Best Manual Grass Shears – Top 5 Picks for 2021

This is our official list of the best manual grass shears on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product.

5 Highest Reviewed Manual Grass Shears

Most people love to stay in a clean, neat and beautiful surrounding. The only way to achieve these qualities is by the use of right gardening tools. Manual grass and hedge shears are tools used to trim overgrown grass and shrubs.

In most cases, people use manual grass and hedge shears to trim smaller lawns. The shears are also used to cut grass and other shrubs in places that lawn mowers cannot access. Some of these places include near trees, flower beds, under rocks and adjacent to sidewalks.

There are different types of grass shears. The most common types include the long handled shears that are operated in a standing position. These shears are suitable for people who find it difficult to bend, as well as those who have relatively large backyards. The other type is a hand-held grass shear, which is operated by one hand, in a kneeling or bending position.

Additionally, the shears may differ depending on make and manufacturer. This article looks at the top 5 manual shears that are preferred and used by most people. Recommended shears are made of durable material, are easy to use and handle, have sharp cutting blades among other features that make landscaping tasks easy.

1.) Corona GS 6750D ClassicCUT Grass Shear

Corona GS 6750D ClassicCUT

Corona GS 6750D ClassicCut shears are recommended for trimming grass, small shrubs, and any tough ground cover. The shears’ cutting 5.5-inch blades are made of a forged steel alloy which cuts a surface length of 4 inches. The steel alloy is easy to sharpen just in case the tool gets blunt.

Also, the alloy is heat treated to make it sturdier, hence long lasting. The grips are vinyl coated a feature which makes the shears feel comfortable and non-slip on the user’s hands. Nevertheless, the tool has a safety lock to prevent accidents during transportation and storage.


  • The shears are good for trimming overgrown grass near sidewalks, around stones and other hard to reach places inaccessible.
  • It is one hand held tool and users have the freedom to shift the machine from one hand to the other.
  • The heat treated steel alloy lasts long.


  • The shears need to be cleaned and greased after use, or else they will gum up with grass juice or rust, and the blade may feel hard to open.

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2.) BERGER prass shear 2200 with anti-stick coated blades, suitable for left handers

Berger Prass Shear 2200 With Anti Stick Coated Blades, Suitable For Left Handers

Are you looking to clear your lawn with the best trimming tool? Well, here is the way out. This unique featured BERGER Prass Shear 2200 is specifically molded to match an operator’s big and small-sized hand. Its handle is specially designed to fit your left hand like a glove, allowing you to cut with full ease.

It is sharp and long-lasting, made of high-quality material. The style, efficiency, and efficiency of the hand shears are unparalleled. The blades are at their optimal cutting pressure, and the grass is not squeezed in the process. 

BERGER Prass Shear 2200 is a premium quality solid metal grass shears that are made in Germany for perfect lawn edge clipping. For relaxed working, it has a solid grip and is wrist-friendly. It is ideal for both right- and left-handed people.


  • You can wash it after use without fear of any future damage
  • It’s easy to use and cuts flawlessly with no stress
  • It is highly productive


  • It is only used for light-duty trimming

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3.) Kings County Tools Grass and Topiary Shears

Kings County Tools Grass And Topiary Shears

It is used for edging and trimming decorative grasses around flower beds, trees, and sidewalks. Topiary and Grass Shear keeps the blades from jamming or catching, resulting in consistently quick and clean slices.

The blade is made from quality materials. It has high strength, corrosion tolerance, and can keep its sharpness even after prolonged use.

The 6” blades will have ample cutting coverage for most shearing jobs. It has a length of 13-1/2” that will help you hit some hard-to-reach places.

Quickly weed areas that the weed trimmer can’t handle, or take on whole clumps of geraniums with minimal effort.


  • It is made to reduce hand fatigue so that you can complete your trimming with ease
  • It can be used to cut grasses around hard objects such as stones
  • Made of long lasting metal


  • This tool is effective for low duty jobs alone
  • The tool can’t be used to cut hard wooden plants

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4.) Bahco P74 Lawn Shears

Bahco P74 Lawn Shears

Bahco P74 Lawn Shears are designed to shear grass at hard to reach places like around trees, near an edge, near stone and other obstacles that are impossible to shear using a lawn mower. The shears’ blade is hardened to cut tough grasses and shrubs.

The blade is also coated with black Xylan to prevent rusting. The shear has a 90 cm long handle, made of steel to last long. The handles’ grips are made of a black plastic material to give users a firm and comfortable grip while working on lawns.


  • The 90 cm long handle relieves users from the hassle of bending while working on the grass or hedge. As such, it is suitable for people with back pain, arthritis, and other personal issues that make bending difficult.
  • The 20cm long hardened blade is suitable for cutting thick-stemmed shrubs and chops easily through the grass.
  • The shears are made of a sturdy steel metal to last long.


  • The tool may feel heavy for children or the elderly since it is made of heavyweight steel metal.

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5.) Fiskars Long-handle Swivel Grass Shears

Fiskars Long-Handle Swivel Grass Shears

Fiskars Long- Handle Swivel Shears are suitable for trimming grass around trees, valued plants, flower beds and sidewalks. They have a long handle suitable for people who find it hard kneeling or bending. The 4.5 inch long blades rotate at 360 degrees, and they can, therefore, trim at any angle and cut thick stemmed shrubs.

The shear’s shaft is lightweight, and it’s fitted with an ergonomic grip to facilitate ease of use. The shears are also equipped with a lock to keep the blades secured while not in use or during transportation. The tool comes along with a lifetime warranty.


  • The shears are lightweight hence comfortable to handle for all people.
  • Its sharp blades cut effortlessly through thick grass and shrubs.
  • Suitable for trimming grass in places that are hard to reach.


  • The tool is suitable for light duties.

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Final Take

Manual grass shears are necessary gardening tools used to trim grass and shrubs from hard to reach places where lawn mowers cannot serve. Depending on preference, one can purchase an extended metallic handle shear for heavy duty or a handheld shear for light duties. Best tools are easy and comfortable to handle and they last long.

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