Best Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses – Top 5 Ranked & Compared

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#1  Spice-Lab-Himalayan-Salt-Shot-Glasses Spice Lab Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
#2  Himalayan-Salt-Shot-Glasses-by-Deco Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses by Deco 4.5 out of 5.0 stars
#3  Food-Grade-Himalayan-Salt-Shot-Glasses-by-Ziggy-V Food Grade Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses by Ziggy V 4.5 out of 5.0 stars
#4  100-Percent-Natural-Himalayan-Salt-Shot-Glasses-by-Root7 100% Natural Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses by Root7 4.5 out of 5.0 stars
#5 Pink-Himalayan-Salt-Shot-Glasses-by-Oumai Pink Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses by Oumai 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

You’re a discerning drinker, and you’d like to level up your shots from kitschy souvenir shot glasses. We all know that Himalayan salt is one of the most beneficial minerals you can be adding to your diet, but did you know that you can receive the same benefit through shot glasses?

What exactly are they?

Himalayan shot glasses are more than just a trend. They impart the tiniest bit of flavor to your tequila and help your body replenish electrolytes lost throughout the day.

It has slight antimicrobial qualities that help keep the glasses from becoming tainted, and pink Himalayan salt has one of the most intense flavors of all salts. It adds an interesting depth to your drink.

Himalayan salt shot glasses are actually carved from salt and look a bit like candles. A shot glass is usually quite small, and designed to hold spirits or liquor.

Why would you want one made of salt? Because the salt adds flavor to your drink. They also look very cool and stylish. These glasses usually come in sets of 4, and are generally about 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide.

You might wonder how germs don’t get passed along if you’re not supposed to wash these glasses. The amazing thing about salt is that it is a natural antibacterial agent. It inhibits the growth and multiplication of bacteria.

The reason why people gargle with salt and water when they have a sore throat is because the salt kills bacteria on contact. It is also anti inflammatory.

Himalayan pink salt is a rock salt from the Punjab region of Pakistan. The salt beds are made from crystallised sea salt that is surrounded by snow and ice. It is located around 190 miles from the Himalayas. Because it is covered by lava, many people think that this has protected it from pollution. So they believe it is the purest salt available.

98% of Himalayan salt is sodium chloride, but there are also trace minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium which give it the pink tint. It is a more natural salt than most, since it undergoes a lot less processing.

Many people also prefer it because of its touted health benefits like extra mineral content, lower sodium and as an aid to hydration. Other benefits it is rumoured to give include vascular health, improved circulation, lowered blood pressure, increased bone strength and libido, and reduced signs of aging.

How to use them?

You need to pour the drink just before you take the shot because the longer it sits in the glass, the saltier the alcohol becomes. Too salty and it’s undrinkable.

To clean the glasses, you simply swirl clean water around and wipe dry. Never put them in the dishwasher or allow them to soak in water because liquid breaks down the salt. You want these to last through many tequila tastings.

5 Highest Reviewed Shot Glasses with Himalayan Salt

Let’s take a look at the top five Himalayan sea salt shot glasses.

1.) Spice Lab Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Spice Lab shot glasses are the same glasses featured in Oprah magazine. They are three-inch glasses made from pure Himalayan sea salt. The salt is the same quality as what you’d find in your local restaurant’s salt shaker.

They have beautiful pink veining and variations of color. You can use them to add the right amount of flavor to your tequila by just adding a small lime wedge. These simply wipe dry between uses because salt is naturally antibacterial.

Each glasses is hand-carved and will feature variations in the look and slight differences in size. This won’t influence the taste of the shoot or presentation of the glasses.


  • They’ve already been tested by the queen of fun products, Oprah.
  • Don’t require cleaning; simply wipe down.
  • The coloring is beautiful.


  • They don’t come with the wooden tray.

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2.) Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses by Deco

Deco’s salt glasses are hand carved and feature all the beautiful color variations of Himalayan salt. They are simple to clean and don’t require any water. Simply wipe them down after each use.

You are helping to support a small business when you purchase these glasses. They are all sourced from local materials and shipped well.

They also impart a subtle salt flavor but make sure that you don’t leave the drink too long. Because they are hand carved, there is some variation in size. It’s possible that one may leak. Make sure you check them right away so that the company can correct any mistakes.


  • They have beautiful coloring.
  • They are hand carved to have interesting variation.
  • Each glass gives a subtle salt flavor.


  • The hand-carved element might cause some discomfort if you want a uniform size.

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3.) Food Grade Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses by Ziggy V

The Ziggy V salt glasses are 100% food grade Himalayan sea salt. They are hand carved from a solid block of salt. Each one features beautiful variations in coloring and veining for visual interest.

They come with a removable plastic liner so you can control how much salt ends up in your drink, helpful if you are having tastings. The liner also helps extend the life of the glasses, so you have longer to go before having to replace them.

As always, they are not dishwasher safe, and only need to be wiped clean after use.


  • The removable plastic liner extends life and helps control taste.
  • They are carved from a single block of salt.
  • They are slightly taller than the standard three inches.


  • These come from a small business and customer service can be slow.

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4.) 100% Natural Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses by Root7

Root7 offers a set of four salt glasses accompanied by a beautiful wooden serving board. They feature the distinctive pink veining and color variations unique to Himalayan sea salt. They also have a magnetic-close box if you want to give them as gifts or use it as storage.

The salt is ethically sourced from sustainable salt deposits. They are hand carved from food grade salt and should last quite a while with proper care. You only need to wipe them clean and store them in a dry place between uses. The company estimates over 100 uses if glasses are properly cared for and stored well.


  • They are carved from ethically sourced, food grade salt.
  • They come with an acacia wood serving board for presentation.
  • The magnetic-close box makes the perfect gift item.


  • There is no plastic liner included.

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5.) Pink Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses by Oumai

The Oumai set gives you just a little bit more with five glasses hand carved from a solid block of Himalayan salt. They are three inches and add the perfect amount of salt to your tequila shot or mini margarita.

They have a brighter pink veining and feature the variations we all love about Himalayan salt. They don’t come with liners so make sure that you wipe them out immediately and store them in a dry place.

They don’t come with a serving tray or a decorative box.


  • There are more glasses in this set so that you can serve more people.
  • They are a smaller, even three inches.
  • Each one is unique.


  • There is no liner included, nor a serving tray or box for gift-giving. They do come packaged well from the vendor to prevent breakage.

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Brief Guide to Buying Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Who Can Benefit?

If you like your tequila chased with salt and lime, like Oprah, then these glasses are the perfect choice for you. You can simply cut a lime wedge for the side of the glasses, and they will add the perfect amount of salt naturally. They will save you having to add salt to the rim of your glass, or lick salt in between sips.

The salt in these glasses also means that the drinks can be kept hot or cold for longer. Salt has thermal properties, meaning it stores energy. So you can freeze the glasses, refrigerate them or heat them before serving drinks to add some options to your menu.

Fiery drinks taste really good with salt, because the salt mellows them out and opens up all the flavors. Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican holiday in May, is an ideal occasion to pull out these glasses and serve tequila in style. You could also try sweet drinks and see which flavors come out that you don’t usually experience.

This is a great gift idea for someone who likes to drink tequila with salt and lime. Some people liked this gift so much they claimed it was the best gift ever. Add a bottle of tequila and some limes and you’ve got a great gift basket.

What To Look For?

Look for glasses that are quite thick so that they will last longer. Their added thickness will also mean that they’ll stay cold longer if you pop them in the freezer before use.

The type that comes with a plastic insert will give you the most options. That way if your guests want to sip their tequila rather than downing it one gulp, your glass won’t be eroded, and they won’t have a salty drink.

Also look for a product that has good reviews. You want to make sure also that if the company are shipping them to you, they package them well. Otherwise they can break in the mail, or develop leaks.

Look for a product that is FDA approved. You will ingest the salt since it dissolves into your drink, so you want to make sure you’re not drinking toxins. FDA approval means that the US Food and Drug Administration has decided that the benefits of it outweigh any risks.

If you’re buying these as a gift you might also want to look for a set that comes in a nice gift box so they can look great when they’re opened, and be stored easily.

What To Avoid?

Avoid getting a cheap knock off item. If you get glasses that aren’t made well then they can leak.

Also don’t let liquid sit in them, as it will absorb the salt till you don’t have any glass left. It is recommended that you drink up quickly, then wipe them dry with a paper towel.


Do they eventually disintegrate?

They will disintegrate over time, as the salt gets used up. However they should last around 100 shots depending on the quality of the glass. If you wipe them dry after use that will help.

Do they have a plastic insert?

They often don’t – the salt is made to meant to hold the drink, so that it flavours it. However there is a patent pending plastic insert available from some sellers that can keep drinks from getting too salty.

Otherwise, just don’t keep your drink in the glass too long before drinking it and you should be fine.

Do they break easily?

They are reported to be quite fragile, but if you’re careful with them they should be OK.

Can you sip and savor your tequila with these?

No, these don’t work very well with sipping unless they have the plastic insert. If you want to savor your tequila and you don’t have the insert it will get too salty quite quickly.

Can I use these to gargle salt?

You probably can if you put some warm water in and wait for a few minutes for some of the salt to dissolve. However most companies don’t put that on their description so you’d have to try it and see.

Are they dishwasher safe?

No – salt dissolves in water so they would not last very well by being washed. They should be patted dry after use. You can also rinse them if you need to.

Cheers to you!

Himalayan sea salt shot glasses are a fun and unique addition to your bar cart. They offer a subtle flavor that deepens any tequila flavor and provides a unique tasting experience.

You only need to make sure that they stay dry and you can enjoy them throughout many tastings.