Best Climbing Trees for Cats – Top 5 Picks for 2021

This is our official list in search of the best climbing tree for cats on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product and a handy guide to choosing a quality climbing tree for your little feline friend.

5 Highest Reviewed Climbing Trees for Cats

If you are a cat owner there is no doubt you have considered purchasing a climbing tree. You have probably seen them at others houses or online and now your are series to find the right one for you.

It is nice to have one ordered and quickly delivered to your home. However, you want to make the right decision and not deal with returns. Look below for what to consider when purchasing your new cat tree, or condo as they are sometimes called.

1.) Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo

The Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo is a great unit for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising. It’s made from attractive plywood and the faux fur covering makes it looks great in any room.

This cat tree is sturdy and built to last for many years. A solid base measures 28 x 24 inches wide ensures stability. Two easy to climb ramps accommodate larger or older cats. Excellent all around cat gym with multiple cubby holes and perches for your cat. You will have no problems getting your cat to use this condo. If you have multiple cats, this is a great choice for your household.

It is nice to know that you can get replacement parts from the manufacturer, whenever and if ever they are needed.  That will help you keep your cat condo looking good for many years to come. Your pet will love climbing and enjoy many hours of play on this tree. Perhaps your kitty might fancy napping or just be aloof on the Armarkat cat tree.


  • Numerous perches and cubby holes to entertain your cat
  • Great Size 50” (L)  x 26” (W)  x 74” (H) and weighs and a hearty 65 pounds
  • Includes an instructions manual and all the necessary tools for assembly


  • This can be bulky and hard to fit in small rooms
  • It is also heavy to move around by yourself

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2.) Ollieroo Cat Climbing Tree Tower 

Ollieroo Cat Climbing Tree Tower

This is a great cat tree for small cats or kittens under 15 pounds. It has a very strong construction and neat pocket designs to help foster play and interaction.

Ollieroo Cat Climbing Tree Tower for Smaller Cats and Kittens comes in beige or gray. It looks great with any home decor. Features a high-quality natural sisal rope around the post for your kitties to scratch and play with. Placement of this tree tower should be near the window or in the corner. There your kitty will enjoy the view and also the interaction with the tree.  An adorable basket provides a safe secure place to nap away contently.

Remember this is for kittens and smaller cats. Look closely at the measurements and all cats are different, some customers insist their larger cats love it too, but they put it in a corner for stability.


  • Compact size 48″ H x 22″ L x 15″ W
  • Two colors to choose to help match your home
  • Easy to assemble with step by step instructions and tools


  • The manufacturer does not offer any replacement parts
  • Only for cats under 15 pounds

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3.) Lolipet – Cat Tree with Scratching Post

Lolipet - Cat Tree with Scratching Post-s

The Lolipet Cat tree is a superior cat tree with its small shelters and natural sisal posts. This cat tree transforms into a jungle. It’s pretty blue color blends easily in most homes.

Several different stories with cubby holes and observations platforms will amuse your cat. Your cat can also take a rest or lounge in a number of ways. May not be the best for multiple cats but definitely sturdy for one. The plush carpet is very attractive and soft. Cats really enjoy it. Some owners say they can’t get their cat off of it.

This cat tree is very affordable with all the features often found in more expensive one. You cat will certainly enjoy it as many other owners will contest.


  • Soft plush faux fur fabric
  • Has 3 observation platforms with high-quality carpet and natural sisal
  • The height is 47.2 inch with a trunk diameter of 3.14” and the floor stand 15.7” x 21.6”  


  • No replacement parts are offered at this time
  • Multiple or heavy cats may have stability issues with the tree

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4.) PetScene Cat Tree Condo Furniture House

PetScene Cat Tree Condo Furniture House

The cat gym and condo is designed for multiple cats. This is a large cat tree and be assured, the construction is sturdy and solid. It will stand strong against any the rough play cats will do in it.

Built with bed cubes and cradles to let them rest. The climbing, scratching and ropes allow for exercise. Cats can now scratch, perch, climb all in one place. The soft plush covering encourage your cats to keep coming back.

All your cat’s entertainment, exercise and accommodations needs will be met by the PetScene Cat Tree Gym and condo.  They will enjoy being able to have different activities to choose from.

This amazing set includes 2 Bed Condos and 6 Bed Cubes and equipped with hanging mice and ropes. Imagine scratching, perching, and climbing all in one place for your cats. This is one of the best-selling climbing trees for cats on the market today. It is certainly cat approved.


  • Plenty of options for play or rest
  • Solid construction and built to last
  • Made for multiple cats and withstand rough play
  • Product Size: Height 79” and Base dimensions 23” x 23”


  • Can be tricky to assembly, mark your parts ahead of time
  • Rub catnip on it to help with the odor some users report it comes with

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5.) CUPETS Cat Climber Play House

CUPETS Cat Climber Play House

The CUPETS Cat Climber Play House is easy to assemble and has a nice stable base. Fun for cats to stand on and especially sleep in.  Multi-level and a great unit for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising.

The stairs and top nest are nice features you cat will certainly enjoy. It is strong enough for cats to jump on and off. Cats will safe playing on it and enjoy its soft plush faux fur material. The oversize is compact so you can place it almost anywhere. Its measurements are 56″ H x 21″ L x 14″ W.  The bottom cat house is roomy and cats of all sizes love hiding inside it.

There is a complete installation instruction guide that takes about 10-15 minutes to assemble.  It even comes with spare screws and a user’s manual. Your cats will enjoy playing in, on and around it. You will appreciate the quality and value this climber play house provides.


  • Compact and multi-level design with fun baskets
  • Bottom cat house is roomy and inviting  
  • Comes with spare parts and assembly instructions that are easy to read


  • While this cat tree packs a lot of features it is not that tall
  • The lighter color can show dirt faster

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Brief Guide to Buying Climbing Trees for Cats

The best indoor climbing cat tree will provide not only interaction to your cat but also will help protect your furniture. Indoor cats crave plenty of stimulation and places to explore, a cat tree offers this solution.

Indoor cats live longer and healthier lives than outdoor cats. However, indoor cats aren’t given opportunities to hunt, explore, and exercise. They risk weight gain and also emotional problems linked to boredom, inactivity, and lack of challenges. Your furniture may suffer from this as well. A climbing cat tree offers the perfect solution.

What to Look for in a Good One?

Quality construction and a sturdy design are very important when looking at climbing cat trees.  Look for features like platforms, cubby holes, cubes, perches, and ramps.


Some cat trees are made from corrugated cardboard, and are cheaper but also won’t last as long. Wooden cat trees generally have a longer life as wood is more durable. Scratching posts are an important feature, as this will hopefully discourage your cat from scratching your furniture.

Multi-Cat Trees

If you have more than one cat, there are also cat trees available that are designed for multiple cats so that they can each have their own escape place. Some even have hammocks. Also you can look for sleeping boxes or little holes – cats usually like small spaces that they can hide away in. Also look for a lounge area that you cat can relax or sleep on – this should generally be made of comfortable material.


You might want to look for a cat tree that matches the style of your home. There are many around – some with very modern looks, and others with a more traditional and comfortable feel. Some are carpeted to fit in with your carpet, where others are wooden – some even look like trees! Also size could be an issue, as if you have a larger type of cat then you are going to want to look for a larger style of cat tree.


From the cat’s point of view, the higher the better, but you do also want to look at how stable it is, as if it is too wobbly the cat might not feel safe on it and not use it very much.

Many offer dangling toys and ropes. Make sure the rope is made from a quality material like natural sisal rope.  While most toys will not stay securely attached for long, the ropes do stick around.

Always remember to measure the space your have before you buy to make sure this will fit properly. Must require assembly, make sure to tighten screws fully and follow the instructions carefully.


Be aware that if you want a really sturdy cat tree you might want to go for one that doesn’t require assembly, as it will probably be made from stronger materials and parts. If you think you might move it around the house, then look for one that is more lightweight. Screws are stronger than nails, and wood is stronger than particle board. Also carpeted exterior will usually last longer than faux fur.

Lastly, be sure to see if the manufacturer offers replacement parts.  This will help the longevity and keep it looking fresh.

How to Introduce Your Cat to the Tree

Once you buy one, now what? While cats may be apprehensive at first to a new piece of furniture in your house you can do a few things help.

Sprinkle the tree with catnip or treats to get your cat’s attention. Place this near a window, it will naturally attract them to it. Even try placing your cat’s favorite toys up high to encourage exploration.

Give your cat this precious and necessary gift today and you will see in no time how attached they become to it.

What Are They?

Cat trees are custom made pieces of furniture designed to help cats pursue activities that they do naturally, such as climbing, hunting, scratching and exercising. They are often made to go quite high so that cats can climb up and down them, with multiple levels. Most cat trees offer a place to sleep, escape or relax for cats who might be stressed by continual contact with humans and other pets.

The construction of these climbing cat trees is typically a combination of particle board for the platforms, wooden studs for the stairs, and they are usually covered with carpet, so that their owners can scratch them to their hearts content, and leave scent.

Who Can Benefit

Anyone who owns a cat can benefit from this purchase, as it should result in a happy and healthy pet, who has an outlet for his climbing, mischief and scratching. If you have a cat that is scratching a lot in places that you don’t want it to, then this could be the perfect solution. In many cases, once given one of these trees, cats have scratched on other furniture less, and in some cases it has completely eliminated the problem

Cat climbing trees are also great for timid cats. It means they have a place to hide and escape when they are feeling overwhelmed or scared, and also gives them a vantage point where they can keep an eye out for who is coming in and out of the room.

Do you have children in the house? If so, cats usually like to be able to have a quiet place to go, and a cat tree can be perfect for that, as it is out of reach. But you might also want to explain to the older children that it is best to leave your cat alone when he’s on the tree so that he can have a sanctuary.

What To Avoid?

You might think that the most complicated cat tree is the best, but it might not be what fits in your home – you want to try and match the cat tree to both your cat’s needs and yours. Also don’t get such a big one that you end up with no room for anyone to sit, and think about how old your cat is. If you cat is getting on in age, then you probably will want a smaller tree that doesn’t need as much climbing.


Where should I put my cat tree?

Often a window is a great place to put a cat tree. This means that your cat can watch what is happening outside and will enjoy being there. They also are social creatures and like company, so the living room is often a good location, as it gives you a good view of the antics your cat is getting up to, and helps the cat to feel like it is still getting attention. Also try and put it in a place where your cat will have a good view of the room, or a large part of the house.

Is a cat tree a good investment?

Since most indoor cats live around 12 to 15 years, a climbing cat tree would put in a good amount of time and will lead to a healthier and more content cat so should be a good investment.

How can I get my cat to like the tree?

Sometimes cats can take a while to get used to a new piece of furniture and may need a bit help. You could try enticing him by putting treats on the platforms to lure him up the tree or put it near one of his favorite spots in the house. If the cat still is not taking to the tree, try moving it around to a different area of the house.

How do I clean a cat tree?

If there are removable parts these can sometimes be machine washed. Everything else, though, will need to be cleaned with upholstery spray or soap and water.

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Wrapping Up

Provide a constructive way for your cat to play, while not on your furniture. Cat trees are a great solution and will bring harmony into your house.

Cats will quickly adopt the new tree and start using the scratching posts, playhouses, cat towers, hideaways, climbers and more. Indoor climbing trees for cats come in several colors and varieties.  The price ranges greatly. Look for quality construction, a design that works well in your home, and features you cat will enjoy.

This is an outlet for instinctual behaviors, so don’t fight it.  Buy a cat tree and help relieve the stress your cat can develop when sharing an environment with humans and other pets.