Best Electric Skateboards

This is our official list of the best electric skateboards on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product.

5 Highest Reviewed Electric Powered Skateboards

Many skateboard aficionados are familiar with the benefits of electric skateboards. This type of skateboard augments a typical skateboard by utilizing a motor to propel itself forward and an RF remote to control said motor.

Most resemble a longboard rather than a standard skateboard. Its longer body highlights its strength (i.e., traveling). While this skateboard is not optimal for doing tricks, it is an excellent option for those who want to traverse the streets quickly.

When it comes to choosing the best electric skateboard, speed is not the primary factor to focus on. No, a well-balanced electric skateboard should offer top-notch power(1); the standard is 1,500 watts or higher.

Skaters should start slow and work up to swifter speeds while taking care not to press the throttle too hard. Additionally, it is important to wear the proper protective gear and practice in a wide, open area with a flat surface (parking lots, parks, etc.) when acclimating to a particular board.

After understanding the basics, an avid skater might want to know the best electric skateboards in the market today. Here is a top-5 list of the brands that are highly recommended by the skating community.

1.) THE X-BOARD Electronic 1000w Electric Longboard

THE X-BOARD Electronic 1000w Electric Longboard

The X-Board Electric Longboard earns the top spot as one of the best electric skateboards in the market today thanks to its overall performance and quality. The sleek minimalist design is always a huge plus, as it makes it easy to transport (it’s only 11 lbs).

It has a maximum travel range of up to 16 to 19 miles, which means it can be used to travel around town practically all day. Its two-hour charging time is great considering how long the batteries last. It has a decent 15 mph max speed, which is a pretty safe speed range. It can also support a maximum weight of 220 lbs.


  • Great for traveling, thanks to its exceptionally long battery life
  • Features a simplistic design and is lightweight
  • Has a reasonable price tag


  • Sturdiness has yet to be fully tested

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2.) ACTON Blink Lite Electric Skateboard

ACTON Blink Lite Electric Skateboard

Currently touted as the world’s lightest electric skateboard (weighs only 11lbs), this one is a perfect fit for younger riders. It can support a weight of up to 170 lbs and can travel up to a maximum of 5 miles. Its small, compact design makes it a breeze to carry around. The design also allows it to be pushed easily, so it can be human-powered in a pinch without needing a battery charge.


  • Designed to be portable and compact
  • Affordable for its quality
  • Action app lets you change speed modes, so you won’t accidentally go full throttle


  • App can sometimes be a bit buggy, but company releases new patches regularly

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3.) Maxfind New Design Dual Motor Electric Skateboard

Maxfind New Design Dual Motor Electric Skateboard

As well-rounded as an electric skateboard can be, the Maxfind New Design Dual Motor earns its place in this list. With a reasonable price ($599) and solid design and mechanisms, this electric skateboard definitely should be on the radar of anyone seeking the best electric skateboard.

This board is waterproof and is very light at about 12 lbs. It has a max speed of 17 mph with a travel range of about 10 miles (though the true travel range will vary by rider weight). It also charges quickly with a maximum of one hour to fully charge the device. Overall, it is a great electric skateboard for traveling.


  • RF connection is extremely responsive
  • Battery charges quickly
  • Amazing stability and traction even on wet roads


  • Tall or large riders might find maneuvering this board a bit difficult.

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4.) AT (All-Terrain) Aluminum Electric Skateboard

AT (All Terrain) Aluminum Electric Skateboard

This skateboard kicks things up a notch. The AT Aluminum Electric Skateboard is one of the most powerful electric skateboards available to the public at the moment. Thus, this electric skateboard is only recommended to experienced riders. Veteran riders will appreciate its robust engine and the 24 mph top speed that it can deliver.

This board can also travel up to 15 miles with a full charge, depending on the weight of the rider. Industrial grade electronics and mechanisms enhance the quality of the AT Aluminum Electric Skateboard and set it apart from even other high-end skateboards. In line with its quality, this electric skateboard is at the higher end of the price spectrum with a $1,299 price tag.


  • Built to withstand rough use and definitely has the longevity to its credit
  • Speed limiting mechanism is a great safety feature that should help less inexperienced riders get the hang of this electric skateboard.
  • One of the most powerful electric skateboards around (70 amps)


  • Three to five times heavier than standard electric skateboards (65lbs), which detracts from its portability

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5.) Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard

Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard

This is a great introductory electric skateboard for kids ages 8 and above. While not the most powerful electric skateboard in the market, it should offer a smooth learning curve for younger riders.

It has a top speed of 6 mph and can support a weight of up to a maximum of 145 lbs. It’s rather small, so it is obvious that this board is targeted to kids. At $156, this should be a great gift for young riders looking to safely learn how to ride electric skateboards.


  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Only uses 150 watts, so no danger of sudden powerful accelerations
  • Great for young beginners


  • Has the bare minimum power of 150 watts, so don’t expect to tear through the parking lot

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Wrapping Up

The skateboards detailed in this article are the best electric skateboards in the market today. The list was compiled based on quality, price, and overall feedback. Ultimately, however, different riders will have different tastes and preferences.

This list can be used as a starting point from which to choose an electric skateboard that meets the needs of a particular individual. Bear in mind that skaters should always take safety into account(2) when using electric skateboards so wear protective gear and always be aware of your surrounding when riding. Be safe and enjoy the ride!