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If you feel you have what it takes, by that we mean a strong expertise in a given niche, and you’re interested in writing for; head on over to contributors page to learn more and apply.

Our Philosophy is a trusted medium which helps people, not only by allowing for quick discovery of the best products in a given category, but by providing quality expertise as to what makes the products so highly rated. We choose our experts through a diligent and consumer conscientious process, in which we screen and assign to the various categories the prospects according to the extent of their experience, expertise, and knowledge.

Our qualified experts are tasked with doing extensive research as well as relying on hand-on experience to present our visitors, in a clear and concise manner, with the five best products and services for a given niche.

In a world of numerous shopping platforms, our small team of dedicated editors and our network of experts prides itself on not just the quality but the trustworthiness and objectivity of our content. Each review and recommendation is vetted for adherence to our philosophy and process before publishing; ensuring your ultimate satisfaction. experts are discouraged and prohibited from getting paid fees in the form of kickbacks for the recommendations they submit to the site; additionally they are required to disclose any/all advertising relationships that may (or may not) have an impact on their recommendations. This helps our visitors determine the weight they should put on a given recommendation, the quality of the information, as well as the integrity behind the process.

Our Recommendation Process

  1. forms a network of experts. By recruiting, interviewing, and vetting the qualified prospects; to establish the integrity of their qualifications and expertise in their given niches. The qualified experts, who are on-boarded, are given approval to submit articles relating to specific categories and/or niches that are consistent with their accumulated knowledge base.
  2.’s experts identify a particular need. They then proceed with conducting extensive research, as well as drawing on valuable personal experience, to evaluate the top five product or service recommendations for the said need. All while adhering to our site’s writing and ethical guidelines.
  3. The expert(s) submit the written article(s) for review. The drafts proceed onward to a detailed internal review, for assurance of compliance with our quality guidelines and overall philosophy; completed by members of’s editorial team.
  4. The article is prepped for easy digestion, without loss of significant substance. Our strategy oriented editorial team is aware of how precious your time is, as well as what constitutes “must include info“, thus anything that is redundant or considered of little to no value to our visitors is omitted from the final product.
  5. Once final approval is received, the article is published on When the editorial team agrees the piece is good to go, one lucky person hits the publish button and the information is available to help alleviate your shopping journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please keep in mind that the below FAQ is for informational purposes and is not intended to substitute or amend the terms of use or our privacy policy; which are the governing forces behind the sites usage and operation. Please read them should you have any more questions or need further elaboration on any aspect of our site.

What is

e-Ranker is your go-to source for the quickest, seamless, and trustworthy way to find the best products in any given category. You’re busy, and sifting through dozens, hundreds, even thousands of products, is very time consuming to say the very least. At the same time the market research services charge an arm and a leg for an in-depth report and/or review. But what if there was a FREE portal, where guesswork was eliminated, and the top five products for an item or service you’re looking for have been assembled in a clear and concise, easily digestible manner? Enter, where our trusted experts help you find the best products and services.

Why or how are you different than the other sites that rate products?

No doubt you’ve been on some other websites where they bury the good stuff. They present you with thousands of words and dozens of products, and leave you more confused than when you landed. But not only that, you look at your watch and you’ve just realized that you wasted almost an hour reading through their often antiquated info. The product or brand you were after, wasn’t even on their list, etc. A lot of them will have a conflict of interest, and will potentially leave out the ACTUAL best product or service, in hopes of not offending their relations with certain brands. But does it a bit differently:

  1. is an authority in the reviews industry. Our team has been in this industry for quite some time now. Collectively, just including our small team of editors we have dozens of years of experience when it comes to providing valuable reviews and recommendations on products & services. But more importantly, this has given us the wisdom needed when it comes to hiring and on-boarding topic experts.
  2. is free, fast, and easy. Five years ago we have declared and are currently waging an indefinite war on slow site speed. We are forever working on speed optimization so that you don’t waste precious time waiting for our site to load. We also keep the lights on by taking a small cut from the retailers when you buy something using links on our site; not from the brands themselves (unless we otherwise note it). But most importantly, our goal is for our site to be super easy to use! We’ve fallen victims to some very difficult sites ourselves, and do not want you to have the same experience here.
  3. is precise. We identify and publish what we believe, based on user feedback and our expertise, you will need to make an informed purchasing decision. Nothing more, nothing less. Naturally, depending on the topic at hand, some will require more detail than others, but our aim is to be as informative as possible in as few words as possible. Like Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply. you don’t understand it well.”
  4. is universal. We aim to assist you in finding the best of everything. No product, service, or category is excluded from this goal. It may take our team some time, as new products are being released every day, but as we grow, so will our database. Check back often for new lists.
  5. is impartial. We set strict standards for our experts and publishers, and we’re not influenced, or controlled by any brand or advertisers. Thus when we put a product or service on our best five lists, we are under no pressure and can confidently say that in our opinion the lists represents the best choices.

How can you claim it’s the “best?” Isn’t that subjective?

Absolutely! But as with many other things in our society, there do exist levels of quality. The same way the NFL may have a best quarterback, or the NBA the best basketball player, so too do various different industries have best products. Just like sports, these products may or may not stay the best for an extended period of time, before a new one comes about and dethrones them. Following the same analogy, just as there are expert sports analysts, so too are there qualified, knowledgeable, experienced persons with extensive expertise on anything you can think of. When we claim the word best for our list, we are still saying that this is our opinion and you may not agree, but it is a qualified opinion formed by not just aggregating potentially biased published consumer reviews.

Relying on expertise and technology, our selections are free of manufacturer and distributor influence, we say what we want and how we want. We typically go about our list curation in the following two methods:

  • Network of Experts: Comprised of committed product and service reviewers, industry enthusiasts, and consumer advocates who are far from strangers to the industry and quality assurance. With their vast collective knowledge and expertise, they are tasked with using their skills in sifting through countless products and services, identifying the top choices and exposing their pros and cons. The goal of the end product being a clear and concise repertoire which our visitors can use to make the best decision on a product for their desired application.
  • Review Aggregation: Every day, millions of people are using products and services, and leaving their feedback of the experience behind on various sites like Amazon, Ebay, and Google, to name a few. It would be a disservice to the review industry to not utilize such abundant data, especially when it comes to personal experiences such as rental cars, hotels and hostels, books, and numerous other consumer goods. Naturally, there is also an abundance of fake reviews on these platforms as well; so in our extraction we look for the verified purchases, verified visits, and so on. Placing little weight on anonymous reviews and unverified transactions. Finally, for the sake of continuity and an overall positive user experience, we collect all this valuable public data, and present it to you in a similar format to that of the expert recommendations.

Is the last product on your lists a bad choice?

On the contrary! Keep in mind, our experts are sifting through dozens, sometimes hundreds of products to put together a list of the top ones. Thus a product that earns an inclusion in the best reviewed lists, is a quality product, no matter what position/spot they occupy. It’s often the case that it’s hard to rank the items, as they’re all quality, and often times good ones get left off the list as well, which is always tough. In short, the last spot is not bad, in fact it may be your preferred choice! Perhaps the other options are not in your price range, or maybe they don’t have the color or some other feature you’re looking for, maybe you don’t like the other brands. Whatever the case, by providing you with the top choices, you are presented with options to choose the right one for you, not necessarily the #1 spot.

What do you mean by popular rankings?

If we’re seeing data to support a surge in popularity for a given list, product, or service. We’ll include it in our popular rankings list. Essentially, these lists are what fellow visitors flocked to the most. You’ll find these lists around the website, and/or under headers such as Most Popular Rankings, etc.

Who’s the team was originally initiated by a skilled developer and propelled further by a team of successful digital marketers, editors, and expert product reviewers. All said, the diverse team has a good amount of not just experience, but established websites under their belt. Our experts are well researched before they are brought into our network, ensuring they truly do know their niches through and through. Our developers are native digital marketers as well, giving them a truly unique perspective. We’re different in a sense that we have figured out a harmonious way to take what’s best for the visitor, understand it, ensure it’s supported by data, and seamlessly implement it into our website’s user experience.

Who is in your network of experts?

Simply put, people who have devoted a great deal of time, and passion, to a particular industry. It tends to go even more granular than that, down to a particular product and/or service. They know their niches inside and out, they’ve seen products come and go, they know the popular features, recognize industry innovation, have owned or currently owned a variation of some of the products they write on. Some are leaders in their respective fields, some are more along the lines of avid enthusiasts, but from both extremes and through the middle, their passion for product improvement drives them. When they take a product and/or service and analyze it, they know what they’re looking for, and ultimately the most important, they know what they’re talking about.

Can I join your network of experts?

If you’ve got a niche that you consider yourself a master at, or you’re just extremely passionate and knowledgeable about a product or service, so much so that you stay updated on all the latest releases and industry news, you’re a good contender. You would have to be able to draw on and articulate personal experience; differentiate between product features and specs, brand reputation, have a sense of personal integrity and desire to help others make sound shopping decisions. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear about it, visit out contributors page.

But how do I know your picks are unbiased and truthful?

We’ve always been fascinated by the saying that it can take a whole life to build a reputation, and only a moment to ruin it. With this mixed into our philosophy, you can easily see why it is in our best interest to be as impartial and as devoted to superior customer experience as possible. Our goal is to stick to a unwavering ethical code when it comes to composing lists and our experts are strongly discouraged from having any conflicts of interest and not disclosing it.

In a nutshell, it’s all about transparency, and it is by being fully transparent that we earn out visitors trust. We openly explain to our visitors via our disclosure & disclaimer page that we participate in affiliate programs, which means we get a cut of the ultimate sale, but WE DO NOT get paid by the manufacturers themselves, and therefore we are not under anyone’s payroll and feel no influence to say anything we feel is untruthful. Our lists are the results of research, knowledge, and experience our experts bring to the table. Additionally, when we compose lists based on aggregate reviews, we make sure to firstly select a large enough population, and proceed to do our due diligence and filter out any/all fraudulent and fake reviews and go with only the verified purchases, striving for the results have the smallest margin of error possible.

Do you update your lists?

We strongly encourage our experts to manually go back into their respective categories and update lists to reflect industry changes, such as an item recall, discontinuation, drop in quality, new and better options, etc. Depending on the category, some lists may change in a much shorter time frame than others, and additionally we know our experts are hard working people who themselves have a lot on their plates, so we count on our visitors to also notify us of industry changes and upgrades/downgrades. The mission is to have our published lists truly reflect the market at any given time. Our goal is to continuously update primarily the frequently shifting popular lists and ensure the top choices truly reflect the industry, as well as periodically sift through the rest of our lists and follow the same principle.

If I disagree with your top picks, can I tell you what’s better and why?

We are always glad to hear what our visitors have to say. Though our network of experts is always hard at work researching and selecting only the best, and though we are selective in who we on-board as an expert with respect to a given category, product, or service. The best five reviewed products will not always be everyone’s cup of tea, thus, should you feel disagreement with one or more of the best five picks, have additional info that we need to know, and/or have a better alternative in mind, shoot us an email and we’d be glad to discuss.

Do you sell the services and products that you review?

Nope! We are a free public domain website that specializes in providing our visitors value in the form of informative articles and lists of the best five products/services in virtually every notable consumer category. We are not in the business of manufacturing or selling any of the services or products you see on our site. We’re essentially an extension of the product or service end user, by tasking our experts to do research and report back on the best options we offer not just feedback to the brand themselves, but also tremendous value to other end users. But we do let you know where you can make your purchase, if available, and we do earn a small commission from those retailers in some instances if you choose to buy through a link on our site.

I’m writing something related to one of your picks, can I reference you guys?

Sure thing, you’re welcome to use the information you find on on your site or in other publications, as long as you cite us as a source of the material and stay within our terms of use.

Who do I contact about an issue I have with a purchased product or service I found on your list?

We’re sorry to hear about your issue, we curate our best five lists with superior customer satisfaction in mind; but every-now and then , as is natural, an undesirable outcome occurs. A defected product, something during shipping, etc. As we mention above, we do not sell any of the items you find on our site, we are strictly product/service reviewers. Therefore, the best way to get your issue resolved is by contacting the manufacturer or service provider of the item in question, or you could even start by reaching out to the vendor you bought it from. Please keep in mind that we are all in this together, so whatever the outcome of your experience, if you find the time in your schedule, please share it with others by heading to the reviews section and writing your story. This helps accelerate improvements by providing valuable feedback to the service provider or product manufacturer.

I need to report something to you about your site, how do I get in touch? strives to provide a positive user experience, we do this by ensuring that the informative on the site is both applicable as well as authentic. That being said, we’re only humans, and humans make errors. So if you come across something that is out of line, or that’s not covered under our terms of use, please let us know. You can get in touch by using our contact form.

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