Best HDMI Splitters – Top 5 Picks for 2021

This is our official list in search of the best HDMI splitters on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product and to learn more about these useful gadgets.

Quick Look:

  1. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars Kinivo 501BN Premium
  2. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars Zettaguard 4K x 2K 4 Port HDMI
  3. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars OREI HD-102 1 Port HDMI Powered Splitter
  4. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars Fosmon HD1831 3-Port HDMI Switch
  5. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars SOWTECH ST-HDSP0001 1X2 HDMI Splitter

We know time is of the essence, so the above is a cheat sheet of what’s ahead, just in case your’re in a hurry. Otherwise, keep scrolling down for more detailed and constructive info on each item.

5 Highest Reviewed HDMI Splitters

With an HDMI splitter, an HDMI signal can be split and sent to two different displays. In the past, analog signals were the primary sources of programming, but today, most signals are broadcasted in HD. An HDMI splitter can convert a single input source into two outputs, and the output signals can be sent to different televisions or computer monitors.

Since the splitter uses advanced technology, it almost always requires its own power source. It’s useful to know that the splitter will always default to the lowest possible resolution when connected to a display. For example, if connected to a TV that has two different resolutions, the splitter will automatically default to the lowest resolution.

The best time to use an HDMI splitter is when you need to split the connection from a single HDMI box. A great example is splitting the connection from a DVR and sending the output signals to TVs in different rooms. By creating such a connection, you can avoid spending money on a second DVR. In most cases, you’ll save money by purchasing a splitter. When shopping for this product, it’s very important to make sure the splitter will accept the lower resolution of your display.

You should also know that most HDMI splitters that come with a power source are able to transmit the signal at a greater distance than splitters that don’t use their own power source.

1.) Kinivo 501BN Premium

Kinivo 501BN Premium

The Kinivo 501BN HDMI switch converts up to five inputs into a single output, which allows you to connect several different devices to a single display. This device can automatically switch based on the active input, and for convenience, it supports manual switching with the IR wireless remote.

You can even change the input by pressing the button on the device. The Kinivo 501BN supports HD and 3D resolution, and it can easily handle 1080P resolutions. This high-speed HDMI switch is ideal for a home theater or gaming setup, and it supports several different resolutions.

It’s designed to be compatible with Apple TV, Xbox 360, Blu-ray and HDTVs. If you’re looking for an easy way to reduce HDMI cord cutter, this product might be worth considering. It comes with its own power adapter and allows for easy switching with the IR remote.


  • Very small
  • Affordable
  • Easy to connect
  • Converts five HDMI inputs into one display


  • Cannot turn off automatic switching

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2.) Zettaguard 4K x 2K 4 Port HDMI

Zettaguard 4K x 2K 4 Port HDMI

The Zettaguard 4K x 2K can connect four HDMI source components and send them to one HDMI input. With this device, it’s easy to get seamless transitions between TV programming and games. The Zettaguard 4K x 2K can support 2K and 4K resolutions, and it also supports 3D features.

Since this device comes with a PIP feature, it’s very easy to transition between inputs. An infrared remote allows you to quickly switch between devices, and you never have to leave the couch.

For a reduced footprint, this HDMI splitter features a slim, modern design, and it can be connected to desktops, laptops, gaming consoles and compatible devices. The PIP feature allows you to watch TV and check your email at the same time, and the Zettaguard 4K x 2K supports the latest HD resolutions.


  • PIP feature for multitasking
  • Indicator lights tell you what input is in use
  • Cables plug into back of device
  • Handles the latest resolutions


  • Doesn’t support 4K at 60Hz

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3.) OREI HD-102 1 Port HDMI Powered Splitter

OREI HD-102 1 Port HDMI Powered Splitter

The OREI HD-102 makes it possible to split a single HDMI signal into two output signals, which are identical to the original signal. This device supports a variety of different audio sources, and it’s designed with a heavy-duty metal enclosure.

The strong enclosure protects the unit and helps to keep it cool. Several features have been added to improve heat dissipation and absorption, which prolong the product’s life expectancy. This HDMI splitter supports video formats up to 1440p, and since it’s HDCP compliant, it won’t bypass an HDCP signal.

If you need a switch that supports 1080p HD, then this product is worth considering. It’s one of the best splitters for converting one input into two outputs, and it can be used with gaming consoles, TVs and more.


  • Well-built product
  • Supports most HD resolutions
  • Great for splitting 1080p signal
  • Cooled metal enclosure


  • Could use a style upgrade

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4.) Fosmon HD1831 3-Port HDMI Switch with Pigtail Cable

Fosmon HD1831 3-Port HDMI Switch with Pigtail Cable

The Fosmon HD1831 features intelligent functions, and it works with a wide range of different consoles. It can support HD resolutions up to 1080p, and for computer resolutions, it can handle 1,920 by 1,200. This device is HDCP compliant, and it has no trouble handling HD audio.

If you’ve ran out of HDMI ports, this splitter offers several additional ports, and it reduces clutter. With a 50cm HDMI output source, it’s compatible with most devices, and it supports 12-bit deep color per channel. The Fosmon HD1831 offers a total of three ports, and it supports 3D devices.


  • Frees up space and ports
  • Switches automatically to an active input
  • Perfect for TVs that have only two HDMI ports
  • Great functionality


  • Doesn’t come with a remote

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5.) SOWTECH ST-HDSP0001 1X2 HDMI Splitter


The SOWTECH ST-HDSP0001 is made with a smart chip, and it can analyze and process up to 225MHz. This device supports a signal bumper and HDCP. For additional protection, it has a built-in circuit, and the enclosure is designed for optimal heat dissipation.

The SOWTECH ST-HDSP0001 has been tested for a distance of 15 meters, and signal loss is never a problem. With strong compatibility, it can be used with several different resolutions, and it features a basic metal appearance.

If you’re looking for a way to convert one HDMI input into two outputs, this product is worth considering. This process is called mirroring, and the SOWTECH ST-HDSP0001 does it well.


  • Easy to use
  • Compact size
  • Bright indicator lights
  • Well-built construction


  • Power supply cord could be longer

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Wrapping Up

The best HDMI splitter makes it easy to convert a single input into two outputs, and it’s also useful for connecting several devices to a single display.

The latest HDMI splitters offer support for many different resolutions and come with a convenient remote. Depending on your needs, the best HDMI splitter can save you money and prevent you from having to purchase an extra DVR or similar device.

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