Best Callaway Ladies Drivers – Top 5 Picks for 2021

This is our official list in search of the best Callaway ladies driver on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product.

5 Highest Reviewed Callaway Drivers for Women’s Golf

Drivers are changing. The materials, the aerodynamics, the options and even the sound they make on contact have altered, especially in the last 10 years. This transformation is helping to produce longer and more accurate drives, even for casual golfers.

For a female golfer who is ready to step up her game, there are a number of good options available. Many women find driving off the tee a frustrating part of the game because it seems to focus more on sheer power rather than finesse. The newer drivers help make finesse part of the equation again. Golf manufacturers are pushing right up against the boundaries of USGA limits on material thinness and clubhead size. Materials that are thinner and lighter but still sturdy tend to give more accuracy and distance.

Callaway has been working with Boeing to focus on aerodynamics of the clubhead. The goal is to make the sweet spots bigger and minimize the damage of off-center hits, while keeping the club light and fast so it puts the power where everybody wants it. Callaway Golf had three drivers ranked gold on Golf Digest’s 2016 Hot List and they are designing some great products for women.

Another recent focus with drivers has been on adjustability. This allows the golfer to tweak loft, lie and face. Sometimes this has made dealing with drivers complex and not everyone will want to bother with the tweaks, but Callaway has kept it fairly simple with the 8-way Optifit Hosel on most drivers or weights that slide along a track outside the perimeter of the clubhead.

Callaway offers shaft options with many of their club purchases, not only of length but also of material. Women often prefer shorter, lighter and more flexible shafts. More experienced golfers often want to increase shaft weight and decrease flex.

1.) Callaway Women’s XR 16 Driver

Callaway Women's XR 16 Driver

The XR 16 does not have as many adjustability options of other some drivers, but in its simplicity it has so much to offer. Callaway calls this club its “most forgiving.” The head is sturdy titanium, which offers more weight, but that weight is distributed through the club to give a low and deep center of gravity. A good part of the weight is apportioned toward the heel, near the shaft, which helps to reduce slice.

Where weight is reduced is in the ultralight and flexible Bassara shaft, which can add a last-second kick of power to the drive. The faceplate is thin, light and flexible to help redirect off-center hits. Although the head size is large, an aerodynamic shape works along with the just-right weighting to squeeze every bit out of the golfer’s swing speed.


  • Sturdy titanium head with weight carefully distributed, creating a low and deep center of gravity to reduce slice
  • Very forgiving of off-center hits
  • Bassara shafts are ultralight and flexible to provide an extra kick of power at the end of the swing


  • Does not have the adjustability options of similarly priced drivers

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2.) Callaway Golf 2017 Women’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

Callaway Golf 2017 Women's Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

The Epic is the newest Callaway ladies driver in the Big Bertha collection, released in January 2017. It has the technology of the Great Big Bertha plus some new features. First, the sliding weight has increased to 17 grams and the track has been redesigned, giving the golfer more control over the center of gravity. This additional weight has been offset with decreased weight in the crown and filling.

Second, two parallel titanium bars, called Jailbreak, are placed behind the face to prevent the crown and sole from bulging apart at impact so more of the energy is directed to the ball. Described as the club for everyone from “grandma” to tour pros.


  • Designed to put every bit of swing energy into ball’s flight
  • For players looking to make a serious step up in their game
  • Multiple adjustments to make the club right for different courses, different players or different times of life


  • The newest model means it also has the highest price right now

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3.) Callaway Women’s Great Big Bertha Driver

Callaway Women's Great Big Bertha Driver

The advantage of the Great Big Bertha is adjustability. In addition to the OptiFit Hosel, the GBB has a 10-gram sliding weight on the perimeter that can be easily moved to any position. The thin face material makes a large sweet spot so the club is powerful and forgiving even when the swing is not perfect. A wide choice of shafts allows the golfer to determine the weight, material and flexibility of the club. The male version GBB was rated Gold on Golf Digest’s 2016 Hot List.


  • Large sweet spot
  • Multiple adjustment options that are easy to use
  • Lightweight for speed
  • Multiple shaft options


  • Not everyone will want to fiddle with adjustments like the sliding weight

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4.) Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver

Casual golfers seeking a powerful and forgiving driver without too many bells and whistles will be drawn to the Big Bertha Fusion. The weight of the club is distributed around the perimeter, making the center of gravity low and pushed back – this means it is less likely to twist at moment of impact and will help to straighten wayward shots.

The club head is light, using carbon composite materials on a titanium exo-skeleton, and in a triangular shape so it is aerodynamic to maximize swing speed. OptiFit Hosel allows for some adjustability.


  • Designed not to twist at moment of impact
  • Lightweight for speed
  • Triangular head shape reduces drag
  • Choice of two shaft sizes, 44.5 and 45.5 inches


  • Stronger, consistent hitters may not get as much distance

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5.) Callaway X Series 416 Women’s Driver

Callaway X Series 416 Womens Driver

The X Series 416 is a basic driver that could replace a driver from a set. It promises good ball speed and forgiveness. It is the least expensive of the drivers listed, but still includes a graphite shaft and adjustability features for loft and ball flight. The women’s model only comes as right-handed with a 44.5-inch shaft.


  • Good basic driver
  • Inexpensive
  • Some adjustability of loft and ball flight


  • Only available as right-handed

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Wrapping Up

For many women, improving distance and accuracy off the tee is the key to improving their golf game. As drivers continue to improve to be lighter, more forgiving and more adjustable, hitting greens in regulation might just become the easy – and fun – part of the game.

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