Best Flameless Candles

This is our official list in search of the best flameless candles on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product and a brief guide to flameless candles.

Quick Look:

  1.  Candle Impressions Ombre Design
  2.  Ivory Dripless Real Wax Pillars by Antizer
  3.  Vinkor Flickering Flameless Candles
  4.   Simple Elegance Flameless Candles with Remote Timer
  5.  Gemgo Free-Flowing 3D LED Real Wax Flameless Candle

We know time is of the essence, so the above is a cheat sheet of what’s ahead, just in case you’re in a hurry. Otherwise, keep scrolling down for more detailed and constructive info on each item.

5 Highest Reviewed Flameless Candles to Consider

Flameless candles are designed to mimic the effects of real candles, but since they’re powered by electricity, they’re not nearly as dangerous as having an open flame in your home. These products can be purchased in several sizes, colors, and shapes, which makes them perfect for any event.

The core of each candle has a small lightbulb, and although it does generate a small amount of heat, it’s much safer than a regular candle. When compared with the alternative, flameless candles offer several benefits, and due to their design, they tend to be much more convenient.

The flameless types also look like a real candle, but it’s much better at mimicking the effects of a real flame. Below, you’ll find reviews for five of the best flameless candles available.

1.) Candle Impressions Ombre Design

Candle Impressions Ombre Design

Here we have a set of five flameless candles, and each candle is designed with a blush pink color. The set comes with three four-inch and two six-inch candles, and for a realistic appearance, each candle is made from real wax.

These flameless candles are equipped with a five-hour timer, which automatically turns the power off after five hours. The Candle Impressions Ombre candles can be used anywhere you’d use a regular candle, and they’re even great for places where it would be too dangerous for an open flame.

Many consumers choose these candles because they have a realistic appearance, and a single battery can provide 1,000 hours of glow time. With a vanilla scent mixed in, the real wax smells great and looks amazing in most settings.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Wick looks very realistic
  • Produces a great flicker effect
  • Made with real wax and vanilla scent


  • Made with real wax and vanilla scent

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2.) Ivory Dripless Real Wax Pillars by Antizer

Ivory Dripless Real Wax Pillars by Antizer

Here we have the Ivory Dripless Real Wax Pillars, which are made by Antizer, and they’re available in a set of three candles. Since each candle is slightly taller than the rest, the set should look great in most areas of your home.

For maximum convenience, these flameless candles come with a remote, and if you have trouble using them, you can refer to the operating manual. These products are made from genuine paraffin wax candles, and they’re designed to produce realistic dancing LED flames.

With the help of these candles, you can transform any room into a romantic or festive environment, and since there is no open flame, you can avoid common fire hazards. The LED bulb in each candle should last up to 50,000 hours, and with three AAA batteries, you can enjoy 150 hours of continuous effects.


  • Useful timer function
  • Allows you to avoid fire hazards
  • Perfect for French glass windows
  • Realistic dancing flame


  • Battery life could be better

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3.) Vinkor Flickering Flameless Candles

Vinkor Flickering Flameless Candles

The Vinkor flameless candles are sold as a complete set, and you get a total of five beautiful candles. For maximum convenience, the set comes with a remote control, so you can control them from a distance. This set offers a variety because the candles come in different sizes.

With the help of powerful LEDs, these candles use less electricity and produce more light, but you’ll need to purchase the batteries separately. Each candle is powered by two AA batteries, which should last for 150 hours.

The LED bulbs are made with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, and the outer shell of each candle is designed for longevity. The included remote allows you to operate these candles from a bed or sofa, and it even allows you to set the candles with a timer.


  • Perfect for dinners, birthday parties and decorations
  • Can deliver great ambiance for your garden, yard or home
  • Slim design and realistic flickering effect
  • Dimmable light


  • Outer shell could be more decorative

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4.) Simple Elegance Flameless Candles with Remote Timer

Simple Elegance Flameless Candles with Remote Timer

The Simple Elegance flameless candles can create a romantic environment, and they produce very realistic effects. Like most other products, they’re made from real wax, and a vanilla bean scent has been mixed into the wax.

These candles can produce the effects of real candles, but they don’t come with the risks of an open flame. A 10-key remote allows you to control these candles from a distance, and with the dimmer function, you can choose between a steady or flickering flame.

A built-in timer makes it easy to set the Simple Elegance candles for between two to eight hours, and the remote works from a distance of 20 feet. If you’re looking for a high-quality set of flameless candles for entertaining or decorating, this set is worth considering.


  • Looks very realistic
  • Remote offers many functions
  • Easy to use
  • Lovely vanilla scent


  • The design might be too plain for some

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5.) Gemgo Free-Flowing 3D LED Real Wax Flameless Candle

Gemgo Free-Flowing 3D LED Real Wax Flameless Candle

The Gemgo free-flowing flameless candle is designed to look like a real candle, and it’s made from high-quality materials.

When compared to many fake candles, this product looks very realistic, and it features a long-lasting LED bulb. Unlike many alternative products, this candle comes with a 3D wick, which closely mimics the effects of a real flame and features an innovative design.

For convenience, this product comes with a remote control, and with the press of a button, you can set a timer and make the candle turn off after so many hours. This candle uses two C batteries and provides up to 250 hours of battery life. Unlike many other fake candles, this product uses multi-color technology and closely replicates the appearance of a natural flame.


  • Delivers the perfect amount of ambient light
  • One side of the candle is lower for visibility
  • Looks great on a mantle
  • Multi-color technology mimics a real flame


  • The flame effect isn’t random

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Brief Guide to Flameless Candles

In most cases, these products are safe for the environment, and unlike an open flame, they don’t release harmful oils and toxins. The lifespan of the best flameless candle can be much longer, and although the outer shell is made from wax, it never melts because there is no open flame.

Regular candles must be replaced constantly because the wax melts. When shopping for these products, you’ll find two main types of products. The first type is designed to look like a candle, but it doesn’t mimic the effects of an open flame very well.

What Are They?

Flameless candles are an alternative to the traditional type of candle which has a real flame that burns through it. These candles instead contain batteries and a bulb, so that they are a lot safer to operate with less risk of a fire starting. They are often made from real wax, but the wax doesn’t burn so they don’t get smaller or melt.

Usually, flameless candles are cylindrical and made to look just like a traditional candle. The lightbulb is often shaped like a wick and is usually LED, which gives off less heat than a flame so that it doesn’t melt the wax. LED lights also typically last for a long time. The light is often made to flicker so that it looks like a real candle.

They are usually used to help create the mood and ambiance that a candle brings, without the risk of fire that is associated with it. They can also often run on timers, so are much more independent than a traditional candle that needs to be lit and then supervised.

What To Look For

If you would like to put candles up high or in places that are hard to reach, then you might want to pick a model that has a remote so that you can turn it on and off from a distance. Some models also come with timers so that you can set them to go on and off at certain times to create mood, or decorate your home.

You need to decide how much like a real candle you want it to be, as some flicker like real candles, and others don’t. Some have very realistic wicks, whereas others have light bulbs for wicks.

Battery life is worth looking at, as some will last more hours than others. Some of this may also depend on what setting you have your candle, such as whether it flickers or not.

The majority of flameless candles lack the scent of traditional candles, but you can find some that also work as air fresheners if you want to have some kind of scent.

Who Can Benefit

If you are decorating your house for the Christmas holidays, flameless candles can add to the ambiance. You could put some in the window and set a timer so they come on at certain times, and you don’t even need to be around.

These candles mean you don’t have to worry anymore about not leaving the room when a candle is burning, or having them around when children are nearby. Instead, you can rest peacefully, knowing that they’re not going to bring a risk of fire as traditional candles do.

When hurricane season comes and you are stocking up on flashlights, stock up on some of these flameless candles too. Then when the power goes out you can have some light without having to hold a flashlight, and it will give a lovely cozy glow to your home.

They are also great nightlights or lights for your bedside table and help bring a romantic atmosphere to your bedroom, and a relaxing environment for your bathroom.

Flameless candles are a good addition to a household that entertains – for dinner parties and special nights. Churches can also benefit when they hold events such as carols by candlelight – as you can get all the benefits of the mood-setting candles without the danger.

If you are preparing for a wedding and your venue doesn’t allow traditional candles then these candles can be a great option that will create a relaxing mood and help everyone enjoy themselves and feel at home.

Some traditional candles can irritate eyes or noses because of their smoke, wax, or fumes. There are often chemicals and dyes in them which are used to make the colors and scents, and these all get burnt and go into the air. Flameless candles, on the other hand, don’t produce smoke or fumes and won’t produce issues in people who have allergies.

What To Avoid?

Many of these candles do actually contain wax, so you need to be careful not to put them somewhere that gets a lot of heat such as a south-facing windowsill.

Avoid leaving these candles near young children, as although they don’t pose much danger of fire, batteries can be ingested if they are small button-type batteries. There have been alarming research that shows that a large number of batteries that end up inside children are from flameless candles. These are usually the small kind that would be found in tealights, however, so the big pillar kind of candle wouldn’t be as much of a risk.

Some candles are quite blue looking, and others are quite yellow once the bulb is on, so it’s important to get the color that you are happy with.


Do they cost much to run?

LED light bulbs have low power consumption, so this means they should be cheaper to run than traditional candles which will melt through often within a few hours.

Are they safe to leave on for a long time?

Some candles will have a set number of hours that they cut off after, such as 5 hours. Generally, they are safe to leave on for quite a while.

How long do the batteries last?

Often the batteries in these candles will last 100-1000 hours, but it depends on the candle so you should check the manufacturer’s specifications.

Do the bulbs go out often?

Because the bulbs are LED, they should last for thousands of hours as a general rule.

Can you use them outdoors?

You should be able to use most candles outdoors, but some are made for being outdoors and will be more protected from the environment, whereas others may melt in the heat or get damaged in rain or snow.

Can you light these candles?

No, you generally can’t light them. They don’t have a traditional wick, and even though many have wax on the outside, they often will have plastic in the middle.


The best flameless candle can transform any room in a romantic or festive environment, and since it’s powered by electricity, it doesn’t come with the dangers of an open flame.

These products are great for dinner events and birthday parties, and although they look almost identical to a real candle, they completely eliminate the risks that come with regular candles.