Best Electric Mountain Bikes

This is our official list of the best electric mountain bikes on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product.

5 Highest Reviewed Electric Powered Mountain Bikes

The word sustainability is one of the first things that come to mind when thinking of electric bikes as an alternative means of transportation. Having an electric bike means being free from using fossil fuels and parking restrictions. It also translates into freedom of movement.

Simply put, electric mountain bikes are more than just traditional bikes; they are equipped with an electric motor to help a rider ride when he or she needs or wants help. An e-bike provides mountain bike riders with motorized support to help climb a little bit easier and ride a little bit further, without needing to worry about sore legs from pedaling.

For most people, an electric mountain bike makes cycling a pleasurable alternative to commuting to car, plus the rider gets a workout on the way to wherever they are going. Besides the remarkable advantages of having an e-bike, there are many sizes, colors, and designs from which to choose. Many aspects should be considered when considering buying an electric mountain bike, such as speed, best electrical grid, lithium batteries, torque sensor, throttle and weight. Here is some information to help decide which electric mountain bike best fits a rider’s needs.

1.) Ancheer 26″ Power Plus Folding Electric Mountain Bike


Featuring foldable pedals, this great electric mountain bike is perfect for 135-175cm riders. It is a very fun-to-ride electric bike with a mechanical front, a rear disc-break design, and a twenty-one-speed Shimano professional system, which are perfect for climbing. In addition, its large anti-slip wear resistant 26-inch wheels, and a rather powerful lithium battery.

This e-bike can be stored in places where storage is limited, which can be very convenient if the owner is planning on taking it on a road trip. Assisted pedaling will come in handy if the rider wants to customize its performance on demand. In terms of size, this e-bike can be considered too small for taller riders.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Stays charged for over 15.5 miles
  • Folds in half for easy storage


  • Too small for taller riders

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2.) Richbit Updated TOP012 36V 350W Lithium Battery Electric Mountain Bicycle


For some people, the best electric mountain bike is a bike that powers through different environments have a great shifting system, and is easy to carry around. Mountain biking enthusiasts will agree that thick tires are great because they are perfect for shock absorption. This Richbit bike is especially popular among mountain bike riders because of this feature.

It is loaded with comfortable amenities. When it comes to capacity, its Hengtai 36*V 350W motor will offer buyers premium performance, and its aluminum frame makes it very light and ideal to carry around. It features front and rear disc brakes with a suspension fork. Because of the light-weight frame, having a small electric motor than its competitors might be a valuable trade-off.


  • Loaded with LED light
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Colorful paddle


  • The motor is a bit under-powered for off-road use

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3.) Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike


When looking for the best electric mountain bike, this classic electric bicycle features a rather powerful motorized support that will help riders speed in front of the pack. It offers the latest mountain bike frame design with a bright silver brushed finish.

A smooth ride is also ensured with its quality Shimano gears and a padded saddle. In terms of overall quality, ‘‘what sets the Cyclamatic apart from the rest is superior features that include 26-inch stainless steel style rims and an extra reliable lithium battery pack’’. (Flax, 2017).

The best aspect of this bike is buyers will enjoy a high-performance bicycle that can reach top speeds. However, the weight means it is not easy to carry around. Also, the added weight could eventually cause a strain on the bike frame and the motor itself.


  • Requires minimal assembly
  • 250W motor
  • Speeds of up to 15 miles per hour


  • Heavy- approximately 60 pounds

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4.) Eshion Electric Mountain Bicycle


This electric bike offers the perfect, effortless gears for all riding experiences, most importantly mountain bike riding. Buyers will enjoy some cool customizable features such as ergonomic grips, fully adjustable seat, and anti-slip wear resistant tire.

In addition, this bike offers a smart eco-friendly lithium battery perfect for those who are concerned about the environment. This fun-to-ride electric bike comes with a powerful motor that betters its performance in most settings. It’s great for all times, night riding will not be a problem because it is equipped with a LED headlamp. Eshion offers a customer service line available for questions.


  • Featuring a twenty-one-speed transmission system
  • 250-watt motor (brushless)
  • Supports about 330lbs


  • Self-assembly required

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5.) Addmotor HITHOT 27.5″ Electric Bicycle


Powered by a high capacity 10.4AH Samsung lithium battery and an efficient 48V 500W rear hub brushless motor, this electric bike is specially designed for mountain riding. Exploring the outdoors is an exciting activity, but most riders are concerned about speed, that’s not an issue here.

The Shimano gears that this bike comes with will allow people to have an enjoyable cruising experience. Buyers will consider this a total lifesaver for mountain riding or everyday commuting to work.

It is good to point out the fact that ‘‘whether you are on the road, mountain, trail, or terrain this bike will be able to handle it.’’ (RecreationSpace, 2016). Some riders report a stiff rear suspension, however that could loosen up as the bike is broken in over time.


  • Up to 25 miles per hour
  • Seven Speed Gears
  • Supports an impressive 300 lb at full capacity


  • The only drawback of using this motorbike is a stiff rear suspension

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Wrapping Up

So, what is the most convenient way to choose the best electric mountain bike? Price, features, and the type of road might give people a hint, but it will always be a very personal decision.

Knowing that these bikes are equipped with motorized support makes a rider’s cruising experience more comfortable is worth noticing. This list may not, by any means, be the most extensive, but it will give mountain biking enthusiasts a good start in their search for the perfect e-bike match.