Best Gameboy Advance Games Ranked

Brief Guide to Choosing Gameboy Advance Games

What makes a good game boy advance game?


Gameboy Advance was not a very powerful handheld console. It was actually using very old technology and it didn’t have the power that the new handheld consoles have. That is why developers had to be very creative and make very simple games. Many people loved Gameboy Advance games simply because they were very simple to play. While being simple, they were also good at engaging the user as most of them had a good story or very interesting side-characters.


In order to keep things simple for the developers, the Gameboy Advance only had a few buttons. Good developers were able to fully utilize those buttons and make sure that the player still had a good experience. Most game developers had to rely on just 2-3 buttons for their entire game. The games were very easy to controls and even a small child was able to play games without much difficulty. The Gameboy Advance did not have triggers either, so even a few shooting games had to rely on manging the controls in a clever way.


The Gameboy Advanced used very old technology. For its time, it was the best, but even that couldn’t let it render high-quality graphics. To make the games look attractive, the developers had to pick a very good art-style. The art-style of some Gameboy Advance games is still being used today, simply because it was so good. The developers had to get very creative and use various colors. They also had to design unique looking characters.


Gameboy Advance had to rely on a very good plot to keep the players interested in the game. A game with a bad plot usually never received a good review. The plot is what drove the game. The developers even found a way to make simple plots seem compelling. It is a good thing to always check a game’s plot before buying it to make sure that you will actually enjoy playing it.

Other Things to Consider


The best Gameboy Advance games had to have very good characters and enemies. That is what kept the players hooked to the games. Even simple RPG games had to have a variety of different characters to make sure that the player has enough variety. Almost all the characters had different personalities and traits which made them unique. Most enemies and villains were also very relatable.


Some of the best Gameboy Advance games had large communities. Most of the games did not have objective markers or mission objectives screen. It was quite common to find people getting stuck in certain areas of the game. Guides were available for games that had a large community. It is suggested that you only purchase games that have a very strong community.


Not all Gameboy advance games were fun to play. Those games usually received bad reviews from players. Always purchase a game that has a lot of good reviews as it will most likely be extremely fun to play.

Developer Support

Even though Gameboy Advance does not have official support, developers still have a few articles that you can take a look at to solve a problem with your console. The console is well-made though, so you will not really encounter a big problem while using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Gameboy Advance come out?

The console came out on March 21, 2001.

How much is a Gameboy Advance worth?

The Gameboy Advance can cost anywhere between $110 to $200

How many Gameboy Advance games are there?

There are about 1504 games made for the Gameboy Advance.

How to play Gameboy Advance games on 3DS?

Hacked 3Ds consoles can be used to play Gameboy Advance games. It is not legal and it should be avoided. The 3DS does not support Gameboy Advance games out of the box.

How to play Gameboy Advance games on PC?

There are a number of emulators that can help you play games on the PC. However, most of them are not legal ways to play games. If you want to play them legally, you will have to get legal ROM files, which are almost impossible to acquire.

Where can I buy a Gameboy Advance?

It is very difficult to find new Gameboy Advance consoles on sale. You can get used Gameboy Advance from your local games store, or you can buy them online from auction sites.

Where to buy Gameboy Advance games?

Most Gameboy advanced games can be bought online as most of them are used. They can still cost a lot and the price also depends on the condition of the game. Your local games store can also have used Gameboy Advance games.

Which companies make the best Gameboy Advance games?

Nintendo makes the best Gameboy Advance games. In fact, Gameboy Advance is made by Nintendo as well.

How to open a Gameboy Advance cartridge?

You will need to have the correct screwdriver to open up the cartridge. It isn’t a complicated process. You just need to unscrew the screws that are keeping it together.

How to make Gameboy Advance sp screen brighter?

The GB micro is the only GBA that allows the user to adjust brightness. You will need to hold the shoulder button and press the volume switch to adjust the brightness.

Where can I buy a Gameboy Advance charger?

Getting new ones is almost impossible these days. You can find them for sale online or you can get them from your local games store if they have one in stock. They will most likely be used.