering.


  • Impressive style
  • Vintage and classy
  • Perfect for a gentleman
  • Box is stained by hand


  •  Size is very small

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Brief Guide to Choosing Shaving Kits for Men

Although you can get by with nothing more than a razor, a high-quality shaving kit can transform the experience and help you obtain a better shave. The right set of shaving products will make your skin look better and give you a closer shave.

The four major components of a great shave are preparation, lathering, shaving and moisturizing, and when shopping for a shaving kit designed for men, there are a few products to check for.

Many of the best kits come with a badger brush, which is great for creating a rich lather and lifting your whiskers much more efficiently than a standard shaving brush.

What Are They?

Shaving Kits are designed for you to have everything you need for shaving in one spot. They are generally made for wet shaving, since dry shaving only usually requires one electrical device.

Traditional wet shaving involves preparing your face with hot water, and a pre-shave balm or lotion if you have tough stubble. This is usually left for a few minutes and then rinsed off. You can also then use a pre-shave oil if you like, to help the razor glide more smoothly.

You would then soak your brush in hot water so that it can absorb more lather. You use the shaving bowl to make the cream into a lather, and apply it to your face with the brush. After shaving, you then rinse your face and pat it dry. There are aftershave splashes and balms that can be applied after shaving, depending on how much moisture you need for your skin.

Shaving kits usually include a razor, bowl, soap and brush. Some kits may also include a stand, pre-shave and aftershave of some sort as well.

Who Can Benefit?

If you would like to get into wet shaving, one of these kits is a great place to start. They should give you all the basic equipment you need to get going, and to get a really professional and close shave. If you’ve had a beard for a while and are now shaving it off, one of these kits and a wet shave is a good way to get a nice clean shave and impress the ladies.

If you’re looking for a gift for your husband, don’t go any further. Even if he’s never had a go at traditional wet shaving, he will be bound to love the feel and smell these kits will give him. And best of all, you don’t have to hunt out all the individual products because they’re all packaged together and picked out for you.

Maybe you’re fed up of disposable razors going blunt so quickly, or you’re getting irritation or ingrown hairs from them. Try one of these kits and experience the luxurious feel of a really good close and clean shave.

What To Look For?

There are three different types of razor that the kits might include. A cartridge razor is the easiest to use but has more expensive blades. Safety razors and straight razors give you a better shaving experience as they cut deeper. They also have lower costs since their blades are cheaper.

There is also a variety of brushes – a badger brush is generally more expensive since it’s harder to get the hair from a badger. Then there are brushes made from boar or horse hair, which all feel different on your skin and are really a personal choice.

Boar hair is quite coarse and bristly, but a first choice of many Italian barbers, and gets up a good lather. Horse hair is fine and softer, and favored by the Spanish. Badger hair comes in different grades, ranging from pure badger hair which is the least expensive, but more flexible than boar hair, up to silver tip which is very luxurious.

Synthetic brushes are also available – the cheaper ones aren’t very soft, but there are some really good quality brushes with hair that is extremely soft and long lasting.

Shaving kits usually offer a shaving bowl. It isn’t completely necessary as you can build up a lather on your face, but it does mean you can work the soap with a brush for a while to get the right consistency of lather before applying it.

Ceramic and stoneware bowls hold in the heat the best, so will give you the joy of a nice warm shave. But if you tend to drop things a lot, you might prefer a metal bowl, since ceramic does tend to break easily when it is dropped, and you will probably have slippery hands if you’re shaving. Some bowls have a handle on them which makes you less likely to drop them.

What To Avoid?

Avoid getting a set with too cheap of a brush. If the brush is not very good then it will shed hairs and be coarse on your skin. Also be aware that there are cheap knock off versions of good products, so have a look at the reviews before you buy something online.


Is wet shaving any better than dry shaving?

Wet shaving is generally considered better because it gives you a very close shave, as the water mixes with the soap or cream to make the hair softer and cut more easily. It also exfoliates at the same time. However it is easier to cut yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing, and you can end up with irritation if you use a blunt blade or don’t apply aftershave when needed.

What is an alum block?

An alum block is used after shaving – it contains mineral salts and was used by Egyptians four thousand years ago. It works as an antiseptic, and constricts blood vessels to stop bleeding. It also cools and refreshes the skin and prevents razor burn.

What’s the difference between a straight edge razor and a safety razor?

A straight edge razor is a very traditional razor like you might see in movies – a long piece of metal with a razor sharp tip. It’s very similar to a knife, which is why it is also sometimes called a ‘cut throat razor’ and it will last your whole life without needing to be replaced.

They became less popular once safety razors were invented however. Safety razors look more like cartridge razors and have a double edged blade that needs to be replaced regularly. But you can get a close shave a lot more safely.

What’s the difference between shaving cream and soap?

Soap can be more difficult to produce a lather, and will take practice. If you have hard water then shaving cream might be better as hard water adds to the difficulty of producing lather. The scent of soap also doesn’t generally hang around as long as a cream does, but if you have sensitive skin this might be a plus for you.

Wrapping Up

The best men’s shaving kit is something that any man can appreciate, and it’s also one of the best ways to get a better shave. Many top kits come with products that are specifically designed for men, and they make it easy for any man to improve his shave game.

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