Best Meditation Chair With Back Support – Top 5 Ranked & Compared

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#1  Back-Jack-Floor-Chair Back Jack Floor Chair 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
#2  Friends-of-Meditation Friends of Meditation 4.5 out of 5.0 stars
#3  Alexia-Meditation-Seat Alexia Meditation Seat 4.5 out of 5.0 stars
#4  bonVIVO-EASY-II  bonVIVO EASY II 4.5 out of 5.0 stars
#5 Seagrass-Meditation-Yoga-Chair Seagrass Meditation Yoga Chair 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Studies have shown that meditation, or mindfulness training , is not only a relaxing experience, it can also help with focusing on tasks and memory retention. According to a report on the Association for Psychological Science website, many in the medical fields are convinced that meditation can improve work performance.

“Given that the ability to attend to a task without distraction underlies performance in a wide variety of contexts, training one’s ability to stay on track should result in a similarly broad enhancement of performance.” (Mrazek, Franklin, Phillips, Baird, Schooler, March 2013)

How Do They Help?

However, for many people that are trying to make use of this rewarding practice, back pain can make it difficult to sit for long periods of time. Thankfully, there are some options to help alleviate this problem, meditation chairs.

Meditation chairs are great for solving the issue of back pain. They provide the user with support as well as comfort and are available in a wide variety of styles. Most will have a cushioned seat to provide the user with comfort and many are available with a backrest to help provide support during the exercise.

5 Highest Reviewed Meditation Chair with Back Support

While there are many of options to choose from, here is a list of the top five meditation chairs currently available on the market.

1.) Back Jack Floor Chair

While this model was not originally created for meditation, it quickly found favor among practitioners. The angle of the backrest helps users to maintain the correct posture needed for meditation. While the Back Jack takes more floor space than a traditional meditation cushion, it is designed to fold for easy storage when not in use. This design also makes it a great option for travel or for group sessions.

The frame is constructed of steel tubing so having the proper support will never be in question and if more than one is needed, they stack easily. This model is also available in a variety of colors and the cushion is a dense foam that makes for more enjoyable sessions.


  • Folds and stores easily.
  • Provides great back support.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Available in a large selection of colors.


  • Users cannot adjust the backrest.

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2.) Friends of Meditation Relaxing Buddha Meditation and Yoga Chair with Back Support

This model is one of the most cushioned meditation chairs available. Along with the standard padding found on most meditation chairs, this Buddha meditation chair also includes an extra backrest so users can support their lower back and also a cushioned 3-inch meditation block. The block helps users to keep their buttocks raised while crossing their legs in the traditional meditation posture.

Designed for portability, this meditation chair can easily be folded for travel and storage and includes its own carrying bag. For users that are always on-the-go but want a meditation chair that provides ample comfort, this could be the best option.


  • Ranked as the No. 1 meditation chair in 2016.
  • Ideal for shorter users.
  • Carrying bag is water-resistant.
  • Allows users to use crossed-leg position.


  • Back support uses elastic and only provides marginal support.

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3.) Alexia Meditation Seat

For a more permanent solution, users should consider this model from Alexia. This large and comfortable meditation chair is padded and designed with the user’s comfort in mind. It provides support in exactly the right places to create the most comfort for meditative sessions. The wings on the sides are designed to take the pressure off of joints. While there is no actual backrest, the raised cushion helps to keep the buttocks up and supports the back.

Rather than being a portable unit, this chair serves more as a piece of furniture that has an appealing appearance and is available in a wide range of colors. It is also available in two types of material, vegan leather, and genuine leather.


  • Large color selection.
  • Available in vegan leather.
  • Provides comfort even during extended sessions.
  • Provides support where needed.


  • Not portable.

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4.) bonVIVO EASY II Padded Floor Chair

The bonVIVO EASY II provides the traditional style and comfort of a floor chair with added flexibility. It uses a combination of PU and PE foam that conforms to the user’s body and provides the user with a comfortable experience. The backrest can be adjusted to five different settings and makes this model ideal for not only meditation but also for simple lounging.

With a lightweight design, the EASY II could be a good option for the person that is on-the-go and is available in three colors. The durable backrest can support a weight of up to 220 lbs. and the synthetic fiber is durable and stain-resistant.


  • Flexible uses.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Uses various materials to provide optimal comfort.
  • Backrest is adjustable.


  • Limited color options.

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5.) Seagrass Meditation Yoga Chair

For practitioners that not only want a comfortable meditation chair but also a stylish addition to just about any room, this could be the chair they need. The curved design provides support for those that want to sit in a traditional crossed-leg manner while meditating and still have their knees supported.

The covers on the cushions can be removed for cleaning and the chair can support up to 300 lbs. The backrest is cushioned so users can experience optimal comfort and optimal support. While this model is not designed for portability, the moderate weight of only 10 lbs. means it can be moved to different rooms if and when needed.


  • Stylish design without sacrificing comfort.
  • Visually appealing.
  • Provides the proper support for extended sessions.
  • Backrest is stable and cushioned.


  • Limited color options.

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Brief Guide to Buying a Meditation Chair With Back Support

What Is It?

A meditation chair is a chair that is designed specifically with meditation in mind. When you meditate, your body should be as relaxed as possible. But at the same time you should also sit up straight so that you can draw energy up your spine.

You need to be able to have harmony between your mind and body, and not be distracted by discomfort in one of your joints. A good chair will help you to do both of these.

An armchair often slopes, so that your back leans backwards, and your knees upward. A meditation chair will keep your back straight and help you focus. It should also help you achieve good posture and keep the pressure off your back and legs.

Some meditation chairs are designed specifically for you to be able to sit cross legged. These types are quite wide. They usually have a curve in them to provide support for the knees and more room for the feet. Others have an indented part for the feet, and sides that look like arm rests for the knees.

Another kind of model is a simple floor cushion with a backrest. Some backrests are adjustable so that you can have varying degrees of uprightness.

Meditation chairs are made from many different kinds of materials. Covers can be made of cotton, synthetic fiber, or other fabric. Often the cushioning is made from foam.

Who Can Benefit?

If you can’t sit on the floor because of back pain or other health issues, then a meditation chair is especially good. It will give you back support and help you to get into a good posture where your spine is aligned. It may also help relieve any pressure that might make your legs or sleep fall asleep while you’re meditating.

Some people struggle getting back off the floor. So a meditation chair that is a bit higher off the ground might be the perfect fit.

Meditation chairs are also a great choice for beginners who aren’t yet used to sitting for a long time in an uncomfortable position. It will help you not to give up at an early stage, since it gives you more comfort and support.

One goal of meditation is to be able to do it anywhere you go. If you get used to meditating on a chair, then you should be able to do it pretty much anywhere. You can do it while you’re at work, or while travelling.

If you’re going on a retreat where you need to have a chair to sit in, then one of the portable and foldable type of chairs would be a great fit for you. That way you know you will have somewhere clean and comfortable to sit and meditate.

What To Look For?

Which kind of chair you get will largely depend on the position you meditate in. If you like to sit cross legged, you may want to look for the kind of chair that has knee rests. These type should help you not be able to get pins and needles, since your legs won’t be pressing down on each other as much.

Or you can look for one that is raised at the back so that you feet can drop into the front part to help you with the cross legged posture.

If you need a lot of back support then you probably should look for the kind with a backrest. You will want to make sure it is stable so that you’re not worried about falling backward.

These kind are also often easily folded or can be put away for storage. They would make sense if you have a smaller house or want to take it with you places. There are also some chairs that have extra backrests just for lumbar support.

Some meditation chairs are portable. If you would like to take one with you on vacation, or to other places, then look for one of these. A legless chair is best for this, and also for moving around to different places in the house.

If you want a chair that is part of the furniture and you’re not worried about moving it, then you might prefer one that has legs. It will probably be lower to the ground than a traditional chair, and be more upright.

Look for a chair with minimalist décor so that you’re not distracted by it as you meditate. You might also want to consider whether you want a multipurpose chair. Some meditation chairs are great for other activities too – like playing computer games or watching TV.

If you would like to use it for multiple purposes then you probably want to get a chair with an adjustable backrest. Then you can recline it when you’re not meditating.

What To Avoid?

If you want to meditate properly, then avoid getting a chair that only reclines and doesn’t sit upright. Your posture should be upright for the correct balance between relaxation and consciousness.

Also don’t be tempted to lie down on the bed or sofa instead, as your meditation time will often turn into nap time.


Why can’t you meditate lying down?

If you meditate lying down you can relax so completely that you go into a subconscious state, or even go to sleep. However you need more awareness for meditation.

Can you sit cross legged on chairs that have flat floor cushions and backrests?

Yes many people do – the cushion should help you avoid some of the pressure that comes from sitting cross legged on the floor.

What is vegan leather and why is it good?

It’s not made from dead animal skins, but instead is made from polyurethane, a versatile and flexible material. With this kind of fabric, you don’t have to worry about any cruelty to animals that might have been involved in obtaining it.

Can they be used as outdoor furniture?

Most meditation chairs aren’t made for being outside, so they don’t have the kind of fabric that is weather resistant. However you might find some that are specifically designed for outdoors if you look carefully.

Meditation Time

Whether someone may need a meditation chair to help with back pain or simply want the additional comfort and support, there are many of options available. From the simply floor chair design to the elegant and stylish designs that look as though they belong on a showroom floor, the options are nearly endless.