Best Gaming Chairs Ranked

Brief Guide to Buying Gaming Chairs

What makes a good gaming chair?

Build Quality

Quality is probably the number one thing that you should consider before anything else. It is extremely difficult to find good gaming chairs that are also of good quality. The build quality can also give you an idea about how much effort the manufacturers put into building it.


The durability of the chair will determine how long the chair will last. A durable chair can last for as long as five years without showing any signs of wear and tear. The last thing you want is a chair that stops working properly after a month of use. Squeak, squeak! The chair should be able to work properly even after rough usage if you’re gonna spend your hard-earned money on it.

Adjustment Options

The chair should have plenty of options that will allow you to adjust its height, backrest, and headrest. The best chairs will have these options given as standard. This will allow you to adjust the chair and make sure that it fits your needs well.

Ability to Move

The chair should be equipped with very good wheels and the movement should be smooth. A chair with bad wheels or badly built wheels will actually cause problems. The chair might get stuck or be a pain to move around quickly.

Other Things to Consider


Some gaming chairs manufacturers are very well-known. They have a large community and plenty of people that can help you make the right decision. It is important to purchase a chair from a manufacturer that has a huge community so that you can talk about any issue that you may face with your product with others who can relate to what you’re going through.

Social Media Presence

Most good chair manufacturers have a very strong social media presence. They regularly interact with their fans and customers on them. It is a fun way to connect with people or talk to representatives directly. Do take a look at the social media accounts of a manufacturer before you purchase a chair manufactured by them.


It is important that you understand how the warranty of your chair works and what is covered in it. You always want to purchase a chair that has a very clear warranty and the salesmen or online store should be able to tell you all that you need all you need to know about it, without you having to read every letter of the agreement.


It is always a good idea to select a manufacturer that offers a good amount of customization options. Some manufacturers offer more customization options than others and that is what sets them apart. The customization options can help you achieve a very unique look for your chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are gaming chairs?

They are chairs that are designed for gamers and are usually very comfortable. The typical user can sit on them for hours without feeling discomfort due to the chair. They are also very good at preventing the user from slipping and sliding as the game intensity picks up.

Where to buy gaming chairs?

Gaming chairs can be bought online or at your local furniture store. Most manufacturers prefer to sell their gaming chairs online.

Who makes the best gaming chairs?

Secretlab and NZXT are two of the top brands. They are made using the best materials and are very durable.

What gaming chairs do pros use?

Pro-gamers usually use racing style gaming chairs which provide a lot of grip and look cool on steam.

How much do gaming chairs cost?

Gaming chairs can cost anywhere between $250 to $750. You’ll find options listed at under and over these prices, but those are usually for the people on low budgets and on the other end for people with either a good deal of money or ones who choose to invest a lot into their chairs.

Why are gaming chairs so expensive?

Most gaming chairs are made using the best materials. They are also made using the latest scientific technologies for maximum comfort and durability. That is why they are not cheap to make.

What are the best gaming chairs?

Secretlab Omega and NZXT x Vertagear SL5000 are considered the two best gaming chairs according to PC Gamer. Head to the top of this post for a User Ranked list of gaming chairs and see what others are saying and whether they are in agreement with the “experts”.

How do gaming chairs work

They work just like normal chairs. A few of them come with RGB and additional ports that you can use, but they work like normal chairs for the most part.

How to sit in a gaming chair?

Just sit on it as you would with a normal chair. Sit up straight with your back vertical and not crouching, as your posture will suffer.

Why are gaming chairs good?

They are made using premium materials and the latest scientific technology. They are designed to be comfortable as gamers spend A LOT of time in them.

Where can I try out gaming chairs?

You can try out your favorite gaming chairs at your furniture store or during exhibitions.

Why are gaming chairs so low?

To keep a lower center of gravity, which makes them more stable even if you move them around.

How do wireless gaming chairs work?

Wireless gaming chairs use wireless transmitters to receive audio signals. They are not truly wireless.

Why do gaming chairs have pillows?

They are there to ensure your neck gets to rest as you lean back into it. The neck of a gamer is tasked with a lot of work during a typical gaming session and a pillow headrest is a great way to give the neck muscles a break.

Why do gaming chairs look like racing seats?

They are styled that way to look cool. There is also a scientific reason behind that. They are kind of like a bucket and that helps keep the gamer stable during gaming.

Do all gaming chairs have USB ports?

Only the top of the line gaming chairs have USB ports.

Do all gaming chairs have speakers inside them?

No. Only those that offer have them.

What are the most durable gaming chairs?

The most durable chairs according to user reviews are produced by NZXT.