Best Lego Sets for Adults – Top 5 Models for 2021

Lego sets for adults are no longer taboo. Fun fact: 100% of Lego online purchases are made by adults. We rigorously chose five Lego sets from the most popular categories, such as Star Wars, cars, decorations, architecture and others. See the detailed reviews below.

Lego is a toy company, no one can deny that. Are all toys for kids? This question is a bit tricky to answer. To simplify, I would quote George Bernard Shaw: We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

Let that sink for a moment.

The great thing about our mind is that it is flexible in many ways. It can learn, forget, imagine and improvise. It can rearrange itself, it can influence our bodies and much, much more.

Now you are probably wondering why we are talking about our minds and brain, this supposes to be an article for adults’ toys. How hard it can be?

Great question! The answer lies in our evolution. Above all, creativity and playfulness are some of the evolutionary traits that we humans have, and this is one of the drivers of the evolution of society and us as intelligent beings. For instance, many researchers have discovered that to keep our minds healthy, we need to engage them in some creative processes. Therefore, we should know that this also has a great impact in preventing many mental illnesses.

We can indeed be somewhat creative in our daily jobs. However, we are mostly not playful, we are under stress, and this is causing us to feel completely depleted by the end of the day. I’m sure that some of you can relate to that statement.

Quick Look:

Lego set Bonsai Tree 10281 Building Kit for adults

LEGO Bonsai Tree 10281

A Building Project to Focus The Mind

Released: 2021  | 878 Pieces

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Lego Star Wars set The Mandalorian The Razor Crest 75292 Exclusive Building Kit not only for kids LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Razor Crest 75292

Exclusive StarWars Spaceship Building Kit

Released: 2020 | 1023 Pieces

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Lego Ideas 21319 set Central Perk Building Kit for adults LEGO Ideas 21319 Central Perk Coffee Shop

For F•R•I•E•N•D•S Fans

Released: 2019 | 1070 Pieces

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Lego Architecture set Skyline Collection 21044 Paris Skyline Building Kit With Eiffel Tower for adults LEGO Architecture Paris Skyline 21044

Eiffel Tower Model and Other Paris City Architecture

Released: 2019 | 649 Pieces

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Lego Creator Expert set Ford Mustang 10265 Building Kit for adults LEGO 10265 Creator Expert 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

An Iconic 1960s Muscle Car Build Kit

Released: 2019 | 1471 Pieces

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Feeling tired after a long sleep?

I have mentioned our minds and creativity, now you are even more intrigued about what does that have to do with Lego? We will get there, but first, it is important to know why do we feel tired and stressed in the first place. Based on Dr Saundra Dalton-Smith and her findings on why we are feeling tired even after more than 8 hours of sleep. We see that the problem is a bit bigger than we initially thought. To sum up, “rest” doesn’t have only one meaning, there are actually seven types of rest that you can learn more about in Dr Saundra’s TedX video. That means we can be tired Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally, Socially, Sensory, Creatively, and Physically.

The interesting thing is that we feel tired if our minds are not being adequately engaged. In other words, we are not satisfying our mental needs, and this causes the impression of exhaustion. Imagine having a car with a full tank but keeping it in the garage all the time. Certainly, if that car could talk, it would say that hitting the road would make it feel alive again and it would forget how stressed and exhausted it felt by being locked between the walls.

This means that we can actually tap into one of the energy sources which is full, and use it to refill the other one which is being depleted on the daily basis. Later, we use that energy flow to achieve even more in our professional lives. It is a win-win situation.

Art as a potential energy source for adults

Art is recognised as a great tool to work on your mental health and fuel your creative side. Yes, one of the easiest ways to kick-start your mind is by engaging yourself in some of the seven art forms. For example, painting, architecture, sculpture, literature, music, performing and cinema. It is okay if you can’t play a musical instrument, or can’t paint, nor write creatively…  An interesting fact about Lego is that many sets are directly connected to some of these art categories, and they are made in a friendly way so anyone can do it. Some people even go as far as stating that Lego bricks are an Art medium, as they can express themselves in various ways in which they couldn’t before.

After combining all of those elements before, I believe that you see how Lego fills up plenty of those gaps, especially for adults. We simply need to be creative, solve problems, train our imagination, feel the sense of accomplishment, admire our result, and much more.

Lego bricks as an art medium

Lego company also knows the importance of all of this. That is why you can now see different suggestion labels on the Lego sets, such as 1,5+, 4+, 6+ 9+, 13+, and since recently, 18+, for adults. Does that mean that Lego recently started making products for adults? The short answer is: No. The long answer is: Not because Lego actually deprecated the old label “Creator Expert” which was used for many years. Another “No” answer is connected with the fact that plenty of people never needed a suggestion or label to tell them what they should have. As a result, those people mainly fall under the category called AFOL, which stands for Adult Fan of Lego, and those people are seriously passionate about the brick.

Clearly, artists and hobbyists knew the truth about energy transfer that I mentioned earlier, even without knowing it existed. By building Lego sets, refilling several energy levels at the end of the stressful day comes natural, therefore the positive change simply raises from within.

Lego did start as a toys company for kids, but they learned later that we are all kids even at later ages. The result of that is the Adults Welcome title under which all 18+ lego sets currently sit. Lego is now being very clear that they are not making toys only for kids, and they want to let us know that adults are important too.

As the Adults Welcome category is pretty fresh, we will be listing not only 18+ Lego sets but rather what is currently the most desired by adults and ticks several boxes that I have mentioned before.


1) LEGO set Bonsai Tree 10281 | Adults’ favourite | (878 Pieces)

Lego Bonsai Tree 10281 Building Kit

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Surprisingly, even if the Bonsai technique in Asia is considered to be around one thousand years old, it paved the way to the general public from Japan somewhere in the 18th century. Loved and admired by many, this art requires a lot of work, patience and knowledge about the plant to reach the desired state.

Luckily, now it is a bit easier with this beautiful Lego set from the new Botanical Collection. Bonsai tree set is combining the art of Lego and the art of growing Bonsai trees into one. Therefore, it is very easy to tell why this set is one of the most loved ones by adults. It is simply stunning.

Lego set Bonsai Tree 10281 Building Kit for adults

Similarly, this bonsai tree set has beautiful colours and a charming design. Two display variations are included and both are made using very interesting building techniques.

Released in 2021, Lego Bonsai Tree 10281 is truly a mindful project because of its creative design and overall appearance. The rectangular pot sits on the slatted wood-effect stand, and it will surely increase the elegance in your home.

It comes with interchangeable pieces so you can style it as classic green, or vibrant pink cherry blossom blooms. Whichever you choose, I am sure that it will be admired by the close people around you.

Dimensions: 7 in. (18 cm) high, 8.5 in. (21 cm) long and 7.5 in. (20 cm) wide, but it definitely has an even bigger place in our hearts.


  • Elegant and beautiful design
  • Comes in two display variations
  • Uses creative building techniques
  • Includes elements made from sustainable materials


  • Already hard to find
  • Size could be bigger

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2) LEGO Star Wars set: The Mandalorian The Razor Crest 75292 | For Adults And For Kids (1,023 Pieces)

Lego Star Wars set The Mandalorian The Razor Crest 75292 Exclusive Building Kit for adults and kids

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A Star Wars fan or just a casual builder, this Lego set is not only for kids but also for adults. Mandalorian series swept many people of their feet because of its charm, witty jokes and old-school-like Star Wars special effects. Undoubtedly, this set is a very good representation of Mando’s starship “Razor Crest“, and it packs many details under its hull.

Despite the 10+ label, this buildable spaceship offers a lot of fun even for adults. The design is sturdy and easy to pick up. Since this is a cargo transport ship, it is obvious that it should have a lot of space inside. Luckily, Lego designers made this happen in a great way. The construction of the ship’s skeleton is good and it feels rigid. You can easily expose the interior by interacting with the moving parts around the ship. It is expected to see some bounties as this is a bounty hunter’s ship. Two characters are frozen in the carbonite, and they can be placed inside. The starship also has a sleeping chamber, an escape pod, and a new exclusive print for the ship’s canopy.

Given these points, this might be one of the best sets that you can get today if you are new to Lego.

Lego Star Wars The Mandalorian The Razor Crest 75292


As shown above, this set comes with 5 Minifigures. Each one of them is special in its own way. Above all, they all have great prints with a lot of details, and some are unexpectedly unique.

Baby Yoda

Also known as Grogu, or The Child. The recognisable green little guy with big ears is immensely cute and full of details. The head is not so easy to damage as it is made from a flexible material. Due to his popularity, Grogu is also present in a few other sets. Since Grogu and Mando are inseparable in the show, I would advise keeping them together as they will increase the value as a team.

Din Djarin – AKA Mando

Played by Pedro Pascal, this version of the bounty hunter Minifigure in fact comes with his durasteel armour. This Minifigure has a great level of details on his torso and legs. On the downside, the head is not printed, because “This is the way” based on the Mandalorian’s code. Besides this set, this Minifigure is also available in AT-ST Raider 75254 set from resellers if you are willing to pay extra for it. The reason for the high price is Gina Carano’s fiasco that happened recently. After that, Disney has ended her contract, which also impacted the production of that Lego set.

Greef Karga

Surprisingly, this is the very first Carl Weathers official exclusive Lego Minifigure! Accordingly, the famous actor is represented in a very good way with detailed prints on the torso. I would expect that this Minifigure’s value will increase with time.

Scout Trooper

Compared to other troopers, I personally think that this Minifigure requires special attention. Prints are just great. Both sides of the torso have crisp details, even hips are printed which fits perfectly with the prints on the legs. In fact, I wish that all Minifigures in the future have this kind of print quality. Most importantly, it comes with a dual-moulded helmet. It is good to know that this production technique is mostly reserved for the special Minifigures.

IG-11 robot droid

A buildable Minifigure of the assassin droid, a dangerous model which has largely been outlawed. This Minifigure comes with a unique print for the head.

Rising demands among adults of the Lego Razor Crest set

In conclusion, it is clear why the demand for the Mando’s Bounty hunter transport set is constantly increasing. Grabbing one for yourself would be a wise decision before it’s completely gone.

The demands are very high and Lego is trying hard to keep up with the production, even if it’s estimated that the Mandalorian The Razor Crest 75292 will retire somewhere in Q2 2022.

Update: Lego has decided to retire this set somewhere at the end of 2021!

An additional reason for high demands is the fact that some people are buying multiple copies of this set so they can stash it and re-sell it once it retires. It is well known that the many Lego sets are a great investment in the long run. However, one has to do a lot of research before investing. There are great chances that this set will be very popular in the future as it is the first of its kind. Due to the high demands, there is also a possibility that Lego might also release the UCS version but this was not confirmed yet.


  • Has a unique set of Minifigures (great for collectors)
  • Solid sturdy design and good display value
  • Offers a lot of playability
  • Good price


  • Uses stickers instead of printed pieces
  • Symmetrical build
  • Not an expert set

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3) LEGO Ideas 21319 Central Perk set – Loved by Adults (1,070 Pieces)

Lego Ideas 21319 set Central Perk Building Kit for adults

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Attention: Playing Friends melody inside the head is essential while reading this review.

Yes, your favourite 90s sitcom TV show has made in a Lego set. Lego has labelled it as 16+ because of the funky building techniques, I would say that this kind of Lego sets would be more appealing to adults.

21319 Central Perk coffee shop Lego set came through the Lego Ideas program where anyone can submit their own idea. After reaching 10.000 votes from the fans, the Lego company is considering making it a reality. This set was released at the end of 2019, for the 25th anniversary of the first episode, and it is planning to retire somewhere in Q3 2021.

This Lego set is packed with very cool details and easter eggs from the Friends TV show, so you will enjoy finding them across the build, but I will not spoil too much.

Lego Ideas 21319 Central Perk Building Kit For Adults


Many of us grew up with these characters, and it is going to be easy to recognise them simply because of the unique body prints and fun facial expressions. The set comes with 7 Minifigures in total.

Rachel Green

The design of her Minifigure is from the first scene from the first episode when she was serving the coffee to the crew. Rachel has a happy and upset face that you can choose which to display. This is the only Minifigure in this set with hips and legs printed.

Monica Geller

Monica is wearing suspenders and a cute outfit, just like in the first scenes of the very first episode. There are two facial expressions as well, both representing the real character.

Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe is a wild child and comes with her peculiar outfit. It is easy to appreciate the designer’s effort. She comes with two facial expressions, natural and shocked. There is a cute detail, her guitar – so make sure no one else touches it.

Joey Tribbiani

A cool guy, he is an actor who never shares food! Joey also comes with a satchel that goes well with the torso print on the Minifigure. As a true fan, you should be able to remember the “purse” scene from the show.  He has two facial expressions, and you are going to love his “How you doin’?” face.

Ross Geller

The show would not be the same without Ross and his slightly worried palaeontologist face. He also has a regular smiley face so you can choose which to display.

Chandler Bing

Chandler the jokester is obviously part of the Minifigure crew. No one knows what his job is, and no one really cares enough to ask. He comes with a happy and annoyed face – both look very good.

Gunther the coffee shop worker

Gunther, the long-time admirer of Rachel comes with a cool print on the torso with the funny necktie. Has his frowny and a neutral face to choose from. I have to say his white coloured hair look as original as in the tv-series.

Main build:

The seating area really stands out right away, and the famous orange couch just looks great. There is also the coffee counter on the left, an iconic Central Perk window on the right, which is a printed piece. Close to the window is a small stage with the microphone, where Phoebe can play her guitar, and the whole set has studio lights and many more details.

The Lego set comes with several Exclusive Unique prints and stickers. Each one of them is a memorable reference to some of the details of the show, and you will notice them easily if you are a true fan. My personal favourite is the Reserved sign on the main table.

Lastly, the cool thing about this Lego set is that you can display it in 3 different ways. The first and the obvious one is the one which is showing the interior with the main couch. The second one can show the main entrance of Central Perk. Last but not least, if you don’t have too much space to display the whole build, you can easily take out the couch with all character to display only the main squad.


  • Gorgeous look and an iconic build
  • 3 different display methods
  • Many cool details and easter eggs
  • Minifigures of all 6 friends are just great


  • Gunter Minifigure could be a bit better
  • Has some stickers

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LEGO Set Architecture Skyline Collection 21044 Paris Skyline (649 Pieces)

Lego Architecture Skyline Collection 21044 Paris Skyline Building Kit With Eiffel Tower

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Note: You don’t have to know how to speak French to build this set.

Lego Architecture line has a very special history. Back in 2008, an architect and a Lego fan, Adam Reed Tucker from Chicago made a great representation of the Sears Tower building. Following the quick success of this set, he designed a few other buildings using Lego bricks, after which he caught the attention of the Lego Group. From that moment, Adam and Lego started the collaboration, and the Lego Architecture line was born.

Adults especially love all Lego Architecture sets because they are a great decoration and sometimes souvenirs.

You can easily tell why Lego Set Paris Skyline is loved by adults. This Lego Architecture set is using clever micro techniques to assemble famous buildings. This 649 piece set has 6 iconic buildings, it was released in 2019 and is projected to retire at the end of 2021.

Arc de Triomphe

One of Paris’ most significant commemorative monuments. Arc de Triomphe was ordered by Napoleon in 1806 to honour those who fought and died for France in the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars.

Rather simple build, it looks very good and it should be easy to recognise, especially next to the Eiffel Tower.


Surely one of the world’s most beautiful and famous boulevards, the Champs-Elysées is synonymous with all that is glamorous and grand about Paris. Luxury shops, cafes and theatres. Opened by Louis XIV in 1667, a date that many consider being the birth of Paris as a grand city.
This Lego version is a small portion of the famous street, but it still looks good and recognisable.

Lego Architecture Skyline Collection 21044 Paris Skyline Building Kit With Eiffel Tower For Adults

Grand Palais – Le Grand Palais

Built in 1897 in preparation for the Universal Exposition of 1900, currently a historical site, exhibition hall and museum complex. The original purpose is to be the home of great art events in the city of Paris. Ornate building with spectacular glass roof has seen a parade of art and cultural shows of all types.

Tour Montparnasse – La tour Montparnasse

688.9 ft (210m) monolithic skyscraper is located in the Montparnasse area of Paris. Designed by the architect Eugène Beaudouin, Urbain Cassan, and Louis de Hoÿm de Marien, and built by Campenon Bernard. It was the tallest tower until 2011 when Tour First surpassed it. This monolithic structure is widely known, thus being loved and hated for being out of place in the Paris skyline. Offers unique panoramic views of the city’s famous attractions.
This Lego representation might be even better looking than the real one due to the interesting choice of the pieces and building techniques.

Eiffel Tower – La Tour Eiffel

The most iconic symbol of Paris. Built between 1887-1889, named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, who designed and built a wrought iron structure.
Inspired by the Latting Observatory in New York, designers Maurice Koechlin and Émile Nouguier together with architect Stephen Sauvestre, were the most important people working for Gustave Eiffel on this project. Despite not being so popular at its inception, today it is considered to be a magnificent example of structural art.

The Eiffel Tower sits at 45 degrees and has a tiny portion of the park as well. Also, clever printed pieces of the tower’s bottom arches are giving a very good overall design with the French flag on the top.

The Louvre Museum – Musée du Louvre

Louvre Museum is a historic monument in Paris and the world’s largest art museum. Accordingly, this iconic building is also the home of the Mona Lisa. A glass pyramid is located in the centre and it is surrounded by nice details.


  • Nice details of the buildings
  • Unique prints
  • Eiffel Tower looks amazing from all angle


  • Usual high price for the Architecture sets
  • Some details could be better

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LEGO 10265 Creator Expert 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback – A real adults’ set

Lego Creator Expert Ford Mustang 10265 Building Kit

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I have saved the best for the last. Released in 2019, this authentic replica of the Ford Mustang from the 1960s is going to blow your mind. As a Lego set, this iconic muscle car is packed with details and easter eggs, and on top of that, it has plenty of customisable features and optional add-ons to make it more personal. This building set is a great example of how Lego should approach designing serious sets for Adults in the future.

Estimating to retire at the beginning of 2023, Lego set 10265 For Mustang Fastback keeps winning our Adults’ hearts even without racing. The more you look, the more you’ll appreciate the masterpiece design, which is capturing the defining details of the body and accurately representing the details under the hood. There are many functional and moving parts, you’ll enjoy finding them and playing with them.

Lego Creator Expert Ford Mustang 10265 Building Kit For Adults

Under the Hood

You’ll fall in love more and more with the car once you start building it. In brief, after you pop the hood, you’ll see the engine, AC pump, filter, battery terminal, and many other details… And my personal favourite, the oil cap with the Mustang logo on it. It is such a great touch. The designers also gave us an option to choose between the stock engine or the one with the mega Super Charger! In order to fit this beast, you will need to make some quick modifications. Firstly, start with removing the stock boring filter and take off the central part of the hood. Secondly, attach the Super Charger and admire its raw power. You can almost hear the engine roaring.

The Body and the Interior

The functional hood, the doors, the trunk, everything that you might expect from the car. Even the functional steering wheel. For some reason, prints on the pieces on the side somehow do not sit perfectly aligned, but this might be the problem with my model. I don’t think many people will complain as it is not so easy to spot. The interior of the car looks very good too. The seats are textured and coloured, and you can even fold down the rear seats to make more space on the back. There’s also the radio, the automatic gear shifter and other details at the front seats of the Mustang.


In addition to the customisations of the engine, we have an option to customise the body as well. Firstly, there is a mechanism to increase the suspension of the rear wheels to give it a hot-rod look. Oh, yeah. Secondly, you can put the Shelby style spoiler on the trunk, and add a front bumper aftermarket to give it a racing/raging look if you want. Enough or not? Don’t worry, there’s more. Basic exhaust pipes are too mainstream? Remove them and put the side pipes behind the front wheels. Now it is looking hot. As for the final touch, open the trunk and put the NOS bottle in there. How do you feel? I am getting shivers just by thinking about it. Lastly, you can choose the different versions of the licence plates for the US, Australia, UK and Germany.

Final step: Admire its beauty.


  • Customisable features
  • Accurate representation of the iconic car
  • Many printed and unique pieces
  • Packed with details and easter eggs


  • Included stickers could be prints
  • Some prints do not align perfectly
  • Hard to find

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General advice when choosing Lego sets for adults.

I have a confession to make: I am a 36-year-old adult who is into Lego since I was a kid. One of my hobbies is giving Lego sets to my friends and family and other close people, of which many are adults. No matter the age, gender, skin colour or clothing choices, I always get those unspoiled smiles when they receive the gift.

If you ask me why I do that, it is only to see their reactions after they build something for the first time and later show the details. I am happy that something as simple as a building toy can create so many positive emotions and bring a spark to their eye.

All you need to know when choosing the Lego sets for adults are their basic interests. Are they into pirates, cars, ninjas, space, city buildings or dragons? Lego has everything for everyone. Age suggestions on the boxes are only suggestions. They do make sense for kids under the labelled age, but not for adults. In case you are not 100% sure which set to go for, just pick almost any set with 18+ or Creator Expert labels, as long as it fits in the interests of the person for which the gift is intended. And the good thing is that you can’t go wrong with it as Lego is a construction toy that can become anything we want with a little bit of imagination.

People also ask:

Is it correct to say Lego or Legos or Legoes?

  • Lego is the name of the company, therefore if you want to refer to the parts, you should say Lego Bricks or Lego Pieces. These are widely known and accepted by the community.
  • There was a poll on Twitter where the official Lego Group replied saying that Lego is always an adjective, therefore people should use Lego bricks, Lego elements, Lego sets, etc…

Is Lego only for kids?

  • No, it was never only for kids. To make it official, Lego has recently introduced 18+ labelled sets specifically designed for adults.
  • Fun fact: Adults have designed All Lego sets.

What is the meaning of Lego UCS?

  • UCS stands for Ultimate Collectors Series. As the name suggests, these Lego sets are targeted primarily at adults LEGO collectors (AFOL=Adult Fan Of Lego).
  • These models are very difficult to build and usually consist of many bricks, whereas the instructions are huge.
  • A high number of pieces included in the set is directly impacting the end price, therefore they are more appealing to the adults.

What do Swooshable means?

  • Swooshable is referred mostly to the ability of the spaceships, aeroplanes and similar, which can be picked up and flown around.
  • Bonus points to those making flying, shooting and other sounds while Swooshing around the room.

Why do people buy Lego?

  • AFOLs and other collectors are representing a huge portion of the current market. These adults tend to have a large number of Lego sets from different years, and many of them have their own area of interest, such as Star Wars, Pirates, City, Ninjas, etc…
  • No matter the gender, age or interests. Gifting Lego sets is very popular.
  • Many people engage themselves in this hobby because of stress relief, or even a type of meditation for some, which is promoting mindfulness, increasing patience and the overall well-being
  • Lego sets are great for adults and kids because we actively use our motor skills, problem-solving, creativity, imagination, and at the very end, the sense of accomplishment which leads to satisfaction.

Why is Lego expensive?

  • Lego is making high-quality toys that can not decay with time. The first Lego brick was patented in 1958, and it is still compatible with today’s bricks. That being said, the building possibilities are enormous and it is only limited by the number of bricks and your imagination.
  • All Lego sets are designed in a very strict process where quality is one of the main factors. The end customer is getting a very nice package with coloured prints representing the content, bricks and instructions. Each brick, colour, print, Minifigure or instructions are carefully thought out by experts to comply with their high standards, and many people are involved in this process.
    • Fun fact, some instructions take even one year to complete. This is mostly for the largest sets that Lego is producing for adults.
  • Royalties play the other role in the price of certain Lego sets. Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter and the others are great examples of this. This long-term collaboration is a win-win situation for both parties.

Why adults like Lego?

  • Many current AFOLs were kids who played with Lego. Once those kids started earning their own money, there is always a good percentage of them who continued with this hobby because it reminds them of childhood. This is a truth for many as we can easily drift in our thoughts and use our imagination.
  • Retired sets are getting higher in value. Therefore some adults invest in Lego sets. Reselling Lego is even a business for some, but it takes a lot of time for the person to get to know which sets should become popular after their production life.
  • Rare pieces, such as misprints, unique elements, bricks of special colour, and others are the key to some Adult Lego Collectors and they consider it as their speciality.
    • These collectors are willing to pay a significant amount of money to increase the size of their collection, so keep an eye on the unusual pieces, as they might worth a lot.

Is Lego the only way to engage your creative side? Definitely not, on our website you can find several other topics that might interest you in the hobbies section.

Please share this page with your friend or family member if you learned something new.
Happy building!