Best Cordless Upright Vacuums – Top 5 Brands Ranked

This is our official list in search of the best cordless upright vacuums on the market todayWe have considered various needs in putting this selection together.

Highest Reviewed Upright Cordless Vacuums

While not as despised as cleaning toilets or scrubbing tile grout, vacuuming still falls on most people’s list of chores they would rather skip. Although tedious at times, vacuums do provide an efficient way of thoroughly cleaning hardwood floors and carpets from dust, allergens, and debris.

The first motorized vacuum, invented in England in 1901, was noisy, bulky, and smelly as were other vacuums invented in the following years. Fortunately, vacuum cleaners have evolved a great deal since then. Current technology offers a variety of convenient, easy-to-use features that make vacuuming far less of a hassle.

One of the most notable updates to vacuum cleaners is the invention of the cordless vacuum which eliminates the inconvenience and restriction of dragging around a long, tangled cord. Read on to learn about five of the top options for a cordless upright vacuum.

1.) Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Upright Vacuum


The first cordless upright vacuum to make the list is the Dyson V6 Animal. Featuring higher brush power and up to 20 minutes of continuous suctioning, the Dyson is a powerful option for achieving clean, dust-free surroundings.

With its center of gravity focused near the grip, the Dyson V6 animal offers easy cleaning from floor to ceiling. It also features a detachable wand for effortless handheld cleaning. The Dyson also claims to have higher overall performance than most corded, full-size vacuums.


  • Includes a mini motorized tool with stiff nylon bristles for removing ground-in dirt and pet hair
  • Instant release trigger
  • Direct-drive cleaner head forces bristles deep into the carpet for a thorough clean
  • Features a battery life of around 20 to 30 minutes


  • The Dyson V6 animal is the most expensive vacuum on the list

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2.) Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Upright Vacuum

Hoover Linx BH50010

Featuring the highest number of overall reviews on the list, the Hoover Linx BH50010 is clearly a popular option among cordless upright vacuums. The Hoover Linx features a versatile, sleek design and boasts the title of being the only stick vacuum with Hoover wind tunnel technology and cyclonic filtration.

The vacuum also features a wide cleaning path along with a bottom-release cup for easy, mess-free disposal of contents. In addition, the Hoover Linx also provides an extreme recline handle for easily reaching far under couches and furniture.


  • Low profile base allows the user to easily clean under couches, tables, and other furniture
  • Fuel gauge displays remaining battery life
  • Hoover is an iconic, trusted, and well-known brand in the vacuum market
  • Intuitive power controls conveniently placed on the handle


  • A small number of users report issues with the battery failing after a year or so.

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3.) Shark Rotator Freestyle Pro

Shark Rotator Freestyle Pro

With thousands of positive reviews, the Shark Rotator Freestyle Pro easily earns a spot on the list of top cordless vacuums. Powerful LED headlights on the nozzle allow users to easily spot hidden debris.

This shark upright cordless vacuum can stay constantly charging without ruining the battery (due to its precision charger), unlike most cordless vacuums. The extremely light, easy to maneuver design allows for fast, powerful, portable, effective cleaning.


  • Users report a long lasting battery life, around 2 hours – longer than any other vacuum featured on the list
  • Powerful, versatile, and lightweight – only 7.5 lbs
  • 2 speed brush roll specifically designed for both carpets and bare floors
  • Extra large, easy to empty dust cup allows for uninterrupted cleaning


  • Some users desire more color options

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4.) Eufy HomeVac Upright Cordless Vacuum

Eufy HomeVac Upright Cordless

The Eufy HomeVac features powerful suction along with a large battery that offers almost an hour of cleaning between charges. Specially designed centrifugal forces spin dust away from the motor in order to prevent clogging and provide consistent, powerful suction.

An effective HEPA filter traps allergens such as dust mites, mold spores, and pet dander to ensure clean, healthy air. The Eufy HomeVac also features bright LED lights to illuminate its pathway and reveal dirt.


  • 15 month warranty
  • Large capacity, easy to empty dust holder
  • Extremely lightweight design – only 5.5 pounds
  • Users report it works well on both carpets and bare floors


  • The Eufy HomeVac is reported to be loud

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5.) Anker HomeVac Duo 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Anker HomeVac Duo 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Anker HomeVac Duo 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner rounds out the list of the top 5 cordless upright vacuums. The HomeVac utilizes an advanced cyclonic system that sorts large and small dust particles.

The low maintenance vacuum, created for both hardwood floors and carpets, features a highly maneuverable design and an impressive HEPA filter to trap microscopic allergens. A powerful centrifugal system forces air away from the motor to keep it clean and unclogged.


  • Most affordable option on the list
  • Sleek, appealing design and an 18 month warranty
  • Lightweight design – slightly over 6 lbs
  • Users report decent battery life – around a half an hour on full power mode and up to a full hour on eco-mode


  • Some users complain of lack of availability of replacement parts such as filters

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Final Say on Cordless Upright Vacuums

All in all, vacuuming can be more enjoyable, easier, and no longer a dreaded chore by choosing a convenient, cordless option like one of the products mentioned above.