Best Adjustable Measuring Cups – Top 5 Ranked & Compared

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#1  OXO-Good-Grips-2-Cup OXO Good Grips 2 Cup 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
#2  Kitchen-Art-55211-Pro-2-Cup-Adjust-A-Cup Kitchen Art 55211 Pro 4.5 out of 5.0 stars
#3  Wonder-Cup-Adjustable-Measuring-Cup Wonder Cup 4.5 out of 5.0 stars
#4  Evrimeasure-Adjustable-Measuring-Scoop Evrimeasure Adjustable Measuring Scoop 4.5 out of 5.0 stars
#5 Kitchen-Art-54210-Cook’s-Pro-Adjust-A-Measure-Set Kitchen Art 54210 Cook’s Pro 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

You can measure accurate volume of contents at home using various methods. The method used is often dependent only on the type of contents whose volume you intend to determine. If you are looking to measure common contents in your kitchen, you are in luck since various companies have developed adjustable measuring cups to help meet this need.

What they’re used for?

An adjustable measuring cup is used to determine the volumes of certain viscous liquids with ease and accuracy. The aim of using the measuring cup is to ensure convenience when measuring items like honey and peanut butter. The best adjustable measuring cup should be resistant to cracking and made of nontoxic material to enhance the safety of the users.

How do they work?

Adjustable measuring cups have markings on their sides to help the user use the right volume of an ingredient. The knob of the measuring cup should be smooth, have a body that can be rotated, and be comfortable to turn. Different types of adjustable measuring cups exist in the market defined by different unique features. However, obtaining the right cup for yourself is essential since it helps meet your desired needs.

5 Highest Reviewed Adjustable Measuring Cups

In the text to follow, we have picked out and reviewed some of the best adjustable measuring cups available for you. This gives you a variety of options to choose from the next time you go shopping for an adjustable measuring cup.

1.) OXO Good Grips 2 Cup Adjustable Measuring Cup

If you are looking to buy an adjustable cup that will help you to measure volumes of sticky substances accurately, then OXO is the way to go. This cup can twist easily and the smooth rotating body fitted with a knob that can be turned comfortably allows the user to measure all types of sticky materials. The internal crack on the measuring cup enables one to confirm the accurate volume mark for the sticky substance being measured.

This adjustable measuring cup can also be used to measure dry substances with high-level accuracy since its marks are easy to read. The plunger of the cup is made of a silicone disc that is used as a squeegee. The rim of the cup makes it simple for one to pour out the measured substance. It is BPA free and can be washed comfortably in a dishwasher.


  • Comes in 2 cup sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • High quality


  • The smaller cup is hard to fill since the top is tiny

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2.) Kitchen Art 55211 Pro 2 Cup Adjust-A-Cup

The Pro 2 Cup Adjust-A-Cup is the way to go if you want to have adjustable measuring cups that come in different sizes. If you want to double and convert your ingredient measurements, this is the measuring cup for you. It has calibrations for a pint, cup, millimeters, and ounces that make it easy and convenient for you. It is excellent for measuring sticky substances such as honey, which can be hectic to measure sometimes. It is also good for measuring liquids, semi-liquids, dry substances, as well as semi-solid content.

The measuring cup is made of ABS and SAN plastic materials that enhance its usage life. The finishing of this adjustable measuring cup is of satin and silicone, which enhances the aesthetics of the cup.


  • Highly durable
  • Convenient for use since no waste is experienced when measuring
  • Reliable quality


  • Markings come out after a short period of usage and the top lid is loose

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3.) Wonder Cup Adjustable Measuring Cup

This is one unique brand of adjustable measuring cups as it allows the user to measure all types of ingredients including spices and liquid stuff. Using this measuring cup is made convenient by the use of ounces, cups, teaspoons, and tablespoons as measuring units.

With the Wonder Cup Adjustable Measuring Cup, you can be sure to attain the highest level of benefit when cooking your meals or baking since each of the ingredients’ volume is accurate. When using the measuring cup, you only need to press the sleeve to access the cup and then twist to attain the preferred measuring scale on the marks made. The same push mechanism is applied when pouring out the measured ingredients.


  • The measuring cup’s scale comes in handy for conversions
  • It is reliable for measuring a wide variety of ingredients
  • Easy to use


  • Measurement markings may come out after cleaning severally using the dishwasher

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4.) Evrimeasure Adjustable Measuring Scoop

If you are looking to make precise measurements in your kitchen when cooking or baking, the Evrimeasure Adjustable Measuring Scoop is the best choice for you. The scoop comes with a divider that allows the user to measure more than one ingredient at a time. This means that you will not need to use more than one spoon in your measurements implying that the shortcut created for you is convenient.

The measuring scoop is easy to use and fits almost all styles of cooking implying that you cannot go wrong with the Evrimeasure Adjustable Measuring Scoop. The surface of the scoop is left completely clean once you pour out the measured ingredients.


  • High quality
  • Reliable as it facilitates precise measurements
  • Affordable as it is sold at a low cost


  • The measuring scoop is a bit small for some users

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5.) Kitchen Art 54210 Cook’s Pro Adjust-A-Measure Set

This measuring set comes with a teaspoon, a tablespoon, and a cup for use on different ingredients and depending on your preferred scale of measurement. It is made of a Zinc alloy and some plastic material that enhance the durability of the set. The champagne satin finish enhances the measuring set’s beauty implying that you could even display it in your gorgeous kitchen.

All the materials of the Kitchen Art 54210 Cook’s Pro Adjust-A-Measure Set are adjustable meaning that they will allow for the precise measurement of different ingredients when cooking or baking. The set is made of easy to use sturdy products that are good for measuring various types of ingredients.


  • Cost friendly
  • Reliable since you do not have to fumble around in the kitchen drawer searching for measuring spoons
  • Highly durable


  • The set does not measure in cups hence less convenient for use

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Brief Guide to Buying Adjustable Measuring Cups

What Are They?

An adjustable measuring cup is typically a tall cylindrical device with measuring lines on the sides. They help you to get accurate measurements when you’re cooking or baking. One side will be for liquid fill. Much like a measuring jug, you simply pour the liquid in until you reach the desired measurement.

On the other side are the solid fill lines. For these, you measure downwards, from the top. You find the measure you need, such as 1 cup, and then pull the plunger down till it reaches the line. You can then put the ingredient in until it reaches the very top of the measuring cup.

Once it is even across the top of the device you can then turn it upside down over your bowl and press the plunger to push it out. There is often an internal track inside the cup which means that you can twist the plunger as you press it, in order to help it exit smoothly.

These measuring cups are especially good for sticky ingredients, such as shortening. But they also work well for dry ingredients such as flour, and for liquids too.

There are other types of adjustable measures available as well. One type is designed like a scoop. You can push the lever at the bottom till it meets the measuring line you want, and then scoop your ingredient, or spoon it inside till it gets to the top. Basically the lever cuts off whatever part is not needed at the bottom, so the top of the scoop is left for measuring.

There are also adjustable tablespoon and cup measures that are more like spoons too. These have a spoon or cup at the end, and a lever that you can push forwards or backwards to determine how big your spoon is. They generally have quite a long handle to enable adjustment backwards and forwards for different sizes.

Who Can Benefit?

Careful measurement is very important in cooking, and especially baking, when there is a recipe involved. The well known chef, Alton Brown, advises using adjustable measuring cups with plungers as part of a chef’s basic tool set. He suggests using them especially for ‘goopy stuff’ like mayonnaise, peanut butter, and shortening.

No doubt this is because if you use a standard measuring cup, it is not only difficult to get it in there correctly, but particularly to get it out. A lot of it tends to stay stuck to the sides. Whereas if you use the plunger, it pushes it out, so there shouldn’t be any leftovers around the sides. If you’re a peanut butter cookie fan, or you measure honey and syrup a lot, then this would definitely help you with your cooking.

If you work in a restaurant kitchen and are looking for some good measuring tools then definitely check these out. They are easy to use, and should save you some time in dispensing the ingredients.

Getting an adjustable measuring cup can also mean that you don’t need as many sets of measuring cups and spoons. Instead you can have them all in one handy device which will measure everything you need. This will give you extra storage room in your kitchen.

Are you worried about not being able to scoop up your flour and sugar anymore with a big cylindrical device? You might be interested to know that it is more accurate to spoon flour into a measuring cup than to scoop it. This is because if you scoop it roughly you can find flour compressing more than if you do it gently, which will give you quite different measurements.

What To Look For?

Look for a measuring cup that is easy to wash. The parts should be easily detachable, and preferably dishwasher safe so that they can be cleaned.

The most flexible types are the ones with both metric and imperial measurements. You might particularly want one of those if you know that you tend to use both types of recipe. Also you may want to look for a set with different sizes, so that you can measure smaller and larger amounts.

Look for one that has a silicone disc to act as a squeegee inside the cup. This helps seal it from leaking, and to push it out when you empty it.

If you’re worried about possible toxins, you might prefer to look for a model that is BPA free. BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, and is a chemical used to produce some plastic products. It has been phased out of use in baby bottles because of safety concerns, but is still in use in other food packaging.

It is possible that it may leach from containers into food and beverages. Potential adverse health effects may include reduced sperm counts, early menarche, increased rates of cancer and obesity, and altered functions of reproductive organs.

What To Avoid?

Look for a good quality brand. Sometimes cheaper types are harder to press the ingredients out of, and can end up hurting your hand. Also there have been tales of measuring lines rubbing off after a few weeks, and the whole thing falling apart.


What is the material that they are made of?

They are usually made of plastic.

Does the print on the outside eventually rub off?

It probably depends on the quality of the print. Some users have reported that cheaper versions rub off after a few weeks. But others have had one for a long time with no change. It might be safest to avoid washing it with anything abrasive, so that it will stay nice and clear.

Can you put boiling water in it?

It is probably safest not to, since plastics do have varying amounts of heat resistance. But check the manual or instructions to make sure. It is usually advisable to use a glass measuring jug for measuring very hot ingredients.

What are the best things to use it for?

Adjustable measuring cups are really good for ingredients that are sticky, and would tend to stick to the sides of a measuring cup when you empty it out. Examples of this are syrup, molasses, peanut butter, honey, mayonnaise, yogurt and sour cream.

Ready to Measure!

If you are looking to acquire an adjustable measuring cup to make precise and reliable ingredient measurements in your kitchen, the products featured in the article will provide just that. The five best adjustable measuring cups in the market have been analyzed and their unique features highlighted.

If you are looking for convenience, ease of use, and accurate measuring ability, you should consider going through these choices. Your kitchen environment will be made safer and cooking will become even more enjoyable.