Best Alternatives To Skype

This is our official list of the best alternatives to Skype on the market today. Scroll further down for full details on each product.

5 Highest Reviewed Skype Alternatives to Consider

Communication has always been a necessity when it comes to relationships. Though people can maintain friendships–or deeper, more romantic relations–without speaking in some way to one another for a while, these connections are sure to fail if no contact is ever made.

In an effort to deter relationships from circling the proverbial drain, technological geniuses have devised ways for individuals to stay in touch despite their physical distance from each other. Many know and use popular tools of communication like social media, but in this instance the form of contact being referred to is video chatting.

Skype is one of the more popular software on the market, and it is a great source of contact when writing letters, texting, phone calls, and social media messaging doesn’t seem to cut it.

However, it’s important to know that this is not the only option for those much needed video reunions. Don’t worry. This post is not about to throw anyone into a sea of endless web searches with uncertain results. Below is a list of five products that are highly recommended as alternatives to Skype, which include pros and cons of each item so making the right decision will hopefully become easier.

1.) VSee


Having strong communication within a business is the key to successful growth. This isn’t just the rule of thumb for Fortune 5oo companies. It’s also the rule of thumb for every company that does not wish to die from fruitless stagnation. The health industry needs access to valuable tools like video chatting just like any other business.

VSee is a leading provider of digital/virtual communication among telemedicine companies. Their services are used for far more than mere video conferencing, however. Through VSee hospitals can easily share crucial information about patients at a moments notice.

Things like ultrasounds and stethoscopes can be livestreamed at the touch of a button. The products and services that are available to willing parties are sure to bring helpful, effective solutions to companies in the fast paced medical field.


  • Devices like FitBit, MiBand, and Dexcom can be integrated
  • Live streamed images can be annotated
  • It’s dependable enough to be used by astronauts on the International Space Station


  • Network and user device determine the quality of video and audio experience

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2.) UberConference


The daily grind of a fast paced job can be daunting. That stress that seems to be lingering just on the edge of a business centered mind can bubble and spill over when adding the conundrum of a meeting. Hopefully, UberConference can ease some of that tension.

They offer helpful features like screen sharing, free call recording, and ever popular mobile apps to give customers the service they so desperately need. Unlike WebEx and GoToMeeting, UberConference offers its customers more participants and features with its free monthly access.

Options like unlimited conferences and screen and document sharing cost nothing for the businessman, or woman, on a budget. Of course, there is an exuberant amount of added features when users decide to purchase the company’s Business Plan. It would seem UberConference is determined to give its customers more bang for their buck.


  • Users get up to ten participants for free
  • Conferences have HD quality audio
  • Call controls offer a mute option for individual callers


  • Customer support is not offered 24/7

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3.) GoToMeeting


Another video chatting option for the business world is GoToMeeting. This conferencing tool has made quite the name for itself. Interested parties can purchase monthly plans to suit their meeting needs just like the services their popular counterpart WebEx offers.

However, GoToMeeting gives its customers considerably lower prices than WebEx, making it the better deal for the money savvy consumer. Competitive prices aside, this video chatting tool provides a wide array of features that over fifty six million users prefer to meet their conferencing needs.


  • It can be used free, monthly, with up to three participants
  • To use every feature and have up to one hundred participants only costs $49/month
  • Users can have up to six HD video feeds per session


  • It lacks meeting options like polling or recording video calls

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4.) Webex


Though video chatting is fun to do with friends and family, it has also become a valuable tool in the business world. Meetings between colleagues are no longer limited to in-person interactions. With resources like that of WebEx coworkers and higher management can collaborate from anywhere at anytime.

The aforementioned company offers its services through the web or on mobile devices. They offer different tools and apps to help meetings run on a quality, business appropriate level. WebEx is a secure way to do business when traditional meetings are no longer the best route.


  • Meetings with up to two other people and signing up is free
  • Some premium plans allow up to one hundred people per meeting
  • It operates globally


  • The free plan’s features are pretty limited

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5.) Google Hangouts

Google Hangout

Google has become a household name around the internet connected globe. The company’s innovations never seem to cease. It only makes sense that they would offer video chatting along with messaging and voice calls. With Google Hangouts people are not limited to simple one-on-one video chats.

Friends can form a group of up to ten people and carry on a conversation until the sun and stars collide, or cows come home–whichever comes first–totally free of charge. International chatters connecting through Google’s app can also participate without any extra fees tacked on.


  • Chats can be synced across devices for continued conversation
  • It’s compatible with Android, iOS, and the web
  • Various apps can be added during chats to allow users to share and collaborate ideas


  • International calls to landline and mobile phones are not free

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Wrapping Up

The need to stay connected is vast, possibly needed now more than ever before. The options for video chatting are many, but narrowing the search is never a bad idea.

Be it a business tycoon who can’t make it in person to every single investment meeting or a doctor in need of some extra professional advice on a MRI, these alternatives to Skype are a good way to stay in touch when face-to-face interactions are just not an immediate option.