Best Board Games to Consider

Brief Guide to Buying Board Games

What Makes a Good Board Game

Player Impact

Most board games in the world are essentially multi-player games and the involvement of each individual player is the key here. If you take a look at the most popular board games in the world, most of them have one thing in common. They are extremely good at making all players feel that their decisions can have a major impact on the final outcome.

There are plenty of board games that can allow one player to change the entire state of the game through just one move. That is why the best board game creators in the world spend hours upon hours on creating a solid playing field for all players. Even new players should be able to make an impact on others through their decisions or moves.

Easy to Learn

The problem with the less popular board games is that they require a lot of dedication to properly learn. Good board games, on the other hand, are easy to learn. The game mechanics are simple and straightforward. The best board games are self-explanatory and the players can start playing without going through the player manual again and again.

By easy to learn, the game can attract new players quite easily and build a large community.

Difficult to Master

Board games that are “Easy to learn and difficult to master” are the ones that acquire legendary status. In order to be a master at the game, one must be extremely dedicated. They should know the ins and outs of the game mechanics and also be able to change strategy on the fly. Seasoned players must be able to predict the moves that the other players are about to make and counter them.

Usually, masters of a particular board game should be able to crush opponents that are not as skilled as them.


The players should never feel that they have seen it all. Board games that are full of variety are the ones that players come back to play. So if a board game lacks variety, players will soon get bored and not play it again.

With variety, players also feel that they have a lot more to learn and uncover. Players should be encouraged to use different tactics and improve their problem-solving skills in order to get better at the game. That can only be done if the game mechanics revolve around variety. Most popular board games have more than one method of playing the game and that is why each player has a different style of playing. Variety is probably one of the top things that define how good a board game is.

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Other Things to Consider


The game should be fun to replay. Most people that have already played a particular game can tell you whether it has good replayability or not. If most players returned to play again, then it had good replayability. Replayable games often last a long time and are good at building a solid fan base and community.

Online Presence

Board games that have a solid online presence or community are the ones that are usually very good. It means that people are involved in the lore and mechanics of the game. You can also build a list of friends and regularly play with them. You can also challenge new players and even go pro if you believe you have acquired the skills for it.

You can also regularly check guides and find how you can improve your skills by doing a quick search for games that have a strong online presence.

Online Reviews

Popular games also have tons of reviews online. By going through the reviews, you can decide whether you want to give the game a try. Veteran players can also tell you through reviews whether or not the game is worth playing again and again. You might also find some tips and tricks given in reviews as well.

Support and Developers

It is a good idea to take a look at the developer’s website or the developer’s forum. Good developers support their game very well. That means they will be there for you if you ever encounter any issue. They will also be quick to release new versions of their game and develop their game based on the feedback that they get from players. Bad developers never update their game and that is why the game may not last long enough to develop a huge fan base.

Another thing to keep in mind is the reputation. The reputation of the developer is also something that you can take a look at.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Invented Board Games

Senet was the earliest board game that we know off. It was created in Egypt around 3000 BC. the modern equivalent is Backgammon. Other than that, we don’t really know who invented board games, but we do know that they have been around for a really long-time. Other versions of Senet were also found in Iran. In Iran, they were using dice just like we do these days.

Where to buy board games?

There are numerous stores that ship directly to your home. It is a good idea to purchase board games through online stores as most of them offer good deals during certain seasons. Most of these online stores also have a review section that you can check out prior to purchasing any game.

How to store board games?

We usually recommend keeping all your board games in a cupboard that is easily accessible to all family members. Most families tend to keep their board games in the children’s rooms. For online board games, it is a completely different story.

Also, make sure that all pieces of a particular board game are actually in the box that they came with. You cannot truly enjoy a board game unless all pieces are available to you.

How to organize board games?

A spacious cupboard is the best place to organize and arrange your games. Good game developers have a game box that is quite easy to store and is well labeled. So you will be able to store the board games and easily take out the one you wish to play.

How to play board games?

All good board games come with a player’s manual that will contain all the rules. Some manuals also contain a basic guide which will help a player that is completely new to the games. These manuals should be kept safely with the game box at all times. Family members that do not know how to play or need a reference may require it.

How to ship board games?

You can ship games through any courier service. Most courier services will have no issue shipping games anywhere. Almost all board games can be shipped without a problem. It is recommended that you do not open the packaging, especially if it is a gift.

What to do with old board games?

Websites such as eBay can be used to sell old board games that you wish to get rid of. In fact, rare board games can be sold for a very handsome amount. You can even find rare board games in some online antique stores as well.

You can also use social media websites such as Facebook to sell your board games for a really good price. Facebook even has some dedicated groups for board games.

Why are board games so expensive?

Board games (especially the good quality ones) are made using the highest quality printers. Quality cardboard and cardstock are also used to make board games. Good game developers used the top quality materials.

Some board games also use high-quality plastic and the pieces are molded during production. There are some board games that are over $1000 as well, but they are very rare.

How do I get better at board games?

Most board games are skill-based. You will simply get better the more you play. There are also certain tricks and exploits that certain board games have. It is quite possible to become a master if a lot of effort is put in and you understand the game mechanics thoroughly.