Best Compact Toaster Ovens Ranked

This is our official list in search of the best compact toaster ovens on the market today.

In many households, the toaster oven is used more often than the conventional oven is. They aren’t just for dorm rooms anymore. They often do a better job than microwaves for reheating leftovers that we don’t want to get soggy. They’re often used to cook up muffins, toasted cheese sandwiches, meatloaf, or turn grocery store dough into a batch of cookies. Recipes are found easily online at sites like Cooks, All Recipes, or Toaster Oven Love.

Conversely, one thing that’s in short supply in many kitchens is counter space, so many people are more interested in the compact counter-top ovens. Toaster ovens get hot during use. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for clearance around the machine. Some use improperly-calibrated thermostats, so use a high-quality thermometer to verify that your oven is accurate. Double-check the operation of the rack, because those without stops require extra caution.

Highest Reviewed Compact Toaster Ovens

Look for toaster-oven sized bakeware that you’ll want to use, and buy the oven size for you accordingly. Rack push-pull hook tools have begun to be common and can be handier than using an oven mitt. Let’s find the best compact toaster oven for you.

1.) Breville BOV800XL Compact Toaster Oven


This 1800W powerhouse uses 5 Quartz heating elements whose wattage changes according to the mode used. Its preset functions are: Toast, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, Reheat and Warm.

Each function uses different settings, and those settings can be customized by the user. For example, the convection feature is only used for baking or cookies, but you can program the roast mode to use it if you like.

The 0.8 cubic foot oven will handle a 13″ pizza or 6 slices of toast. The blue back-lit LCD display glows orange when the oven is on.


  • Remarkable programming capacity
  • Generous capacity
  • Will fit a 9″ x 11″ pan


  • Quality control is sometimes poor, but their customer service is good about exchanges

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2.) Cuisinart TOB-195 Toaster Oven

Cuisinart TOB-195

This is a 6-slice toaster oven with a heat sensor to maintain accurate temperatures. The touchpad controls offer bake, broil, toast, and convection modes, with 1-touch buttons controlling bagel, reheat, and defrost programs. A shade feature controls the toast function.

This 0.6-cubic-foot oven has both clock and oven timers, and boasts a 3-year limited warranty. The large capacity comes with a large footprint; this is 16.93″ x 18.5″ x 10.04″. The interior is 12″ deep, so you can bake a 12″ pizza in it. In any mode but ‘toast’, the timer does not engage an automatic shutoff. Some people report that it’s easy to burn oneself when opening the door, so be careful.


  • Large capacity
  • Convection mode
  • Touchpad controls


  • It takes up a lot of counter space

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3.) Hamilton Beach 22708 Compact Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach 22708

This unusual configuration combines a typical toaster with a small oven below. The toaster slots are 1″ wide, plenty large enough for bagels or split English muffins. There is a switch that lets you select toaster or oven use. The oven is just a mini-oven, it can’t toast anything.

The oven is just big enough to heat 2 slices of a 16″ pizza if they’re put in point-to-crust to make a rectangle. The timer and temperature controls are dials, and the timer engages the automatic shutoff.


  • Novel idea to amuse your friends
  • Compact for tiny kitchens
  • ‘Just right’ for people who only cook single servings


  • Oven too small for anything but single servings

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4.) BLACK+DECKER CTO6335S Toaster Oven


Convection ovens cook faster than standard ovens by circulating the air within the oven. This works the same way that windchill works in cold weather. This oven uses a push-button control panel for accurate, digital control. The timer can be set to a maximum of 2 hours and triggers the automatic shutoff.

There are 2 rack positions, and a recess at the rear makes it possible to fit a 12″ pizza. The controls have 8 1-touch controls for easy programming: Bake, Broil, Toast, Bagel, Pizza , Frozen Snacks, Potato, and Cookie Options. It comes with a bake pan and a broil rack. Some users report that the lettering labeling the controls wears off easily, and the LED display is not backlit.


  • Large capacity. 12″ pizza!
  • One-button programming is convenient
  • Longer timer range than most
  • Convection feature cooks quicker, more evenly


  • The timer bell isn’t very loud

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5.) Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven

The first unusual feature that you’ll spot on this oven is the door. It doesn’t flip down, it swivels up and back, like a rolltop desk. This saves counter space and lets you sprinkle seasonings or cheese on top of the food that’s cooking without pulling it out of the oven. This also makes it hard to spill food on the door, so there’s one less thing to clean.

This 4-slice toaster oven will fit a 9″ pizza. It features a 30-minute timer with automatic shut-off that can be also be set to stay on. It has 2 rack positions and comes with a baking pan. For easy cleanup, the door can be removed easily.


  • Automatic shut-off
  • The roll-back door
  • Adjustable rack


  • The door doesn’t seal well

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As toaster ovens rise in popularity, more convenience foods are targeted at toaster oven use, and more after-market accessories become available. They use less energy than a conventional oven, and counter-top is an easier height to work with for people with back problems. The best compact toaster oven may very well become the workhorse of your kitchen.

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