Best Floor Standing Fans – Top 5 Brands Ranked

This is our official list in search of the best floor standing fans on the market today.

Highest Reviewed Floor Standing Fans to Consider

It seems that our summers are becoming hotter every year. Its rapidly increasing temperatures can sometimes make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors. While swimming or playing in water is an option for keeping cool when the sun is beaming ferociously, a lot of people seem to not like the idea of getting themselves or their hair wet. The only other alternative is to stay indoors, where there is air conditioning, if you’re lucky enough to have it.

The problem with air conditioning is that it can put a pretty big dent in your pocket when bills are due. This sucks because there are people who like to leave their air on while they are gone, like when they go to work. A lot of people can’t afford to leave their air conditioning on for long periods of time, so they resort to putting fans in each room of the house.

Fans are a great way to at least keep the air circulating throughout the house without adding so much to your electricity bill. For those hot summer days, a floor standing fa would be the best way to go, because they rotate, circulating more of the air at once. Here are five top floor standing fans on the market today.

1.) Avalon High Velocity Floor Standing Fan

Avalon High Velocity

This fan is probably the best of all on this list for a number of reasons. First, it has 35 speed settings, and also has a natural, sleep, and auto settings. It also has an eight-hour programmable timer, and uses stepless speed regulation. It comes with a remote, it is height adjustable and oscillates to circulate air.


  • It has 35 speed settings, including 9 silent settings and 26 regular
  • It comes with a remote that can control it from anywhere in the room, and also attaches to the fan when not in use
  • Its super silent technology allows it to blow quietly


  • None that stick out

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2.) Indoor and Outdoor 18″ Standing Pedestal Fan by DecoBREEZE

Standing Pedestal Fan by DecoBREEZE

This fan is not only great for indoor, but it is also perfect for keeping cool outside. Its large 18″ size allows for maximum airflow. It has three speeds designed to keep anyone cool all year round.

It’s 53 watt motor gives a strong breeze that combats heat, even on the hottest days. Its rustic design creates a unique look that add décor to your house while keeping it cool.


  • The height is adjustable, and the head tilts and oscillates, circulating air throughout the room
  • Its copper and metallic base gives it a modern, yet antique look
  • It can be used either indoors or outdoors


  • A bit pricey

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3.) Energy Efficient Floor Fan by LavoHome

Energy Efficient Floor Fan by LavoHome

LavoHome has designed an energy efficient fan that provides a cool breeze throughout any room in the household. It doesn’t just blow air, it is designed to circulate air all throughout the room to maintain a cool temperature. It has a 12-inch fan head, is height-adjustable and has three speeds.


  • It blows so quietly that it is almost like a whisper
  • The head tilts, allowing it to blow in any direction throughout the room
  • It has slip-resistant feet, preventing it from sliding on hard floors for safe use
  • It’s grill is easy to remove, making it a breeze to clean


  • This fan can also be quite expensive unless it is on sale

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4.) 3-in-1 Premium High Velocity Industrial Black Floor Fan by Kool-it

Premium High Velocity Industrial Black Floor Fan by Kool-it

The Kool-It black floor fan is designed to save energy while providing a nice breeze for either home or work. It is low noise and it has a newer, more powerful fan motor than other fans. It has three speeds, so you can adjust it to blow as much or as little air as desired. It also comes with a one-year warranty.


  • It oscillates 360 degrees so that it can keep the whole room cool
  • It is low noise so that it doesn’t cause a disturbance whether at home or work
  • It is energy efficient so that it helps save on the cost of electricity


  • It can be very expensive to purchase

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5.) Harmony Floor Standing Fan – Donny Osmond Home Collection

Harmony Floor Standing Fan

The Harmony Floor Standing Fan is part of the Donny Osmond Home Collection, and is designed to be both functional and decorative. Its design adds décor to any home, while providing a breeze that keeps any room in the house cool. It has three speeds and a 45 watt motor, and also rotates.


  • It uses chocolate and amber glass to give a fancy, decorative antique look that completes any home
  • The head rotates, tilts, and oscillates, allowing it to circulate air throughout any room in the house\
  • It blows quietly as to not disturb the household


  • The base of the fan is pretty small, so it could potentially fall over

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Final Say on Floor Standing Fans

Although some of the fans on this list are on the expensive side, it is more than worth it to keep your home cool during those brutally hot days. These fans are a perfect fit for any home, and whether indoors or outdoors, they are designed to keep the temperature around you perfectly cool and breezy!

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