Best Conditioners For Dry Hair

This is our official list in search of the best conditioners for dry hair on the market today.

Highest Reviewed Dry Hair Conditioners to Consider

Most women, especially those experiencing dry hair, are constantly searching for the right hair product to help them achieve long, luscious, healthy strands. With the right product, adequate moisture and shine can be added back to brittle, parched hair. The market is overloaded with hundreds of products claiming to moisturize and nourish dry hair and it can be overwhelming to choose from all the options.

Fortunately, by using the list of the top conditioners for dry hair, then search for the appropriate product for your hair will be less of a hassle. Read on to see an overview of five options to consider as the best conditioner for dry hair as well as their pros and cons and key features.

1.) Pureology Hydrate Conditioner

Pureology Hydrate Conditioner

Packed with beneficial ingredients such as shea butter, natural plant extracts, peppermint, aromatic oils, sage, and rosemary, Pureology’s conditioner makes an excellent choice to finalize our list.

The formula – sulfate, and cruelty-free – nourishes dry strands and preserves color-treated hair with its specially designed AntiFade Complex. Advanced technology protects hair from damaging UV rays from the sun while soy, oat, and wheat proteins add strength. The concentrated formula reveals lustrous strands, minimizes static, and effectively hydrates hair without weighing it down.


  • Contains the highest number of overall reviews on our list as well as the highest amount of 5-star reviews.
  • 100% vegan ingredients.
  • Contains advanced repairing micro-emulsion technology to strengthen hair from the inside out.
  • The pleasant, mild, refreshing scent from a signature aromatherapy blend.


  • Pureology’s Conditioner is the highest priced option on our list (although it is also a generously sized bottle at 33.8 ounces so the price per ounce is fairly reasonable).

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2.) DevaCurl One Condition Decadence Ultra Moisturizing Milk Conditioner

DevaCurl One Condition Decadence

A well-known brand among curly-haired girls, DevaCurl’s One Condition Decadence Ultra Moisturizing Milk Conditioner is a top pick for adding much-needed moisture to curly hair – notorious for being dry and difficult to manage.

The formula is loaded with a variety of key ingredients including olive oil to provide shine and moisture and quinoa protein to strengthen, protect, condition, and boost shine. Another beneficial ingredient, chufa milk – also known as tiger nut milk, is rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish and revitalize hair. If needed, a little bit of the formula can be left in hair as a leave-in conditioner.


  • Free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones.
  • Contains key ingredients such as olive oil, chufa milk, and quinoa protein.
  • Leaves curls silky and soft and easy to detangle.
  • Also contains a variety of beneficial extracts.


  • Some users do not care for the smell of DevaCurl’s conditioner.

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3.) Bumble and Bumble Super Rich Conditioner

Bumble and Bumble Super Rich Conditioner

Bumble and Bumble Super Rich Conditioner feature advanced conditioning agents to detangle hair, increase elasticity, boost shine, and preserve moisture. The color-safe, hydrating formula effectively nourishes dry strands and helps contribute to healthier, shinier hair overall.

The formula features three key ingredients: Cetearyl Alcohol – for added lubrication and moisture, Cetrimonium Chloride – to detangle, add softness, and reduce static, and Dimethicone – to add glossiness and contribute to smoothness.


  • Ideal for all hair types especially chemically treated, stressed, unruly, coarse, parched types.
  • Suitable for daily use.
  • Light, floral scent.
  • The lightweight formula will not weigh hair down.


  • Bumble and Bumble’s formula is the highest price per ounce out of all the featured conditioners.

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4.) Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine Conditioner

Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Combination Pack

Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine Conditioner is an ultra-rich formula created to tame thick, unruly hair, reduce breakage, and add extra body and healthy shine. The cruelty-free formula is also free from sulfates. The creamy formula, specifically designed for coarse hair, contains silk proteins and neem oil to contribute to healthy, shiny strands.

The formula boasts a wide range of other beneficial, natural ingredients including shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, aloe extract, essential oils, silk proteins, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-5, Hibiscus flower extract, carrot seed oil, and more.


  • Contains certified organic, natural ingredients.
  • Safe for all ages and hair types including color-treated, curly, unruly, and damaged.
  • Also safe for a variety of hair textures including dry, oily, and fine.
  • Pleasant, subtle, gentle scent.


  • The rich, thick formula may be too heavy for certain hair types.

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5.) Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment

Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment

Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment is highly rated and well known for delivering intense moisture and hydration to dry, brittle hair. The rich, luxurious cream is designed to strengthen strands, increase shine, and repair damage.

Formulated with argan oil – a powerful moisturizing oil full of benefits such as adding moisture and softness – and a specifically designed interlock protein network to add strength. This mask can be used as a daily treatment or once a week for a deep treatment.


  • Creates intense softness.
  • Helps control frizz and boost shine.
  • Increases manageability and movement.
  • Safe for all types of hair – even color-treated.


  • Critical reviews state that Redken All Soft Super Cream only works slightly better than regular conditioner.

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Final Say on Conditioners for Dry Hair

Finding the best conditioner for dry hair does not need to feel overwhelming or time-consuming. Consider trying one of our top five choices and let us know what you think!