Best Low Profile Diving Masks – Top 5 Brands Ranked

This is our official list in search of the best low profile diving mask on the market today.

Highest Reviewed Low Profile Diving Masks

Whether you’re a regular diver or just starting out, investing in a diving mask that suits your face structure and visual requirements is critical. While it’s true that a high profile diving mask may increase your sense of openness and make it easier to catch things in your peripheral vision, a low-profile mask will be much easier to clear and will fit better as they’re designed to fit snugly against your face.

If you need corrective lenses, you can get your low-profile mask customized to your particular needs. The glass in low profile diving masks is tempered and can be milled to a corrective thickness.

When properly fitted, a low profile diving mask will:

  • protect your nose with a skirt of plastic or neoprene
  • fit snugly around your eyes without placing too much pressure on cheekbones, the ridge of your brow or your temples.

1.) Cressi F1 Low Profile Diving Mask

Cressi F1 Low Profile Diving Mask

The Cressi F1 is built for divers of all sizes. This mask features a durable rubber strap with a wide compression disc to hold the mask tight to your face.

It’s available in a variety of colors as well as clear, so no matter your preference you can get a mask to suit your taste! The silicone frame is extremely flexible and easy to seal, and the nose skirt offers great protection.


  • The wide glass makes for great viewing.
  • No matter how much hair you’ve got, the mask strap will provide great hold.
  • The silicone mask skirt is extremely flexible and easy to fit for divers from children to adult males


  • This mask has a water resistant coating on the glass that must be removed to avoid fogging. You’ll need to scrub that off or remove with a degreaser for a clear view.

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2.) Oceanic Ion 3 – Low Volume Three Window Dive Mask

Oceanic Ion 3 – Low Volume Three Window Dive Mask

The Oceanic 3 Window Mask offers those who need a full range of vision an ideal treat. This mask is well suited to those with narrow bone structures and is very popular with female divers.

The tempered glass viewing pane offers a panoramic view, including a corner window for side peripheral viewing. Additionally, the attachment buckle swivels, so not only can you adjust the length of the strap, you can easily adjust where the strap sits on your head.


  • This mask offers terrific viewing ability thanks to the wide lens and extra side windows.
  • The adjustable strap is made of neoprene and will be kinder to those with longer hair.
  • The swivel strap attachment improves fit for growing divers, making this mask a great tool for those learning to dive.


  • This is not a good mask for men unless you have a very narrow face; some women may have a hard time getting this mask to fit.

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3.) ScubaPro Solo Scuba Dive Mask

ScubaPro Solo Scuba Dive Mask

The ScubaPro Solo features a single tempered lens for a wide viewing area. This tempered glass panel extends all the way across the mask for a frameless look at the underwater world. This mask is sized for adults and offers a heavy duty adjustable non-strip strap for an ideal fit.

The silicone skirt is double sealed for an ideal fit against your bone structure, and is popular among those with facial hair. Please note that every mask fits differently; your beard may make it impossible for a watertight seal, so be prepared to shave as necessary.


  • This mask is ideal for beginning snorkelers. If claustrophobia or water-based anxiety trouble you, the visibility of this mask can help.
  • The ScubaPro is easy to clear and offers a great seal.
  • The strap is hearty and will offer you a great fit.


  • Because this lens is the full width of the mask, this unit is less flexible than other diving masks the flex across the bridge of the nose.

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4.) TUSA Platina Two Window Low Profile Scuba Mask

TUSA Platina Two Window Low Profile Scuba Mask

The Tusa mask offers casual pool divers and fans of deeper water plenty of options for a great fit and water-viewing fun.

This low profile mask offers a wide display dual lens with clear silicone or black flexible fit and a hard plastic lens frame with tempered glass lenses. If your family needs multiple masks, you have a variety of colors to choose from so everyone has their own mask!


  • The head strap is designed to snugly clasp the back of your head, ensuring a consistent and comfortable mask fit.
  • The silicone rim and flexible nose skirt provide lots of “give so you can fit the mask specifically to the bone structure of each member of the diving party.
  • The large glass viewing area is constructed with high quality tempered glass for safe viewing and little fogging.
  • The variety of frame colors makes it easy to assign these masks so everyone can customize their fit.


  • The black frames feature a red accent at the edge that may prove distracting to the diver.

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5.) Cressi Matrix Premium Low Profile Dive Mask

Cressi Matrix Premium Low Profile Dive Mask

This mask is constructed with a special focus on flexibility. The silicone frame offers a great fit to plenty of facial structures and shapes, and is recommended for those with smaller bone structures including women and children.

The strap adjustments can be made in extremely small increments, so those with large heads or prominent noses will be able to get a comfortable fit and water tight seal.


  • Double strap allows for a custom fit without extreme pressure against your face.
  • Micro adjustments on the strap make it possible to share this mask if needed.
  • Extremely flexible frame material makes this mask easy to fit to many users.
  • Tempered glass did not fog up!


  • This mask is also available in a clear silicone frame, which can be a source of great distortion on sunny days. The black frame will make it much easier to enjoy your dive.

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Final Say on Low Profile Diving Masks

Whether you’re learning to snorkel or headed into a deep scuba dive, getting your mask to fit correctly is critical. You’ll need to purchase a mask with a flexible silicone skirt. Finally, a neoprene strap can prevent hair pulling or hair loss.