Best Go Karts For Kids – Top 5 Picks for 2021

This is our official list in search of the best go karts for kids on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product and a useful guide to choosing a quality go-cart for your little ones.

5 Highest Reviewed Go Karts For Kids to Consider

All little kids want to be like their parents and drive a car, and the best go karts for kids can make their dreams come true. These products are like miniature cars, and they’re designed with just enough power to be safe for young children.

With a high-quality go kart, your child will always have something fun to do, and the neighbor kids will be jealous. Below, you’ll find reviews for five of the top go karts for young kids.

1.) Tesla Radio Flyer Model S

Tesla Radio Flyer Model SThe Tesla Radio Flyer Model S features a premium battery, and it offers 50 percent more charge time. This go kart is made by Radio Flyer, and since it looks almost identical to the real Tesla S, it’s perfect for kids who’re into this car model.

This tiny go kart is equipped with several high-end features, and for maximum comfort, it offers spacious interior. This car has forward reverse, and it even has an MP3 sound system. The front of the car has a trunk, which is great for storing a soccer ball or basketball.

Unlike many competing products, this tiny car actually has working headlights, and it plugs in and charges like a real Tesla S. With an advanced battery system, this car offers 3x more play time than most competing products, and it can be purchased with a spare battery.


  • Looks and feels like a real Tesla S
  • Advanced battery system for maximum play time
  • Comes with several high-end features
  • Spacious interior and working headlights


  • Designed to fit one person

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2.) Fisher-Price W2602 Power Wheels Dune Racer

Fisher-Price W2602 Power Wheels Dune Racer

The Fisher-Price W2602 Dune Racer looks like it’s ready to tear up some sand dunes, and with an advanced traction system, it can drive over rough terrain, wet grass and hard surfaces. This go kart is a popular choice for kids, and it has a maximum speed of five miles per hour.

When operated in reverse, the maximum speed is 2.5 miles per hour. For additional support and safety, this product has metal sidebars, and the power lock brake system further improves the safety. The Fisher-Price W2602 comes with a 12-volt battery, and the steel frame can support up to 130 pounds.

This go kart comes with two speeds, which is great for beginners and advanced drivers. The Fisher-Price W2602 is perfect for kids, and it’s designed to be driven over rough, wet and rugged surfaces.


  • Very smart for a child’s toy
  • Supports up to 130 pounds
  • 7R gearbox is strong and reliable
  • Powerful enough to go up hills


  • Battery life could be improved

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3.) Razor Dune Buggy

Razor Dune Buggy

The Razor Dune Buggy is another popular go kart for kids, and despite the compact design, it holds a 350-watt motor. After it has been fully charged, it can reach speeds up to 10 miles per hour, and for better traction, it’s designed with eight-inch knobby pneumatic tires.

The tubular frame is made of durable steel, and the interior consists of a padded bucket seat. There is even a seatbelt, which helps to keep your children safer. The Razor Dune Buggy has reliable brake controls, and the hand throttle is built into a convenient location.

Since this go kart is powered by electricity, it doesn’t need any fuel to run, and the frame can support up to 120 pounds. It’s recommended for children over seven, and the high-torque motor delivers plenty of excitement.


  • Great for driving on grass and dirt
  • Accelerator is a convenient thumb paddle
  • Easy for parents to set the throttle
  • Slows down quickly


  • Ground clearance could be better

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4.) Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart

Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart

The Hauck Lightning go kart is designed with a sporty three-point steering system, which is very responsive and delivers fast steering. It comes with an adjustable bucket seat, and the major benefit of the seat design is its ability to fit tall and short kids.

The pedals are made to look like real race pedals, and the rubber wheels provide great traction. With a bright green color, this product is a popular choice, and the sharp handing is better than many competing products. Most kids love the Hauck Lightning go kart because it comes equipped with all the features they could want.

This small go kart can support up to 70 pounds, and the three-point steering system delivers quick, responsive turning. Although it doesn’t come with a battery, it can deliver just as much excitement as an electric go kart.


  • Steering assembly is easy
  • Seat can be adjusted
  • Tires are sturdy and reliable
  • Offers great exercise for kids


  • Turning radius isn’t good for small spaces

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5.) Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On

Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On

The Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury go kart can reach up to 12 miles per hours, and the chassis is tuned for a racing experience. Since this tiny go kart is designed for drifting, the rear wheels are very slick.

With a chain-driven motor, this product offers plenty of torque, and the acceleration is controlled by a simple thumb trigger. This go kart features a hand-operated rear brake, and it’s recommended for kids older than eight.

The Razor Ground Force Drifter can support up to 140 pounds, and since it only has one seat, it’s suitable for a single occupant. Something that makes this product unique is the spark bar, which is designed to produce real sparks by the rear wheels.


  • Fun for drifting
  • Battery can last up to 40 minutes
  • Fast enough for any child
  • Spark bar provides a realistic drifting experience


  • Wheels should be thicker

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Brief Guide to Go Karts for Kids

A go kart makes it possible for your child to experience what it’s like to drive a real car, and with such affordable pricing, these products are available on almost any budget. Go karts are available with several different features, and they’re almost always powered by electricity.

The faster models have a higher wattage, and they can give any child a fun, exciting experience. A major advantage of electric go karts is the lack of pollution, and since they don’t emit harmful pollutants, they can be used indoors.

These products can deliver countless hours of fun, and since they run on electricity, they can be quickly recharged and used again. Parents love go karts for kids because they can provide a nostalgic experience.

What Are They?

A Go Kart is basically a small open car. They have been a fun way to race for many years, and a good toy for both kids and adults. The simplest of these is a gravity racer, which runs by gravity from the top of a hill, then there are pedal go karts which can be pedalled around, then there are battery powered karts and also racing karts with a lot of power and speed.


Electronic go karts for kids give a happy medium – they don’t only run from the top of the hill, but can be raced around parks and sidewalks. They are also made to be safe for them, so they won’t go too fast, and they are powerful enough to last for a good amount of time and be a lot of fun. They are also not pedal powered, so your child won’t get worn out using them and can go a good distance.

Pedal Power

They are usually made from a steel or aluminium frame and have one or two seats. The frame is often built around the seat so that the driver won’t fall out. They contain steering wheels so that it’s a lot like driving a normal car, and they are usually painted different colors to look awesome as well.

Pedal powered karts on the other hand are great exercise and ensure your kids won’t speed!

Go karts are designed for various terrains – some just for a standard tarmac path or sidewalk, others for off road driving, and others for going up and down sand dunes. The maximum speed is usually kept low because it runs from battery and is safer for kids, and will vary from 3mph up to around 12mph.

Some go karts have a throttle and brake up on top, for use with hands, whereas others have foot pedals. Some only have a throttle, which automatically brakes once the driver takes his foot off it, which is a good safety feature for young children.

Who Can Benefit?

All kids will love these go karts – did you know that go karting is the most popular motor sport in the world? If you vacation on beaches you can get an off road dune buggy and let them zoom up and down the sand, or if you prefer parks you can either get an off road one to navigate the grass, or a standard go kart for the tarmac paths and sidewalks.

Maybe you have a large yard and just want to get your kids outside more – this is a great way of having fun and every child loves to drive a car.

If you’re worried about safety, there are models that automatically brake, or have parent controls where you can limit their speed if they are beginners and then increase it for more advanced or older children.

Toddler will love these, as will older children – electric go karts are especially good for age 3-10yrs. If you want to be a cool grandparent you could also keep one of these around so that the grandkids will love coming to your house. if you child is 10yrs of age or older you might prefer to look for a gas powered go kart.

What To Look For?

A lot will depend on the age of the child you are shopping for. If they are very young it is probably wise to start with a pedal powered go kart, and then later on start them with a battery powered one which they can drive at slow speeds. Then as they get older you could get one with a faster speed.

Also make sure you know the weight of your child, so that you can get one with the right specification and give them some room to grow. Adjustable seats and handlebars will also help with this if you want it to last a few more years.

If you are getting an off road kart or dune buggy, look for one with seat belts or safety harnesses so that when they tilt to one side they won’t fall out. Also a handbrake is a good feature in an all terrain vehicle, to help slow it down when needed.

Take a look at the type of tires on offer as they can vary widely. There are all-terrain rugged tires that will navigate grass, bumps and sand dunes, to smooth tires that are only designed for smooth surfaces.

What To Avoid?

Be careful about getting go karts from little known brands, as they sometimes ship them without instructions and you will have to figure out how to put them together all by yourself.

Avoid getting a gas powered go kart if your child is 10yrs or under, as it may go a bit too fast and not be as safe for them. Usually pedal powered or battery powered (electric) are best for this age group.


Can’t I just make my own go kart?

Yes you certainly can, and many kids and adults for years have made go karts out of wood and whatever materials they can find around, and then ran them down a hill to race them. But to make the kind of electrical go kart that is in these reviews you would really need to be an electrical engineer, and have the knowledge of how to do it safely.

How can I make sure my kids stay safe?

Until they get old enough that you are confident they can watch out for themselves, always supervise them. Watch out for things that the car might fit under but their head wouldn’t, as they might bang their heads if they’re not watching.

If you’re worried about it, you can opt for a model that has a low speed, or a parent controlled speed, where you can change it to a higher max speed once they know what they’re doing. You could also buy a two-seater so that you can both be in there at the same time.

Will they work on the road?

Yes they will, but the road would not be very safe since these are for children. It might also not be legal. A sidewalk, driveway, yard or park would be a lot safer choice for your children.

Wrapping Up

The best go karts for kids can provide countless hours of fun, and they’re designed to be driven over all types of terrain. With most kids spending a lot of time with smartphones and tablets, they don’t spend as much time outside as previous generations, and a tiny go kart serves as an excellent way for kids to get more time outdoors.

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